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Go Go, Sweet Mommy

Go Go, Sweet Mommy



  Xia Ning Mo's little friend liked to be asked, "Mo Mo, what's your mommy doing?" Every time this happened, he would squirm his body with a bashful look and say, "Loan sharks." When he saw her shocked expression, he would comfort her, "Don't worry, the way she collects debts is very gentle … At most, it would just see some blood. It wouldn't cost him his life... "Hey, what are you running for, don't run." Xia Ning Mo blinked his innocent eyes, his face full of confusion. Why are you running? Wasn't it to borrow money? Every time this happened, Xia Qianyi would pinch his pink cheeks with a fake smile and say, "Xia Ning Mo, what did I tell you? We are not loan sharks, we are loan sharks, do you understand? If you try to scare away the customers with usury again, we'll have to go to the northwest wind. You should be more refined with your words, it would make us seem like cultured people, do you understand? "
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Xia Da suddenly slammed the chopsticks on the table, and his voice turned heavy. "Xia Qian Yi, did you hear what I told you? Go drink with Boss Li tomorrow, and replace your sister. "

Xia Qian Yi did not even raise his head as he grabbed his chopsticks and pulled two more mouthfuls of food from his bowl, at the same time messing up every single dish on the table. As expected, after seeing Xia Feng Yi and Pan Zhi Zhen put down their chopsticks with disgust on their faces, they started to eat in satisfaction.

Xia Da's face became even more unsightly, "Eat, eat, you only know how to eat, are you the reincarnation of a hungry ghost? Do I usually not give you food? "

Xia Qian Yi thought that he finally found out the reason why he didn't eat anymore.

She pretended not to see Xia Da's expression and gulped down the last mouthful of food.

After that, she raised her head and looked around. Soon, she caught sight of the plastic bag nearby. Before she could stop her mouth, she had already stood up and walked over, forcefully pulling two bags over.

He neatly spread all the meat on the table and poured them all into his bowl. Not even a single bit of soup was left behind.

After doing all this, Xia Qian Yi took the bag and left.

The three people at the table were stupefied. They could not believe what they saw as they watched her figure disappear into the distance without even looking back.

Until Xia Da's enraged roar rang out, "Xia Qian Yi, stop right there."

Xia Qian Yi gave him a lot of face and stopped.

She turned around and said seriously to Xia Da, "Dad, I heard it. "But I won't. I'll go in her place." She pointed her finger at Xia Feng Yi.

"Xia Qian Yi, why aren't you going?" Xia Feng Yi was dissatisfied, he also stood up, "This is for father's business, as a member of Xia Family, you have the responsibility to contribute."

Xia Qian Yi looked at her matter—of—fact look and started laughing coldly, "You provoked that old man, and he took a fancy to you. If you want to accompany him, go and drink with him, it's useless on me."

Xia Da's face became unsightly, he pointed at Xia Qian Yi and angrily said, "Are you saying what you should say to your older sister? You actually want your sister to drink with you? Is your conscience eaten by dogs? "

Had her conscience been eaten by dogs? He actually had the qualifications to say such words?

"She doesn't need to go, do I have to? Why? I'm not the one who was called. "

"You look prettier than your sister. Naturally, I will be more satisfied when I see you."

Xia Feng Yi's expression changed and he immediately became unhappy, "Dad …"

"... "Good darling, I'm not saying that you're ugly. You're still young and haven't grown up yet." Xia Da hurriedly turned his head to pacify his little girl, and then pointed the spearhead straight at Xia Qian Yi, "Your little sister is only seventeen, and you are already nineteen. As your big sister, you should bear the burden for your little sister. I'm just asking you to have a drink. The trouble your sister caused can be resolved now, and our family's business can get better. Why aren't you happy? I've raised you for so many years, and you can't even do such a small thing? Is your heart and liver black? "

"Drink two glasses of wine?" Xia Qian Yi was so angry that he had to apologize to him, and he had to honor what he had promised his. Did Xia Da ever raise her? Is this a small matter?

Drink? Would you like to go to bed with me when you're done?

What kind of damned logic was this?

Xia Feng Yi was young? Xia Qian Yi hahaha, ifhe was young, she would drink wine, take drugs and get into fights, would he suffer a loss if he went to drink with him? Seventeen years old was no longer a young age. He was responsible for his own actions, so she had no obligation to clean up her mess.

What's more, was her relationship with her very good? Did she know her well? Do you know him?

Xia Qian Yi smirked sarcastically, "Father, my appearance has inherited you, and probably, my heart and liver have also inherited you. What color are you and what color am I, there's no need to doubt."

"You …" Xia Da's face turned green, the muscles on his face trembled as he walked towards Xia Qian Yi with large steps, raising his hand high into the air.

Before his hand could fall, Xia Qian Yi had already opened the door and walked out in large strides.

With a "bang", the door was slammed shut in front of Xia Da, almost smashing into the nose that Xia Da was so proud of.

His face was extremely dark, he suddenly opened the door, and shouted to Xia Qian Yi who was walking faster and faster with his back facing her, "Let me tell you, you have to go even if you want to, you have to even if you don't want to! If I let you in this house, you have to work for this house. "

If it wasn't for the fact that their house was at the far corner of the district, people would have come out to watch the show a long time ago.

Xia Qian Yi turned a deaf ear to her, and the bag in his hand was pulled tighter.

She turned a corner and walked to a small house nearby. She gently turned the handle of the door and entered the house.

"Mom, I'm back."

There was a middle—aged woman sitting in the room. She was eating with chopsticks when she heard the door open. She suddenly became flustered and hurriedly hid the dishes on the table behind her.

Xia Qian Yi saw everything clearly and his nose was a little sour. He walked in front of her in a few steps, and placed all the food that he had packed back onto the table, then said softly, "Don't hide anymore. Even if you hide, I know that you eat pickled bean curd. Didn't I tell you to buy some good dishes? Why did he disobey again? I have money. "

"Qian Yi, your mom is trying to save trouble. She doesn't want to cook anymore after eating by herself." Liang Jing laughed, then pulled her hand to size his up, and asked: "Oh right, why did he call you over today? Did he hit you? "

Xia Qian Yi knew that she was changing the topic, but he didn't say anything. Just follow what she said, "It's okay, he can't hit me now. "All I can do is put on a show and enjoy myself." However, he did not mention anything about Xia Da making her drink in his place.

This kind of thing would only make things difficult for her mother.

She just loved Liang Jing dearly. As Xia Da's original wife, he was a woman whose marriage certificate was very clear to his name, but in the end, he could only live in this kind of place, eating pickled tofu everyday.

As for that Xiao San, he openly referred to himself as Madam Xia. He did not care about the people behind him, nor did he care about his identity as someone who would not stand up for him.

However, her mother was unwilling to divorce her. She had many doubts in her heart, so she asked for the reason several times, but she never said it out loud. And Xia Da, for some strange reason, did not agree to divorce either.

The two of them continued to maintain the couple's name in this weird way.

Xia Qian Yi did not say much about what happened in the house over there. Liang Jing wanted to ask, but she had already taken his bag and was about to leave, "Mom, I'm going to work part—time."

Liang Jing sighed, he pursed his lips, wanted to say something, but hesitated. In the end, he nodded and sent her out the door.

However, not long after Xia Qian Yi left, Xia Da took Xia Feng Yi and arrogantly kicked open her door.