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Make Him My Darling

Make Him My Darling



  Marriage with a son — — Qiao Jin wanted to marry the emperor of Xiangcheng's business, the legendary first Wealthy Class. She had heard that her husband was very cold, very irritable, and extremely shrewd. Everyone was betting that her life after marriage would be quite miserable! However, on the first day of marriage … He coldly said to her, "Marry me and you'll be my woman. I'll pamper you in the future." One month after the wedding. He watched her with the baby, a little grumpy. "Can't you spend some time with your man except with the baby?" Qiao Jin was so shocked that she almost dropped the bottle in her hand. "Mr. Zhuo, I brought your son." One night a year after the wedding. He had an ulterior motive in getting her drunk and whispered in her ear, "How about giving me another child?" Qiao Jin only had one thought in her mind — Mr. Zhuo, you are so different from the legendary calligraphy! Can't you be more serious?
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Qiao Jin Leng opened her eyes and saw the white ceiling.

The entire sickroom was silent. Qiao Jin Leng who was lying on the sickbed had a pale white face, his eyes were filled with fatigue. She blinked his eyes, and gradually pain came from her lower abdomen.

A few minutes later, after she had recovered, she propped herself up, pressed the bell on the bed, and said a few words. Soon, a nurse came over.

"Miss Jo, you just had a cesarean section, your body is still weak now, do not move."

When the nurse came in and saw that she wanted to get out of bed, she rushed forward to stop her.

Qiao Jin Leng's movements paused, she raised her head and looked at her, "Child? was born? "

The nurse was confused by her reaction. She nodded and smiled. "I was born. It's a male baby."

Qiao Jin Leng was silent. There was no joy on her face, and only after a long while did she speak: "Then, could I trouble you to give me my phone."

The nurse was startled, she still wanted to say something, but only stayed for a while before she reached for Qiao Jin Leng's phone.

Judging from her reaction, this child's background was definitely not good. Otherwise, how could a mother not be happy?

After Qiao Jin Leng received the phone, she dialed an unfamiliar number. This was the number that the man had entered into her phone after she left the hotel that day.

The phone rang for a few seconds, then it rang. The man's cold, low, and mellow voice came through the phone, "You need something from me?"

When he first saw the caller ID, the man was a little surprised, but he soon regained his usual indifference.

Qiao Jin Leng lowered her eyes and spoke in a cold tone, "Mr. Zhuo, I was pregnant and gave birth to my child. If you have time now, can you come over?"

Just as she finished speaking, the other end of the line went silent, but the phone did not hang up. Vaguely, Qiao Jin Leng seemed to hear the man's faint and cool breathing.

Just when Qiao Jin Leng thought he wouldn't admit it, Zhuo He Lian coldly spat out two words: "Where is it?"

… ….

Half an hour later, the man appeared in the ward. He was dressed in a suit and a leather suit. His face was cold and handsome. Every inch of his appearance was flawless and flawless.

He stood at the head of her bed and looked at her condescendingly, coldly asking, "I've been born, where is the child?"

Qiao Jin Leng slightly lowered her head, as she felt the powerful aura coming from his body. Thinking back to that crazy night a few months ago, she couldn't help but bite her lips, then changed to a cold expression.

She said, "Maybe in the nursery, Mr. Zhuo, you took the child away, we will pretend that nothing happened … …"

Before she could finish her sentence, a stack of documents was handed to her. She looked up and saw a cold expression on his face. "Sign this."

Qiao Jin Leng lowered her head and realized that this was a marriage contract.

"What do you mean?"

Zhuo He Lian frowned, as though he was annoyed. He placed the document in front of her: "Since you are my child, you should be famous. What do you mean, the mother of the child is going to marry me? "

"Why should I marry you?"

Qiao Jin Leng looked up, a clear indifference could be seen in her eyes. Other than that night, she had never thought that her life would intersect with Zhuo He Lian's.

"There's no other reason. If I marry, you marry. The last thing I want to see is a woman play the game. "

Zhuo He Lian lit up a cigarette, and then, considering Qiao Jin Leng, he pushed the cigarette away in frustration. Such an action was extremely rare to see a person in charge of a Zhuo.

Wanted to capture him? Qiao Jin Leng found it funny. "Zhuo He Lian, you think I gave birth to a child to marry you?"

Zhuo He Lian coldly looked at her for a while, and his voice became deeper: "Otherwise?"

"I don't want to lose the chance to be a mother again because of this child. Mr. Zhuo, you should understand what I mean." Qiao Jin Leng said.

When Qiao Jin Leng had gotten pregnant with Zhuo He Lian in the past, her first thought was to get rid of him. However, her physique was not good, so if she got rid of this child, she might not be able to get pregnant again.

In Qiao Jin Leng's plans, she would find someone who would love her and give birth to his children.

Therefore, after hesitating for a long time, Qiao Jin Leng finally gave birth to the child while concealing his identity.

"Having given birth to my child, you want to marry your fiancé? Hm? Qiao Jin Leng, do you know how to write the word 'price'? "

Zhuo He Lian suddenly bent over, grabbed her lower jaw and lifted up her face that was devoid of blood.

Qiao Jin Leng frowned, and looked at him in distress, "Let go of me."

Zhuo He Lian paused for a moment, then released her. Seeing her weak appearance, he laughed coldly: "I haven't seen you for a few months, my abilities have increased."

They all learn to use weakness to get sympathy from men.

Ever since he had laid on his bed a few months ago, he had felt that this woman was not simple.

Now you're giving him a video call for forced marriage? But the situation in front of him didn't seem right. Qiao Jin Leng didn't want to force the marriage, she just wanted to return the child to him.

When Qiao Jin Leng heard his sarcastic remarks, her face did not have much of an expression.

She coldly opened her mouth: "Mr. Zhuo, my words have already been very clear. That child has nothing to do with me. Don't you think the responsibility for what happened was yours? "