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Missy's Revenge

Missy's Revenge



  Before she died, Ji Zhen realized that she was wrong for the rest of her life. In her second life, she was determined to get back at those things that originally belonged to her. She wanted to stand at the top and watch as the people who used to laugh at her uselessness all fell into hell …
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Ji Zhen felt a splitting headache coming on, and a dizzy feeling welled up, wanting to continue sleeping, "Miss, Miss …" Ji Zhen only felt that she was constantly being called by the ears.

"Hmm? "Where is this place?" Ji Zhen struggled to open her eyes, but discovered that everything around him was both familiar and unfamiliar, and looking again carefully at the person who kept on calling out to him, wasn't that her original servant, Cui Er!

Ji Zhen unconsciously stroked her ear with his hand. That soft touch! Wait, didn't my hand get crippled on the first day I entered the dungeon?

Ji Zhen suddenly sat up, and blankly looked at his perfectly fine hands. She washed them with his delicate hands, and on her left index finger, there was still a red mole that was as bright as blood. She clearly remembered that her hands were full of scars and calluses. When she had first entered the palace, she had spent three years in the Raccoon Department. When winter came, her hands were full of frostbite.

The red mole on his left index finger had been lit up by that heartless woman when she served Wu Fei all those years ago. The scar was with him for half his life. Even if he used a very good ointment afterwards, he would not be able to remove the bone—etching wound.

On the other hand, when his tendons in his hands and legs were cut off, the fresh blood that covered his entire body covered all the wounds that he thought he had been obstructing for half his life.

In his previous life, ever since Ji Zhen was sent to the palace, he didn't believe in ghosts or gods, and he also didn't believe in the existence of justice in this world. But after going around in circles, she had finally returned to the starting point. Now, she had no choice but to believe in him.

Suddenly, she discovered the green jade hanging from her neck. In her previous life, she had been taken away by a mama after her first sentence in the palace. After that, even if she searched the entire palace, she would find no trace of it.

Trembling, she used her hand to hold tightly onto the jade, pressing her entire face against it. Her fingers closed in tightly, and she knew that her fingertip had entered her palm. Only then did she calm down.

This was her only hope in surviving. Even after her misfortune that year, she still relied on the belief that she would eventually find one day to step onto that road of no return. She couldn't stop her tears from dripping as she let out a low howl in her throat.

"Miss, Miss, what's wrong?" Cui Er who was at the side saw Ji Zhen and quickly rushed forward.

"I'm fine. Go down and prepare a bath for me." Ji Zhen raised her head and looked at Cui Er, a glimmer of light flashing across her eyes.

Ji Zhen remembered that at that time, Cui Er was discovered by her stepmother because she wanted to take her place and she was randomly beaten to death by her stepmother. She would always remember how she hugged Cui Er and looked at her before she died, "Miss, the happiest thing in Cui Er's life was what you saved all those years ago."

Ji Zhen sat upright within the wooden barrel. The Ji Mansion received blessings from the previous Patriarch and was bestowed with a second class Marquis. Although it was a huge family, the mother died young, and Ji Zhen, who was originally the eldest daughter of the first generation, was not favored by the father because of the mother's matter.

After the birth of his mother, the ancestor decided to marry his mother's maid to his father to take Li Ji Zhen as his concubine. When Ji Zhen was fourteen years old, his father carried the concubine concubine over to her wife. Afterwards, this concubine actually slandered Aunt Ji Zhen for adultery with a palace guard. Not long after Ji Zhen's concubine was locked in the woodshed, she died in depression.

After that, Ji Zhen was bullied and humiliated from top to bottom by everyone in the family. When she was sixteen, in order to protect her younger brother who was not even ten years old, Ji Zhen stepped into the door that she would regret for her entire life.

Ji Zhen never regretted meeting that person, but she hated herself for her ignorance, hated her for believing his words, hated her for not being tough enough, which was why she gave that person a chance to step in closer and force her to her death.

"Ji Zhen, if there comes a day when I, Xuan Hao, give up on you and let you hate me, I, Xuan Hao, swear on the heavens and earth, that I will stand behind you, and never let you down!"

Back then, for him, Ji Zhen was willing to scheme a plan for him, to block countless assassinations and schemes for him, and even submit herself to others. In order to help him block the poison wine, Ji Zhen had even tried every single poison. That feeling of having the liver and intestines being cut off, Ji Zhen was equally willing to give it up.

In order to protect him, Ji Zhen had started to train in martial arts. Even when he was surrounded by the enemy, she had walked a thousand miles by herself, saving him.

Originally, Ji Zhen thought that everything she had paid for would be able to make the later parts of their journey smooth, but she never thought that everything was just a dream come true. When she woke up from this dream, and that that person ascended the throne, she would no longer have any value, and would even become a stumbling block that she had to remove.

"Ji Zhen, do you know? How long have I waited for this day? I only wanted to marry Yue Er with my future phoenix throne. And you? Don't you feel sick? You still want to sleep with me after sleeping with so many people. "

"If you want to hate me, then hate me for not being able to recognize you. But after today, Ji Zhen will no longer exist in this world." Ji Zhen would always remember the disgust in his eyes, and the dust that was blown off by the white silk when it landed.

Ji Zhen originally wanted to escape, but she did not expect herself to be pregnant, being caught fighting with the guards, and then having her tendons severed, waiting for her to give birth to a child before executing.

Ji Zhen never thought that after tasting all the poisons in her body, she would die under a bowl of sweet water in the end. As the princess consort, how could Ji Yue Er tolerate someone else's child being born before his own. Even if this person was his own sister, that wouldn't do.

In order to get rid of the child in Ji Zhen's womb, Ji Yue Er had thought of many ways. However, Xuan Hao seemed to view the child in Ji Zhen's womb with importance and sent many people to look after it. Until someone mentioned that almonds could slip through a pregnant woman's womb, Ji Yue Er immediately gave Ji Zhen the Apricot Rejuvenation Dew. That night, news of Ji Zhen being a parturient immediately spread.

On the second day, Ji Yue Er held Xuan Hao's hand and stood in front of Ji Zhen's bed. Ji Zhen, who had lost her child, indifferently raised her head to look at Xuan Hao.

A crack appeared on Xuan Hao's originally indifferent face, and he turned to leave. Ji Yue Er fiercely turned to glance at him, stomped his feet, and immediately followed along.

That night, when Ji Zhen's room was empty, it was said that as long as a person's heart was dead, that person would never feel pain again. When Ji Zhen had already felt her consciousness dissipate, she accidentally thought of what happened to him before she was seven.

The things that had once made him feel warm were taken away from him one by one because of his step retreat.

She hated her own cowardice, hated her own lack of understanding, and wanted her to live in exile for the rest of her life. She would be bullied and humiliated, and die a horrible death.

"Is Miss awake?" Ji Zhen suddenly heard that gentle and gentle voice, and could not help but feel grief in her heart. That person had died when she was fourteen years old.