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My Silly Girl

My Silly Girl



  She, who had once crowned herself with the crown, whose abilities astounded the four, had her marriage destroyed in front of all those she loved, and had her heart dug up. Transmigrating to an idiot trash, Seventh Miss, suffering from all the bullying and cold eyes. He, the Immortal Emperor of Heaven Realm, was elegant and indifferent, with boundless Dharmic powers. Losing her in his previous life made him regret it for the rest of his life. In this life and death cycle, she would turn her hand to the clouds and turn the rain. He would tyrannically pester her and not let her go. Let's see how he pursues his wife. He will never forgive her!
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In the Celestial Realm above the ninth heaven, the number one immortal, the White Emperor, had gotten married for a thousand years.

3000 grand guqin fairies playing music, a hundred thousand strong immortal warriors carrying palanquins. The red clouds that covered Heaven Realm could be said to be unprecedented. All the deities were also invited, and gathered at Celestial Realm's Zi Ning Hall.

On the floating platform in front of the hall, the bride, Shang Yue, had been standing there for a long time.

She had waited for this day for so long, so what if she waited a few more hours? In any case, he loved her and even gave him the sacred artifact of the Celestial Realm, the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl, to prolong his life, which was more than enough to prove everything.

"Lord Immortal Saint has arrived …" The loud and clear report rang out that the groom had arrived late.

Shang Yue's eyebrows twitched, and she happily turned around to take a look.

Outside of the main entrance of the Zi Ning Hall, the White Emperor slowly walked over while stepping on tens of thousands of golden lotuses.

That slender figure was accompanied by a long and wide purple robe that fluttered in the wind. His long hair that was like ink stuck out behind him, even more so contrasting with his exquisite and cold facial features, as if he was a man walking out of a painting. For some unknown reason, the handsome face had a deep frown and a somewhat pale complexion.

"Husband, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?" When Shang Yue spoke, her cheeks couldn't help but turn red.

White Emperor Qian looked down at Shang Yue's bright and moving face and did not reply. He spoke for a long time, in a completely commanding tone.

"Hand over the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl."

"Isn't that the betrothal gift you gave me?" Shang Yue's face was ashen, and her bright eyes were filled with tears.

"If you don't want to marry, you don't need a betrothal gift." White Emperor Qian's beautiful thin lips uttered words that were as sharp as knives. His cold expression made it seem as if he had become a completely different person.

Shang Yue's body trembled, and almost fell to the floating platform.

Had she heard wrongly? Could it be that she had seen wrongly? Was this White Emperor Qian really the husband of Wen Nong's soft—spoken husband yesterday?

"Haven't you understood? The immortal saint said that he wouldn't marry you, ugly bastard. Hmph, a toad wanting to eat swan meat? How laughable! "You should hurry up and get back to your Moon Palace and continue eating your radish roots. You rotten cabbage!"

Surrounding him, a few sharp and ear—piercing sounds started to ring out, like a torrent of ferocious beasts, engulfing the skinny Shang Yue. The cold and disdainful sneer was like countless mouthfuls of blood, biting all over her body.

The nearby White Emperor turned a deaf ear to this and turned a blind eye to it.

"You really want me to hand over the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl and break the engagement with me?" Shang Yue looked at White Emperor Qian unwillingly and questioned him word by word. The rage and chilliness in his eyes was practically about to scatter White Emperor Qian to ashes.


"Hahaha... Good! "Very good!" Shang Yue began to laugh softly, her laughter was as cold as a ghost's cry.

The next moment, she stretched out her hand and resolutely stabbed into her chest. and grabbed out that dazzling Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl.

White Emperor Qian was instantly stunned.

What he did not know was that Shang Yue had an outstanding innate talent, and the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl had long ago fused into one with her body. To take back the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl was equivalent to taking her life!

The flowing divine bead was infected by the blood in Shang Yue's heart, and a thin layer of blood Qi appeared on it. Even so, it could not hide the brilliance of the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl. Legend has it that the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl's power was limitless, obtaining it would allow a mortal to immediately raise their talent and cultivation to the peak. It could be said that it was a divine object that countless people yearned for in their dreams.

