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Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight



  Everyone wanted to fly up the branch and become a phoenix, but she, Lin Xincheng, insisted on flying down the branch as a crow. In order to catch up to her benefactor, whom she had fallen in love with at first sight two years ago, she didn't hesitate to give up her studies abroad, disguised as a commoner, and transferred to Lordson Aristocrat Academy. On the first day of school, the two of them had been transferred to the same class. From then on, he had been forced to teach every day to viciously punish her, humiliate her, and make things difficult for her! He really thought that she was easy to bully, that she would be chasing after him, that she would be the one to kill him, retaliate, turn him around, and use a prank like her to force him to kneel down and sing the song of 'Conquest'. However, she was completely defeated by this grand confession before the entire school, her slender hands lifted up her lower jaw, and teasingly whispered into her lips: "Girl, I will only sing the song for my wife, who told this young master to spoil his woman to the point of being lawless!" When dark meets dark, let's see who conquers who first!
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New York, USA.

A bustling city on the other side of the ocean, 12 hours apart from China's daylight saving time.

Lin Xin Cheng carried her textbook and walked on the streets of Manhattan, bathing in the morning sun.

A melodious ringtone interrupted her footsteps, this was a long distance international call from A City in China. She casually picked up the phone and swiped through the button, placing it by her ear, she heard the familiar voice of the Steward Uncle.

"Miss, I found it, I finally found it! The young man who saved you back then was called Mu Yun Shen, and he is now in Lawson College of Nobility's first class in two years!"

"Are you sure it was him? He should be considered a reputable figure in the Lawson College of Nobility? Why did it take two years to find it? "

Lin Xin Cheng controlled the excitement in her heart, and tried her best to calm down, so as to ensure that there was no mistake this time.

"It's said that he moved to A City two years ago. However, he's not the young master of a wealthy family, but a special talented student who passed the examination to become a Art Department student. I've already sent his personal data and photo to your phone."

Lin Xin Cheng maintained her call as she opened her phone's screen to look at the picture sent by Steward Uncle.

The youth in the photo was wearing a plain white T—shirt, washed white jeans, and a head of black hair that covered his sword—like eyebrows.

Right! It was this cold face that had warmed her whole world two years ago.

Once again, he picked up the phone and placed it by his ear: "Right, that's him, Steward Uncle, help me settle the procedures, I want to return home."

"But for the old master..."

"I don't care. If I want to return home, no one can stop me."

She hung up the phone in a willful manner.

Two days later, a plane from New York to the A City landed on time.

The young girl pulling the silver suitcase wore a blue waist dress and sunglasses that covered her seductive and delicate face.

She had brown hair that reached her waist, fair skin, a standard oval face, and pink lips that were adorned with pink. She was wearing a pair of eight—centimeter high heels as she clattered towards the exit.

Wherever he walked past, he would leave behind a field of gazes.

The carriage sent by the Steward Uncle was already waiting at the exit. Lin Xin Cheng waved towards the Steward Uncle, who she had not seen for two years, and quickly rushed over.

"Miss, long time no see. Welcome back."

Steward Uncle bowed respectfully and took the initiative to move her luggage into the trunk.

"Steward Uncle, it's been two years since we last met. Have you become handsome?" Lin Xin Cheng blinked her eyes at Steward Uncle, then opened the door and sat down.

The butler was embarrassed from the praise. He was already in his thirties or forties, how could he withstand such praise?

"Miss, you must be joking. Miss, are you in the wrong seat?" The dull—witted butler finally reacted.

Lin Xin Cheng rolled down the window, and a hand came out to wave goodbye to the butler: "There isn't any, Steward Uncle, I'm supposed to be sitting in the driver's seat, so let me ride on this car for a while, you think of a way to go back."

"Woosh ~ ~ ~"

The car started up and rushed out like a gust of wind.

The steward pouted and patted his forehead.

How could he still be tricked like this? As long as xiaojie praised him as handsome, his car would definitely be robbed, and he was no exception.