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Power or Love, Her Majesty

Power or Love, Her Majesty



  In her previous life, as the direct daughter of the house of the Marquis, she firmly believed that if one treated others well, there would be a report to report. However, she was framed in all sorts of ways, and only at the moment of her death did she understand that this world wasn't as beautiful as her mother had described, but was above rights! After her rebirth, she was no longer willing to be a fish in the harem. She fought openly and secretly within the imperial palace, and her greed filled her heart. Step by step, she climbed upwards! It wasn't until a man who was willing to sacrifice everything for her blocked her path that she finally understood. Was she going to choose power or believe in love? For the first time since her rebirth, she felt lost.
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The heavy rain drew a long curtain between the sky and the ground.

Lightning illuminated the hall outside the room. The moment the cold light shined on the temple hall, the temple boy, Guan Yin, had an eerie feeling. The next moment, thunder started to rush in, but it still couldn't cover up the shouts coming from inside the room.

"Eh … ah …"

A cry of pain came from the room, from high to low. Shi Ran gripped the twisted gold and silver silk quilt tightly in an attempt to break it down, but the tearing of her lower body still caused her to drown in pain.

"Qing Yan, Qing Yan …" Her fingernails had been violently torn apart. He only saw a mess of flesh and blood, and blood stains could be seen all over the blanket as it fell.

Qing Yan was standing right in front of her, watching the tragic scenes of Shi Ran in labor, starting from the moment he activated it.

"For the sake of our sisterhood …" Tears streamed down her cheeks. She was in so much pain that she couldn't even utter a complete sentence. She could only look pleadingly at her sister—in—law.

No matter how much she shouted, no one came in. Her heart cooled a little, and no matter what face she had, she kept begging, hoping that her own flesh and blood would be born soon.

Her delicate and pretty face was like that of a devil that had walked out of hell in this dark room. Qing Yan held Shi An's hand and forcefully wiped it into the gap between her fingernails. In exchange, she let out a heart—wrenching cry.

Blood was gushing out of his fingers like a fountain, and there was no need to say anything more about the pain he felt in his heart.

Tears blurred Shi Ran's eyelids. She had no more strength left. Her breathing gradually became weaker. However, she was still unwilling to give up as she asked, "Why?"

Why did you follow me from the age of ten and treat me like this?

Why do you treat me so cruelly when I treat you like a sister?

"Why?" Qingyan kept murmuring to herself before she smiled gently, "Because you are so naïve."

She didn't understand, but Qingyan suddenly slapped her, and with a "pa" sound, it echoed through the long silent night.

Shi Ran was humiliated and looked like her with tears in his eyes. He saw her cold expression and said, "Don't show that kind of stupid look. If you think about it carefully, you should understand who would benefit the most after your mother died. And did your disaster begin after your mother's death? "

Shi Ran's eyes widened in pain as she sucked in a breath of cold air. She was originally the direct daughter of the Minister of Revenue. Shi Xueman's sister, Shi Anyi, helped her back to her room out of good intentions. However, she fell down the stairs on the way back. Her face was almost disfigured. She had always thought that it was an accident.

Later on, the General's Estate annulled the engagement and made her a laughingstock. Her father was also estranged from her at that time, so she didn't suspect those two women.

When Qing Yan saw that she understood, he smiled and said, "Third Madam used a mercury—mixed fish to kill your mother, but you just had to take her as your mother. Her daughter almost ruined your face, framed you for adultery, and even made you weak. You didn't expect that because you felt that you had no face at all, you wouldn't leave the house, so you moved her to send you food.

Her voice seemed to come from the distant horizon. Only the waves of pain in her lower body were still causing her to stay awake. Why did this happen? She had always been kind to others, as her mother had said. Why did this happen?

However, Qing Yan was not ready to let her off. His voice was taunting, "Do you know who it was that didn't want you to give birth to this child today? It was the Crown Princess! You are doted on by the king, yet you don't know how to scheme for yourself and your children. You don't even have to think about how the Crown Princess can allow you to have your eldest son. Tell me, did you kill yourself, or did you kill your own flesh and blood!? "

Due to the sudden stimulation, Shi Ran couldn't breathe for a long time. He couldn't believe that this was real! He tightly gripped the brocade blanket under him. No matter how painful it was, it didn't cause him to feel the pain in his heart to make him faint.

Thinking back to the past, his originally dignified and amiable face turned malevolent, constantly attacking in front of his eyes.

Qing Yan looked at her red face and gently helped her get angry. He was a considerate servant girl, but her words made people's heart turn cold. "A man's death is near, and his words are not bad. I'm about to die, so how can I lie to you?"

Shi Ran moved her lips but did not make any sound. When Qing Yan saw this, he immediately understood and couldn't help but sneer. "Miss, are you asking me how I died? Right? Haha, you are still so naive and naive and foolish. Don't you know, I came here on the orders of the Crown Princess to kill you, how could she allow me to live and reveal this secret? The dialogue between us will be forever silent in this room with our deaths. Yet those who have caused you great harm are able to live leisurely, live a life of wealth and dignity, hold up the face of a dignified and virtuous lady, and completely erase your existence without leaving a single bit behind. "

Shi Ran was stupefied. With much difficulty, he forced out two words, "Why?"

"Why don't you want to die? Do I want your life?" Qing Yan was startled and smiled. As if he had just met purity and beauty for the first time, she slowly approached Shi An and then suddenly crazily grabbed her collar and shook it, "Because, it's so good that a person like you died. Why would Wang Yuan die because of you!? Do you know that after Second Miss framed you for adultery, Wang Yuan was scolded to death by the staff. And after he died, he repeated a sentence: Eldest Miss is innocent! It's innocent! "

Of course, Shi Ran knew about this. However, she could not protect herself back then, so how could she dare to plead for him. She had never thought that she would be so conceited and never let down another person in her entire life.

Tears blurred her vision. The skyline was covered by the pattern of the skyline, and she still remembered the ridiculing words of the Crown Princess.

She was a skylark, but she couldn't be a soaring phoenix. Who told her to be stupid!

Feeling the life drain from her body, she laughed out loud, "Haha, if there is a next life, I will be a mouse for all of you. I will eat its flesh, drink its blood, and burn its bones for the rest of my life, never to forget this grudge!"