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Lady Miss Sirius

Lady Miss Sirius



  With a single leap, he became a hero, acquiring a peerless divine technique. When the Sirius star appeared, the magnolia flower bloomed, and two heaven-defying adventures occurred at the same time because of the miraculous girl. She, who had transcended the ancient era, had the chance to encounter a legendary figure and obtain a peerless divine art. Facing the peerless martial arts that came from nowhere, the peerless Sky Wolf Sword Art had allowed her to sweep through the martial world. In order to avenge one's master, one's kinship would go against one's will. One would only have intelligence and intellect to dissolve the grudges between the martial arts world and the martial arts world. The wind that defied the will of the heavens, one sword to flatten the martial arts world!
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What a long dream. It was so long that it felt like he had passed away for a lifetime.

The sad and bitter tears still hung on his face. The slight coolness from time to time caused a slight ripple to form in his originally calm heart.

Ye Shui Yun struggled to open her eyes and was shocked to find that the pain in her body was no longer there.

"Could it be that I am already dead?" It was only then that Ye Shui Yun realized that even though he had opened his eyes wide, he still could see darkness in front of him. He was certain that he was dead. Perhaps, only in a hell where evil spirits ran rampant would it be so dark and cold.

She let out a light breath and her whole body felt relieved. Perhaps death was a relief to her. For her, every day and night for eight years was like an endless nightmare.

When she was eight years old, she was very active because of her natural disposition, and she had a large, open, boyish personality. On her first day in primary school, she had ignored the speeding cars in order to chase the butterfly knot that had been blown away by the wind. His mother, the person who loved him the most in this world, used the last of her strength to push her away. Unharmed, she lay on the ground and watched her mother's life disappear into the screams of the brakes.

It was from that day onwards that she changed, turning from a lively little girl into a taciturn person. She grew up overnight to make up for the loss of her father's mother. Not only did he go to and fro to study, he also took care of all the household chores. But her father, the one who had loved her so much, had given her all her faults. He started drinking all day and all night, and every time he got drunk he started beating her up. No smile could be seen on her pale and stubborn face.

Eight years. As she grew up, her father's beatings never stopped. Perhaps her body had already become numb, but she still felt pain. It was pain. That kind of pain was like a sharp steel knife piercing out from the heart. It was cold and sharp.

Sixteen years old was like a blooming flower to a girl. But in her heart, there seemed to be a haze of hatred. Strangely, she didn't hate her father, not even after every beating. She hated her mother. She hated anyone who had the heart to abandon her. She should not have saved him, the one who should die was her, Ye Shui Yun. If his mother hadn't left, he would have been the carefree, happy girl who ate ice cream all day long. But, god, why was he doing this to himself?

She clearly remembered coming home from school that day and preparing her usual meals for her father's return.

When her father returned with the cake, she cried.

For eight years, she had eaten one cake a year. Thick cream, fluffy and fragrant cake. But she was afraid, afraid of her birthday. This kind of fear was as strong as being afraid of death. This was because her birthday was the day her mother paid her respects to her.

"Shuiyun, happy birthday!" His father placed the cake on the table and revealed a rare smile. "It has been hard on you all these years." With that, his father took out the candles and carefully cut them into a heart shape with sixteen candles.

Ye Shui Yun looked at his father in shock. For the first time in eight years, she saw his father's smile. She took a deep breath and sat down by the cake. At this time of the year, his father would let out a long sigh before closing the door and leaving. Either she would not return home all night, or she would return home drunk and give herself another beating. But today, as if his father had become a different person, he didn't leave immediately after putting down the cake.

"Make a wish." His father lit the candle and smiled benignly.

That dream that was repeated a thousand times appeared in Ye Shui Yun's mind. In an ancient city gate tower, a youth dressed in white rode a black stallion and galloped towards him. Several nights, pain accompanied him into that beautiful dream, so that she would forget all the pain and bitterness. That strange and unfounded dream had accompanied her through countless sad nights. That endless dream was just like her own life. It was so vague, so pale and distant. But, it was very soft, very beautiful.