"I'll return you the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl! This lifetime's love will also return to you! " Shang Yue threw him at White Emperor Qian's feet like he was a pair of old shoes.

Soon, she fell onto the floating platform. It was not easy to support half of his body, but he could only cover the hole in his chest with one hand.

She ignored the ridicule and mockery around her. Clenching his teeth, he crawled out of the hall. He would rather die in his own Moon Palace, leaving behind a trail of blood. Other than the intense pain in her body, she could also feel the loss of her celestial spiritual energy, and even her life. However, the pain was incomparable to the pain of her lover betraying her.

Just at this moment, a few Fairies, whether in jealousy or revenge, surrounded Shang Yue. One of them went to strip off her precious bride's phoenix robe, and another grabbed onto her cloud of hair.

Without it, Shang Yue would no longer have any feelings of love after nine lifetimes.

As expected, after a series of distorted expression, Shang Yue's resentful eyes suddenly regained its calm, as calm as still water.

Unexpectedly, at this time, the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl on the stage suddenly shone with a strange light and flew up. As if he had grown eyes, he drilled back into the bloody hole on Shang Yue's chest once again.

Unexpectedly, Broken Love was the true condition for the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl to completely fuse together! By chance, not only did the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl recognise him as its master, it had also greatly raised Shang Yue's cultivation, reaching the realm of an Immortal Saint.

"My divine bead!"

White Emperor Qian roared angrily, he waved his hand to push everyone away, but he was unable to control the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl in Shang Yue's body.

They watched as Shang Yue's body, which was like a withered leaf in the wind, slowly rose into the air. Meanwhile, the immortal energy surrounding her had already blocked all of them from ten steps away from her, including White Emperor Qian.

Amidst this violent surge of immortal energy, Shang Yue slowly raised her head.

Her pale white lips, which had a strange smile within, slightly opened, and her clear voice resounded throughout the entire Immortal World.

"Since the entire world has fallen on my shoulders, don't blame me for being conceited!"

After saying this, in the blink of an eye, a wave of destructive spirit energy fiercely exploded out from Shang Yue's body.

Petals that were as sharp as blades and red like snow blossomed in front of the crowd. This was a completely suicidal self—destruct method.

"Don't..." White Emperor Qian was in a state of panic that he had never experienced before.

However, with a "boom", the faces of the deities were filled with shock and despair, and their bodies instantly turned into fine powder. White Emperor Qian was also submerged within.

In the midst of this blinding light, the entire hall was completely gone!

In the sky and on the ground, even the demons tens of thousands of miles away could feel this violent vibration. Not to mention the Demon Emperor, the master of the Demon Realm who had used the Soul Search Technique to control White Emperor Qian.

He could only withdraw his Soul Search immediately, so as to not damage his own magic. However, in order to plant the Soul Search technique on White Emperor Qian, he had almost exhausted all of his magic. Now that the Nine Revolutions Divine Pearl was not in his possession, he still had to rely on closed door cultivation to recover his magic power.

Demon Emperor, who had never been so frustrated before, had a sinister and charming face.

"Damned rabbit, you're ruining my plan!" Even if you were to be reincarnated, this noble one will definitely shatter your body and take back your divine bead! "

Demon Emperor's angry shout was deafening, and it echoed within the Demon Realm's Ten Thousand Skull Palace for a long time, causing the group of demons to be unable to help themselves from trembling a few times.

The trembling mirror in the Ten Thousand Skull Palace also lit up, the purple palace that appeared in the mirror was already in ruins. But who would have thought that there would still be one more person left alive among the smoke! It was the recovered Immortal Saint White Emperor.

He slowly crawled out of the ruins, his hand tightly holding onto Shang Yue's emotional core. On the half bloody face, there was an expression of extreme pain. Her dry lips moved. "Shang Yue, it's all my fault …"

"Hmm? He didn't die? "As expected of the number one immortal saint in the Immortal World. Once this sovereign recovers his magic power, I'll get rid of you as well!"

The Demon Emperor roared again, and almost collapsed as well.