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Her Toyboy Lover

Her Toyboy Lover



  She was a sorrowful second string singer, yet she was abandoned by the scumbag, being demonstrated by Little San. So, she hired a male god who could kill all the male creatures in the universe to act with her at a "sky-high" rate of 800 per hour, but the perfect "Cowherd" had tricked her into the civil service. " "I'm not interested in you, a man who can be married with money!" "She is a proud and pampered girl." "No problem, I'll raise you from the bottom of my heart." A certain man was extremely serious. "He turned in his savings, turned in his real estate, and even began to undress." What are you doing? " She was dissatisfied, since when was there such a rule in the contract? A certain male god with slanted lips, with an ambiguous smile, "I am yours, so I have to hand it over too." Don't come near me! " She was shocked. A male god carried her in his arms, "I didn't want to get close, I just wanted to push her down." Faced with this cunning fox's enticing and teasing, he began to compete with her in physical and mental strength, a collision between the body and the soul.
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C City, early summer, the weather was beautiful.

A red Ferrari drove on the highway, ignoring the existence of the red light.

Inside the carriage, Lin Luo listened to the music that sounded like movement as her thin body swayed to the rhythm. She seemed to be in a very good mood.

Yes, she was in a good mood, too damn good to be better.

His boyfriend who had been dating for two years suddenly became engaged to another woman, but before Lin Luo even received the notice to break up, he received an invitation letter.

The point is, I heard they were in bed!

This was an undisguised provocation. He couldn't tolerate it!

Not far in front of him was the entrance to the engagement ceremony. Lin Luo looked at the crumpled invitation letter placed on the front passenger seat that was forcefully pressed.

He picked up the phone and dialed the manager's number.

"Have you arrived?" Without waiting for Lin Luo to speak, the manager had already become the first to speak.

"Five minutes!" Lin Luo's attitude was cool and unrestrained, "Have you prepared the people I want?"

"We must be ready!" The manager's blood was boiling, "The one I found for you this time, is definitely a man that can instantly kill all the males on earth."

"Well done!" What she needed was such an outstanding man to instantly turn this trash Gu Cheng Yan into dregs!

"Although he's a prince, but he seems to be a newbie who just entered the industry …"


The sharp sound of brakes stung his ears!

"You got me a bull?" Lin Luo raised her voice, shouting at the top of her lungs, "Didn't I say, you want a woman?"

"Don't worry, this guy doesn't have the temperament of a bull. Since you're here soon, you'll know how good it is if you come here to take a look. I guarantee you will be drooling and the price will be negotiable!" The manager was almost drooling, "You will see him the moment you enter the door."

"I …"

"Also, there's a reporter at the door. You better be smart. If you dare to give this lady any impulse, I'll skin you alive first!" After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Can't be impulsive!

She was here to fight, so she had to stay clear—headed. She absolutely could not do anything that would go out of control and turn herself into a joke.

Impulse would make her look miserable, and her embarrassment would be the enemy's glory. Thus, no matter how much pain she felt in her heart, no matter how much she wanted to cry, she had to adopt the most arrogant attitude.

Lin Luo rubbed her sore eyes, took out the mirror, fixed her makeup, arranged her clothes, turned off the music, kept the ticket in front of him, and drove her car in the most elegant manner possible, then slowly drove towards her destination.

At this moment, whatever was in her heart was just a small matter. She wanted to use the most beautiful posture to attend Gu Cheng Yan's engagement ceremony, and not only that, she wanted to bring the most perfect man with her.

She wanted to use actual actions to tell her boyfriend that once she left him, she would immediately obtain a large forest. She had to thank him for not marrying her!

After driving the car to its designated position and stopping, Lin Luo tidied up her clothes in the mirror again, then walked out of the car with a sweet smile.

When the reporters saw Lin Luo, they quickly surrounded him!

Gu Cheng Yan was a business tycoon who came from a wealthy family, but Lin Luo was just a second tier singer. The two people before her had countless of rumors, and the media said that Lin Luo was relying on Young Master Gu to get the position.

Now, Young Master Gu wanted to be the Red Star for the engagement ceremony, and Lin Luo, who had been abandoned, was naturally the target of everyone's attention. They wanted to see Lin Luo perform in such a pitiful manner, and then portray a glorious man as a heartless man.

But, Lin Luo would probably disappoint them.

Not only did she not look haggard, she was even dressed up beautifully. With a bright smile on her face, she greeted the reporter in the most elegant manner.

"Miss Lin, how do you feel about Young Master Gu's engagement?" a reporter impatiently asked.

Feelings? She didn't dare think that right now, all she wanted to do was to kill that beast with a knife!

Of course, answering like that was extremely rude. Hence, Lin Luo looked at the camera with a sweet smile, "They are very compatible."

A bitch with a dog, forever!

"I heard that Young Master Gu was your boyfriend before. Have you guys really dated before?"

"Young Master Gu and I are just friends. Besides, I have a boyfriend," the smile lasted for too long, it was a bit stiff. "If there's a chance, I'll introduce him to you."

"Can you tell me about him?"

"Is he an artist?"

"How long have you been seeing each other?"

"When are you going to get married?"

After a series of questions, Lin Luo no longer needed to answer. She put on an even more brilliant smile, handed the invitation to the guard at the door, and walked in.

This place was a vacation home located in the outskirts of the city. It was originally a hotel, but for this engagement, it was taken over by the Gu family.

The banquet was on the second floor, while the first floor was filled with clusters of roses.

All kinds of things.

During their relationship, Gu Cheng Yan said that during their marriage ceremony in the future, they would definitely have 9,999 roses.

Why didn't she just add one more and make it whole?

At that time, Gu Cheng Yan had said that he was the last rose.

His life, he said, needed her to be complete.

Such beautiful memories, yet they were all bullshit!

A week ago, Gu Cheng Yan said that he had to go on a business trip for a few days, but because he was busy, he did not frequently contact her.

So he wasn't on a business trip, but was discussing marriage matters with another woman?

Thinking about that, Lin Luo suddenly stumbled and lost his balance, staggering a few steps, with both of her hands grabbing onto the flower wrapped stone pillar, barely managing to maintain his balance.


Lin Luo hurriedly raised her head, and then, was struck dumb!

If Lin Luo was not an atheist, she would definitely believe that this man was, at this moment, a god who had descended from the heavens!

The beautiful face was indifferent and lazy, like a gorgeous cheetah. Even with a gentle pair of glasses on his face, it couldn't hide the dangerous aura he was exuding.

He was sitting on the most inconspicuous wooden chair, but it had become his home ground!

The man's eyes were half closed and he leaned back comfortably in his chair. From time to time, he would lift his hand to check the time on his watch. His thin lips were pursed tightly, as if he was waiting for someone.

Lin Luo wanted to drool. Was he the man that the manager found for her that could instantly kill all the males on Earth?

What kind of eyes were these? What was an instant kill of the entire world? It's an instant killing of the universe, all right?

After simply tidying up his clothes, Lin Luo walked towards him in large strides. Before greeting him, he sat beside him and patted his shoulder.

"Hey, wake up!" Since Lin Luo was her employer, she naturally could not be too weak. After all, they had not agreed on a price.

But, the moment the man opened his eyes, Lin Luo subconsciously stood up!