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Love Starts From A Kiss

Love Starts From A Kiss



  Drunk and kissing a pretty boy four times in a bar? Was it a beautiful man or the heir to the number one wealthy family in the capital? A cruel and bloodthirsty personality … Such arrogance and untamed, it was the name of Satan! And extremely disgusted with women? F * ck! It indicated that he was dead. If there was anything you need to do, please burn the paper... But the American boy said, "Responsible!" With... "Give my life to you?" Dream on! "They serve their master with their own bodies!" "Can you warm the bed?" "You can die!"
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If you were drunk in a bar, you kissed a pretty boy.

Yet, you were swatted three meters away with a look of disdain. What would you do?

That's right!

He rushed forward!

Keep kissing!

Until he surrendered!

The youth's entire body emitted a suffocating coldness, and his pair of deep eyes seemed as if it was about to condense ice.

Under the dim light of the bar, his whole body seemed to be surrounded by a layer of faint light. He was so beautiful that he didn't seem real.

On her exquisite face, there was a touch of sickly, pale colour. It was as if she was feeling pity for him whenever she saw him.

Ruan Sui Xin could not hold it in anymore, and immediately turned into a wolf and drunkenly looked at the young man who was trying to escape, and fiercely kissed him with her sexy and thin lips.

What is it?

You're so handsome that you're not allowed to be kissed?

That's right!

Drunk women are so unreasonable.

His lips were once again fiercely sealed. A frantic expression appeared on the youth's face, as if he was about to put this drunkard to death at any moment.

He wanted to push her away again, but that push had used up all his strength.

In order to escape from his grandfather, who wanted to capture him and bring him back to the capital, and his stepmother, who wanted to kill him, that sent out two groups of people at the same time, he was already exhausted.

After finally sneaking into the bar and getting rid of the crowd that was chasing him, he got entangled by this drunkard.

He wanted to strangle her with one hand!

However, her entire body was slumped against the wall, her hands locked in a fierce position on top of her head, completely unable to move.

If he didn't guess wrongly, this drunk girl was definitely an expert, and her strength was astonishing.

The young man's lips had a faint taste of mint, and kissing him was like eating mints. The cool touch was enough to strike fear in the heart.

The girl was deeply engrossed in the kiss.

Suddenly, messy footsteps were heard from afar.

The youth's heart tightened as he used all his strength to push the young girl into a room with him.

He then slammed the door shut.

Several emotionless voices came from outside the door: "People are in this bar! "Hurry up and search!"


Hearing the footsteps gradually grow further away, the youth leaned limply against the door of the room and took a few deep breaths.

Just as he let out a breath of relief, the drunkard actually pounced on him again.

He quickly covered her mouth, but she viciously swung his hand away …


His lips were once again sealed.

This was already the third time tonight.

He recovered some strength and pushed her away. Then he grabbed the collar of her chest and pushed her hard against the door.

His mouth was like that of a ferocious beast as he growled, "You better behave!"

However, the young girl was so drunk that she lost all rationality. She only knew that she was very thirsty, and this man's lips seemed to be able to quell her thirst.

Pushing his hand away, she pushed him to the ground and covered him up.


The youth's lips were sealed for the fourth time.

He felt like he was going crazy.

He hated women the most in his life, but on the same day, he was forcefully kissed by a woman four times!

His reason was on the verge of collapse …

He used the last of his strength to push her away from him, and now that he had the experience, he quickly pressed her beneath him, locking her hands in place.

The young girl's hands were locked in place by him, unable to move. A trace of grievance flashed through her drunken, hazy eyes.

"Let me go."

"In your dreams!" He gritted his teeth.