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The Fated Consort

The Fated Consort



  She was the superagent of the twenty-first century, known as the goddess of thunder! Swish! Why did she become a trash Fifth Miss when she was born into a foreign world? Good! Then she would go against the heavens! What about my spiritual energy? It was sucked away by a small round and cute melon ball inside his body! Yuan Guang, you actually dared to rub against me! He sent them flying with a kick! Why is this devilishly handsome and devilishly unruly man always chasing after her? Can you just oppress it? What? Her man only had half a soul? No way, no way, she was going to find them all for him! Where can I find it? F * ck! The Heaven Stage! And let's see how the trash of a young miss will reverse the situation and become a heaven defying genius!
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In the Guang Ming Continent's Royal Tomb …

Feng Xi Yue was dressed in red bridal gown, her purple eyes seemed to be able to make people sink into them, her pink lips perfectly outlined her beautiful face, and at the age of fourteen, she already had the aura of surpassing the number one beauty in the world, Feng Ran Qin!

She brought the servant, Chun Xue, into the sixth stone room of the Wang Mausoleum. The decorations here were simple, yet luxurious.

On the left was a sarcophagus, and beside it was a sarcophagus. Beside the sarcophagus was a pile of lanterns.

What surprised Feng Xi Yue was that this sarcophagus was actually a sarcophagus!

Feng Xi Yue was a little respectful towards this Night King. It had to be said that since the start of time, there were very few burial coffins. At the same time, he felt that it was a pity that there was no one in the coffin that was going to be buried together with him …

Three days ago, Emperor suddenly issued an imperial decree, allowing Feng Xi Yue's eldest sister, Feng Ran Qin, to marry the Night King and hold an underworld marriage to be widowed.

Feng Ran Qin was naturally unwilling. After crying, arguing, and hanging herself, her Prime Minister father suddenly thought of this move that could change the heavens and the earth! Using her mother to threaten her and make her, the most unfavoured and only fourteen year old daughter, marry him.

A cold smile surfaced on Feng Xi Yue's lips, this was the ancient home of the General. Fortunately, she hadn't felt any kinship in her previous life. There were only organizations. Thinking of this, her heart was cold. In her previous life, she was loyal and loyal, but in the end, she was killed by her own organization! The reason was because she knew too much. She had somehow teleported to this Northern Palace, and coincidentally, they were both called Feng Xi Yue. Moreover, her memories from three years ago actually still existed in this body.

The owner of this body became a fool three years ago. No one could tell how foolish he was! After waking up, she had come to this place. Although she was very unlucky, she had no choice but to believe that she had transmigrated here.

The bridegroom, Night King, had long been buried in the King's Tomb yesterday!

Kaiser forbade the ceremony of bowing, and gave the order for her to directly come to the Royal Tomb to keep watch for him for three days.

"Little... Miss, is there a ghost here? " Chun Xue, the servant that accompanied her, shrunk her neck back in fear. Chun Xue was a servant who protected her in everything. After being trained and interacted with by her for the past few days, she had become braver, but it was still not enough.

Feng Xi Yue could not help but laugh, "Humans are scarier than ghosts."

Chun Xue nodded, she would believe anything the young miss said! Miss is no longer a fool three years ago.

"Aiya! Miss, why did you lift the hood up? " Chun Xue's face changed.

"Then why did I ask him to jump out of the coffin and help me lift the lid?" In order to cover the bruises on her face, those few eight women of the Prime Minister Palace had used a thick layer of putty makeup on her face!

"Puchi." Chun Xue smiled at her. Her previous young miss was not that humorous.

"Did you bring the thing I asked you to bring?" Feng Xi Yue found a cushion and casually sat down.

"I did." I wonder what the young mistress wants with a brush, ink, paper, and paper?

Chun Xue quickly spread the paper on the ground and grinded it on the side.

Feng Xi Yue's lips curved up in a beautiful smile, and then, she neatly wrote the two words "Big" on it. "A divorce letter!"

Chun Xue's mouth instantly turned into an 'O'. Oh god, her young miss was too bold, she actually wrote a letter to Night King!

Before Chun Xue could react, a letter had already been written. Take it and put it in the coffin. "

"Little... Miss, you. You want to divorce the Night King? " Chun Xue gulped her saliva. Did her young miss go against the heavens?

"I'll leave it here for now. I still need to use this identity to handle some matters." "Oh right, go and collect all the valuable items from the coffin."

"Miss, that's a dead man's thing." Chun Xue felt a chill down her spine. Her young miss had woken up like she was a different person …

"Do as I say." Being rich or not was not her style.

Chun Xue took a deep breath, "Alright!" Miss is so dark.

However, Miss is really her idol, as long as Miss commands, she will do it.

Chun Xue muttered, "Holy Spirit, Earth Spirit, Sixth Prince, this is not on purpose. If you want to look for me, just do it … "Ah, no, don't look for me. I'm afraid. You'd better forgive us." As soon as she arrived beside the coffin, she felt a strange fragrance wafting towards her. She rolled her eyes and fell to the ground on her soft feet.

The moment Feng Xi Yue saw Chun Xue's body sway, she knew that something was wrong, but it was already too late, her body swayed, and she fell down as well!

"Mistress, what should we do about this girl?" Xie Ying supported Chun Xue and asked for permission from his master, but he realized that his master was distracted and was looking at the letter on the ground.

The corner of Xie Ying's mouth twitched... A divorce letter? She was probably the first person in the world who dared to write a novel, and she was even the most doted on by Kaiser.

Bei Gong Ye walked over to Feng Xi Yue's side and covered her head with a tasseled bead. He really wanted to see what this woman who dared to write him a letter of rest would look like.

He reached out his hand to push away the tassel …

Feng Xi Yue instantly opened those faintly purple eyes, and at the same time, quickly stabbed her dagger towards Bei Gong Ye's abdomen …