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Princess is A Doctor

Princess is A Doctor



  She was the daughter of the current emperor's tutor. Her father didn't like her and her mother had died long ago, so she had a marriage contract with His Majesty. He was the king of a different surname who wielded great power and was known throughout the world. His charm was unparalleled and he had attracted countless noble women to bow before him … In a marriage contract, her reputation was ruined; in a war, his name was ruined; in a word, she married him. On the night of marriage, the legendary man, whose life was at stake, who was paralyzed on the bed, pressed her beneath him and pressed the tip of his blade against her neck. "This King's wife, This King would rather kill her than let her be taken away." "It just so happens that this madame would rather castrate my man than allow him to touch other women. " Ji Yunkai, who had the title of Hand of God, calmly pushed away the saber and the man on her body. She was startled by the man's reaction! What about the deal? What happened to not having any reaction to a woman? Man, where are your principles?!
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Ji Yun Kai was awake from the cold!

Even if he stayed in a cool room, he would still feel stuffy and stuffy. However, lying on the bed with a blanket covering him, Ji Yun Kai felt that his whole body was cold. That kind of coldness was emitted from his bones, causing her teeth to tremble.

"I'm not dead?" Ji Yun Kai, whose head was spinning and his body weak, tried his best to open his eyes and see the unfamiliar environment in front of him.

How could she still be alive when she had been blown to pieces with the warship?

"What happened?" Ji Yun Kai tried to think back, but he couldn't remember what happened after the explosion. That memory seemed to be blank, and the only thing she could be sure of was that she couldn't be saved.

"Forget it, I won't think about it anymore!" Ji Yun Kai gave up thinking and was about to get up to check his surroundings, but the moment his left hand touched the bed, he felt a sharp pain from his wrist.

"Hiss …" Ji Yun Kai gasped, and fell back down without any warning. The back of his head heavily knocked against the bedside.

However, Ji Yun Kai didn't even have time to cry out in pain before he was stunned by the memory that had instantly surged out of his head.

She was dead, her body had been blown into pieces, and the only one who survived was the First Miss of the Ji Family, Ji Yun Kai.

Her father was the Imperial Advisor of the dynasty, and his identity was noble and unparalleled. Her mother died in childbirth, and her stepmother was her aunt, a beautiful, loving, and gentle woman.

And herself.

Without giving Ji Yun Kai time to think, the door opened with a "bang", and a middle—aged man dressed in green rushed in, pulling her down from the bed without a second thought, "Ji Yun Kai, how dare you!"

"Ahh …" Ji Yun Kai cried out, grabbing onto his own head the moment he landed, and continuously cursed in his heart: Dammit, why is it so weak?

The man casually threw her onto the ground and started cursing, "You little bastard, the decree to grant the marriage was given by the Emperor, what does it have to do with your sister? Who gave you the guts to threaten your sister with your own death? Emperor gave the order to take your sister as his concubine, and it has nothing to do with you being unable to take her on as his concubine.

"You … "Bastard!" Ji Yun Kai scolded angrily. Ever since she had grown up, he had never been humiliated like this. This was the first time!

She, Ji Yun Kai, will remember!

"Bastard?" "You little bastard, how dare you call me a bastard, who gave you the guts?" The middle aged man clenched his teeth, raised his leg and kicked at Ji Yun Kai.

"Enough!" Ji Yun Kai's reaction was extremely fast as he spun around on the ground, barely able to stand up. He was stunned when he saw the familiar yet unfamiliar man in front of him.

The original owner's memories told her that this was her father who was the current ruler of the Imperial Advisor, Ji Xian. A man who was gentle like jade and had a graceful bearing, yet was unique and cruel to her.

"You, how dare you talk to me like that, you're tired of living!" The middle—aged man was enraged, he raised his hand and slapped Ji Yun.

"Stop..." Ji Yun Kai instinctively raised his hand to block, but in the instant that he raised his hand, he realized that he didn't have the slightest bit of strength left in his left hand.

Damn, she had forgotten that she had a wound on her left wrist and that she had lost too much blood.

"Pah …" After being hit by the Master Ji, Ji Yun Kai's body slanted and he staggered a few steps before being able to stand against the pillar of the bed.

The left side of her face was burning with pain. Ji Yun Kai was so angry that he wanted to kill someone, but his body was so weak like Sister Lin. Forget about retaliating, it was difficult for her to even stand firm.

Ji Yun Kai spat out the blood in his mouth angrily, he hid his left hand behind his back and glared at Master Ji: What do you want? Bastard man, is this really the original owner's father?

The moment he entered the room, he would start shouting at her. Was he treating his daughter like this?

Master Ji must rejoice that her body was not weak, otherwise … He was doomed!

She, Ji Yun Kai, was not someone to be easily bullied!

"What do I want? I should be the one asking you, what do you want? The marriage decree has already been given. What else do you want? Don't want to marry? Other than the unknown Yan Bei Wang, who else would marry you? " Master Ji pointed to Ji Yun Kai's right cheek with a look of disgust.

On the right side of Ji Yun Kai's face, there was a palm sized black spot, which savagely branded on her face, completely ruining her charming face, but at the moment, Ji Yun Kai did not know anything.

"Yan Bei Wang?" Ji Yun Kai was stunned, his mind was in a mess for a moment, as though it was broken into pieces.

"Don't pretend, you little bastard. You have the face of an impotent mother, your marriage with Emperor has already been annulled, Emperor will not marry you. This is already a foregone conclusion. Five days from now, it will be your and Yan Bei Wang's wedding. Don't look for death in my Ji Family. Master Ji only thought that Ji Yun Kai was pretending to be stupid, and the words he said became even clearer.

"Emperor, he …." Ji Yun Kai was stunned on the spot. Turbulent memories swarmed into Ji Yun Kai's mind, and before he could even react, his right hand had already covered his face.

She was betrothed to Emperor, but ten days ago she had broken off her engagement. The reason was because she was ugly, saltless, and had a motherless appearance.

The reason she was called ugly was because there was a palm—sized black spot on the right side of her face. However, this black spot was not natural, but was the legacy left behind by the original owner testing the Emperor's medicine.

A few months ago, Emperor was poisoned and the group of doctors were helpless to do anything. The original owner, who had been practicing for fifteen years, risked his life to enter the palace and use his body to try and cure the poison in Emperor.

Three days ago, Emperor had once again bestowed her to Yan Bei Wang as his concubine with just one word from her sister.

"What, you dare to be dissatisfied with Emperor?" Master Ji looked at Ji Yun Kai with disgust, completely destroying his scholarly and calm temperament.

Ji Yun Kai did not immediately answer, but stared straight at Master Ji with his black hole like eyes, without any emotion at all. He stared straight at Master Ji until his expression became uneasy, and then slowly opened his mouth: "How could I dare to be dissatisfied with Emperor.

This was the original owner's truest thought. She did not regret disfiguring the Emperor in order to save him, nor did she hate him for reneging on the marriage. She hated him for pushing her into a fiery pit with just a single word from her mother and sister.

Yan Bei Wang Palace was not a good place to go to.

If it was a month ago, she would have definitely become the target of jealousy for all the women in the city. But now, the world would only pity her. Because she was a heavy soldier, her name was renowned throughout the world, and she attracted countless of noble women to fight to their deaths, Yan Bei Wang was currently struggling on the line between life and death. She could marry into a widow at any time.

However, becoming a widow was not the worst. The worst part was that there was a rule in Yan Bei Wang's residence: Yan Bei Wang and did not seek to live together, but to die together!

To put it bluntly, Yan Bei Wang was dead, and Yan Bei Wang was going to die with her!