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CEO's Beautiful Prisoner

CEO's Beautiful Prisoner



  Famous family was the daughter of a rich family. The scum of a man and the lowly woman had framed him. His family had been ruined, and his father had died tragically. He had been sentenced to three years in prison. She was originally a proud daughter of heaven, how could she allow those trash of a man to bully her? She was not afraid of those demon spirits appearing on stage, she was also not afraid. Unexpectedly, as soon as he got out of prison, he bumped into a black-bellied CEO. After smashing him with an ashtray, he was unable to let go of her. Su Jian Sheng coldly glared at him and said, "Sorry, I'm not familiar with you!" Gu Jin smiled charmingly, "A night of love is a hundred days of love, how is this not familiar!?" "Scram!" A certain man laughed evilly: "You mean that we should scram again … … "Heh heh. Oh my god, why did I end up encountering such a shameless shameless bastard as soon as I got out of jail!"
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What do you think will happen?


Dark clouds covered the sky and rain fell heavily.

With a kacha sound, the iron door of the cell was opened by the female prison guard. She then said to Su Jian Sheng who was in the corner of the cell: "9527, Su Jian Sheng, you can go now."

In a dark corner, Su Jian Sheng raised his head to look at the female prison guard after hearing the sound. His thin and sharp face was as pale as paper.

After waiting for three years, she could finally leave this place.

Thinking about what happened before he went to jail, his cold eyes turned resolute.

Outside the prison, the dusky sky seemed like a huge blanket pressing down on people's heads. Su Jian Sheng's fat linen robes, identical colored pants and messy hair was drenched by the fine rain of cotton, sticking close to his forehead and temples.

On the empty road, there were very few people passing by.

She was penniless, walking alone in the rain, slim but firm.

Since she had come out, she had to return to her original position and take back everything that was hers.

… ….

In a restaurant.

Gu Jin Nian glanced at the watch on his wrist, then raised his head to look at the woman with the flapping lips: "Are you done speaking, if you're done speaking, I still have things to do, and can't continue wasting time with you."

With that, Gu Jin Nian stood up from his seat, and started to leave the dining hall.

However, just as he took a step forward, the woman stood up at the same time as Gu Jin Nian and pulled his sleeves. She pouted: "Gourmet, why are you in such a hurry?

Glancing at the woman's hand holding onto his sleeve, Gu Jin Nian unconsciously frowned, his voice becoming heavier, "Let go."

Gourmet, just stay here for a while longer, could it be that your job is more important than mine? The woman's voice was getting more and more coquettish, so sweet that people's heart would go out to her.

But Gu Jin Nian did not think so. The woman's voice made him feel sick, his mother had gone back and forth all these years, as long as it was a female, she would arrange a date with him. Was he that picky?


Gu Jin Nian's patience had finally run out and he repeated coldly once more, "Let go."

The lady did not notice the displeasure in Gu Jin Nian's eyes, and pouted her red lips: "Not letting go."

You're not letting it go?

Good, very good.

Gu Jin Nian grabbed onto the woman's wrist and threw her out before she could even react. He let out a cold snort and watched as the woman knocked into the corner of the dining hall and said, "I always hate women who have surpassed my bottom limit. It's best not to think too highly of yourself, in my eyes, you're not even comparable to a pet dog."

Under the curious gazes of the people in the restaurant, Gu Jin Nian left the restaurant with his slender legs.

The driver had been waiting for Gu Jin Nian outside the dining hall. When he saw Gu Jin Nian walking out from the dining hall, he immediately opened the door and allowed Gu Jin Nian to get on the car.

As he sat in the back seat, it seemed that the previous hostility had not dissipated yet. Gu Jin Nian turned to the driver with a cold face: "Drive."

The driver did not dare delay, and immediately started to drive. He glanced at Gu Jin Nian through the rearview mirror, and just as he was about to ask Gu Jin Nian where he was going, there was a sudden bang, and the driver quickly braked.

On the rain—filled street, Su Jian Sheng was lying there. The warm blood was dripping from his forehead, blurring his vision.

It hurt so much that Su Jian Sheng curled up into a ball.

In the blurry line of vision, she saw a man get out of the car and walk towards her.

After he lightly said that, Su Jian Sheng felt that her eyelids were unusually heavy, as if a huge stone was pressed on top of them. Her line of sight turned gray bit by bit, and when the man walked in front of her, she completely closed her eyes, and lost consciousness.

… ….

The driver stood beside Gu Jin Nian and asked, "CEO … "What should we do?"

"What should we do?" Gu Jin Nian lowered his eyes and looked at Su Jian Sheng who was lying in the rain, "Do you know how to fight?"

Su Jian Sheng seemed to have had a very, very long dream. In the dream, she was safe and sound, everyone who cared about her were by her side, everything was so beautiful.

The early morning light shone through the transparent window of the ward. Su Jian Sheng's fingers moved and slowly opened his eyes.

Su Jian Sheng struggled to sit up from the bed, feeling an excruciating pain all over his body. Looking around at his unfamiliar surroundings, he couldn't help but be startled.

She remembered that she was going back to the villa, but suddenly a car came out and hit her, and after that, she couldn't remember a thing.

Su Jian Sheng rubbed his head and realised that his forehead was wrapped in layers and layers of gauze. Who brought her to the hospital?

He couldn't figure it out, so Su Jian Sheng lifted the blanket and slowly got off the bed. When the floor of the bed was touched by her feet, her legs started to tremble, but luckily she was able to hold it in.

She didn't want to stay here. She had already wasted so much time in the prison that she didn't even have time to see her father before he died.