She closed her eyes, revealing a happy smile. A struggling voice sounded from the bottom of her heart: Take me away, leave this place, even if it is hell.

The tight breath blew out all the candles, and she filled her father's glass.

"Come, it's your birthday today. Dad bought you some beer, you can have some too." Father seemed to be in a very good mood, as he poured a cup of wine for Ye Shui Yun and downed a cup on his own.

Wine, was not unfamiliar to Ye Shui Yun.

Every time she was beaten by her father, she felt very strange. Why did his father always hit him when he was drunk? Why was he so kind and gentle when he wasn't drinking? Therefore, when she was alone, she would secretly drink alcohol, letting the bitterness and dizziness numb her.

Ye Shui Yun raised her head and drank the beer in her cup, then quickly gave some food to her father.

His father looked at Ye Shui Yun in shock and said, "Xiao Yun, you can't drink wine like that. Just like dad, every time he gets drunk, he beats you up. From today onwards, dad will not get drunk anymore. "

Tears flowed down his face to his mouth. Ye Shui Yun stuck out his tongue and licked it, bringing along a bitter taste.

"Come, let's get drunk today." She exhaled and poured wine for her father.

The father and daughter duo drank and ate non—stop, and unknowingly, they drank late into the night.

On the balcony, Ye Shui Yun leaned on her father's shoulder. It was the first time in so many years that she had felt the warmth of her father's love.

Looking at the stars that flickered all over the sky, Ye Shui Yun said softly, "Dad, if only Mom was still here." Yes, a broken home was always so far away from happiness, so far that one could not even dream of it.

At that moment, she felt her father's body shudder. She turned her head in horror and saw that her father's eyes, which had been kind and gentle, had turned red. His eyes were like two steel knives, pressing down on her.

"It was you! It was you who killed Xiao Lan!" His father grabbed the clothes pole on the balcony and ruthlessly threw it at Ye Shui Yun.

The tears had not dried on her face, and the wooden pole on her clothes made a dull sound as it hit her body. Every strike was merciless and powerful. Every sound left a trail of blood on her body. Every beat struck her heart.

She had been used to it all these years. He was used to the pain in his body and the fleeting love of a father.

Suddenly, she arrogantly raised her head and coldly said, "Beat me. If you do not beat me to death today, then you are not fit to be a member of the Ye Family. Yes, I killed your Xiao Lan, but it's been eight years. You've beaten me up for eight years, and your anger still hasn't dissipated? Are you going to spend my whole life trying to repay the mistakes I made when I was a child? Also, tell me, is it really my fault? "

On his father's face, the green meridian was exposed. Those blood—red eyes looked at her coldly, "You shouldn't have come to this world. Without you, how could your mother have died?"

Looking at her panting father, she laughed out loud. He slowly turned around and looked at the bright starry sky. He said softly, "Mom, you really shouldn't have brought me into this world." He slowly closed his eyes as tears rolled down his face. I don't belong to this world, and this world doesn't belong to me.

She gritted her teeth and threw herself onto the balcony.

Behind him, his father cried out, "Shuiyun, don't!"

She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the wind in her ears. She whispered, "Mom, I'm coming."

If a person were to seek death in a ten—story building, then he would be absolutely safe.

The entire building started to boil, with his father's frantic screams, close to a hundred people ran out of the house, looking for Ye Shui Yun downstairs.

However, no one would have thought that after searching through the entire community, they couldn't find Ye Shui Yun's body. Not even a strand of hair was found, let alone a corpse.

The girl had disappeared. Completely gone.

It was like a bubble on the surface of a water, exploding without a sound. It was as if she had never come to this world before.

Everyone only remembered that girl with the sickly pale face. She was very sensible, very smart, very beautiful, very beautiful.