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Guard My Love

Guard My Love



  They had clearly agreed that they would no longer be involved after that night. Instead, he appeared at her engagement party, saying a few simple words and breaking up her business alliance — "I did not permit it!" My people are not people that you can afford to offend. " The entire audience was stunned. After Qiao Mucheng recovered from his shock, his first reaction was: There's something wrong! But why was it that from the second day onwards, everyone was extremely respectful to her, fearing that they would be unable to avoid her?
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"Come to my room tonight, Golden Emperor Hotel's 8304."

Qiao Mu had a card between her fingers, the requirements were simple and direct. The manager had just slipped it to her at the company dinner. Not only her, another intern from the same period also received it.

How disgusting!

Qiao Mu rubbed her heavy head, and chanted in her heart: No wonder the manager kept on urging me to drink, it was because he was uneasy and had good intentions! She didn't think too much and really felt a little drunk …

"Qiao Mu, shall we go together?" After the guests dispersed, Xiao Tian came over submissively. She was the other person who received the card, "I want to buy some contraception first, I'm afraid …"

"I'm not going." Qiao Mu interrupted her, taking advantage of the moment when his consciousness was still clear, "I have a headache, I was planning to return home … He's not a good person, so don't go! "

She didn't want to sell herself at all.

"Are you crazy? "Next week is the advancement test!" Xiao Tian's face was full of disbelief, "People without backgrounds like us, this … This is also a chance! "

Qiao Mu frowned.

This was an opportunity?

"What you get by selling your body is not worth it." Qiao Mu tried to persuade her, "Go home, don't …"

"What do you know!" However, Xiao Tian was provoked by Qiao Mu's words. His face flushed red from anger, and with a "hmph" he ran towards the direction of the hotel …

Qiao Mu did not give chase, but felt a little disappointed and frustrated in her heart — Forget it, everyone has their own choice. What right did someone like her, who had once lost miserably, have to guide the lives of others?

She'd better go home.

He drank too much!

So sleepy...

Shaking his head, Qiao Mu cast his thoughts aside and stopped a car: "Master, go to Changfeng District, call me when you are there." After reporting the address, she allowed her exhaustion and alcohol to corrode her brain as she boldly fell asleep …

She did not notice that after less than ten meters of driving, she was stopped.

"What is it? "I didn't see this …" The driver stuck his head out of the window and was about to complain when the black gun pointed at his forehead. He trembled in fear, "If you have something to say, just say it, I'll rent a car …"

"Is he here?" Song Zhe was too lazy to waste her breath on him, she asked one of her subordinates.

"Here." The latter opened the back door and nodded as she reported, "Miss Jo is asleep."

"Take him away!"

Song Zhe quickly withdrew his spear and ordered his people to move. Before the driver could react, the few black carts had already left and disappeared into the night …

At the airport.

The special plane landed on time. Several cars had been waiting for a long time on the tarmac. The bodyguards lined up in a row, quietly waiting for the cabin door to open. A tall and handsome figure appeared in front of everyone's eyes —

He was very young, but his demeanor was extraordinary. Wherever he went, his aura was oppressive.

Tang Bei Yao.

Just these three words were enough to make people revere him. Since he had taken over the Tang Clan at the age of eight, he had made the Tang Clan cover the sky in the underworld. Four years ago, he had invested in a company and completely reorganized himself to become an influential figure in both black and white.

His power was immeasurable.

"Young Master Tang!"

"Young Master Tang!"

Tang Bei Yao did not even bother to pay attention to the respectful and neat greetings that they made along the way. He hurried over and walked straight towards Song Zhe: "Where is she?"

He pushed away the international conference and arrived after a long flight of a dozen hours. His brow was tired. His voice was low and urgent, unable to conceal the urgency in his voice …

He had been looking for urgency for the past four years!