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Raise My Little Lover

Raise My Little Lover



  "Uncle, I want this amusement park to be mine forever!" "Thus, a certain man spent a great deal of money to buy the entire amusement park for her." "Uncle, I want to live on the beach and watch the sunrise every day!" "As a result, with a wave of his hand, a coastal villa was built quickly." "Uncle, I want to fall in love and become a boyfriend!" Therefore... "That's not right!" Yun Xiao Rou, you can depend on me for anything, but this is the only rule that doesn't work! " He is Green Harbor City's youngest aristocrat, the new political elite, the chief president of multinational corporations, is also a doctor of medicine and psychology. No matter if it was in terms of IQ or EQ, what did it feel like to be in a relationship with a mature, handsome man who was rich in gold! Yun Xiao Rou replied, "I can't stop laughing during the day!"
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"Speak!" Did you write this love letter? "

"You're still young, how can you be so shameless? You should learn how to write love letters from others!"

A young female teacher with a pair of black—framed glasses was sitting on a chair, throwing a piece of paper on the table.

With his hands behind his back, Yun Xiao Ruan leisurely looked at the letter in front of him.

"So what if I write it? So what if I do like Jiang Cheng Hao? "

"You …"

The young female teacher was so angry that she was at a loss for words.

"Alright, call your parents. Call your parents!"

Yun Xiao Ruan laughed, "Teacher, my parents have gone abroad, I don't have a guardian!"

At the next table, the middle—aged female teacher couldn't help but frown as she raised her head to take a look from her book.

"Yun Xiao Ruan, you're a girl, how can you not know about shame? To want to fall in love at such a young age, what's more, Jiang Cheng Hao is the class chairman, and he is also the president of the student union.

"An inferior student!"

As the female teacher spoke, she adjusted her glasses and went back to her book.

"Teacher, a man pursues a woman through a mountain. A woman pursues a man. That is a layer of muslin!"

Yun Xiao Ruan laughed and said, "Teacher, you are already 35 but you are still not married, isn't this the same as trying to comprehend this simple truth?!"

"You …"

The teacher was so angry that his face turned red.

"Yun Xiao Ruan, you're done! Look at your attitude! "

The young teacher was extremely angry. He reached for his file and started to make calls to the other side.

"Go stand outside!"

Yun Xiao Ruan shrugged her shoulders, walked out without a care, and stood in the corridor.

Many of the students who had finished their classes were walking around, secretly watching her.

Not far away, a delicate and pretty girl with black framed glasses was anxiously looking over with a book in her hands.

Yun Xiao Ruan raised her head and saw her good friend Su Ling's anxious look.

Yun Xiao Ruan smiled, two shallow dimples appeared on the side of her cheeks, and she made a 'OK' gesture towards Su Ling.

The teacher's voice came from the office.

"En, yes. If you can, I hope you can come over. Xiao Rou, this child …"

Yun Xiao Ruan rubbed her arm. She was having goosebumps in the summer.

The noon sun was scorching and scorching.

Yun Xiao Ruan leaned against the wall and stood there, feeling like she was about to fall asleep.


My stomach is so hungry!

Yun Xiao Ruan held her hand to her stomach. Right at this moment, a startled cry came over.

"So handsome!"

"So stylish!" A model? "

"Looks like a celebrity? It's just too cool, like a prince from a comic book … "

The shrieks of the female students were deafening.

Yun Xiao Ruan raised her head and looked over.

A man in a black suit was walking up the stairs towards him.

His facial features were deep, and his eyes were as black as ink. His thin lips were tightly pursed, and his expression was extremely solemn.

Yun Xiao Ruan was a little dumbstruck.

F * ck, where did this top quality handsome guy come from!?

Yun Xiao Ruan couldn't help but rub her eyes.

The man was around 1.85 meters tall, and there were two bodyguards wearing black clothes behind him.

Walking to Yun Xiao Ruan's side, the man's eyes slanted to the side and glanced at her.

Yun Xiao Ruan could not help but blush.

"Are you Xiao Rou's uncle?"

The female teacher's voice was extremely gentle.

Qin Zheng slightly nodded, "What happened to her?"

"Take a look. She wrote this... "

The female teacher hurriedly passed the paper over.