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Fascinating Trouble Beauties

Fascinating Trouble Beauties


He, named Tyron Lu, was an unknown and playful driver, one of his great enjoyments was flirting with girls, like the hot policewomen, pure secretary, as well as his second to none gorgeous boss, Lily Su. It was hard to imagine that he was also a formidable fighter who led an underground special force. Coincidentally, he even conquered his ideal woman, Lily Su who was a well-known Icy Beauty. Even though she had so many suitors from the upper class, but none of them had ever won her heart. However, the first man she had slept was Tyron Lu, her driver. “Life is a miracle. Somehow, I became her first man.”He scratched his head and looked at the bright red flower blooming in the white sheet. However, as his fighter identity being revealed, more and more beauties came to his side.
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"Tyron Lu, what's wrong with you? You've been working for just 15 days, but you're late for 13 times!"

In the office, Eileen Wang severely reprimanded Tyron Lu in front of her.

Eileen Wang was the manager of the Phoenix Group. Her face was not particularly outstanding, but it was very attractive.

The most attractive thing about her was her figure, which was very curvy!

Especially today, she was wearing a tight black dress. The fabric on her chest and buttocks was tight, as if it could crack at any time.

Because of her anger, her chest moved ups and down, which was particularly attractive.

"Wow, beautiful!" Tyron Lu couldn't help but praise!

"What did you say?" Eileen Wang was stunned at first, then she was furious. "Tyron Lu, what are you looking at?"

Eileen Wang almost covered her chest with her hands.

Tyron Lu's eyes looked at her as if she was naked!

"It would be a waste if I do not look at it!" Tyron Lu muttered, "Besides, it won't be smaller by my look!"

"B*stard!" Eileen Wang was so angry that her face was red and her whole body was shaking.

She was recognized as the hardhearted Queen of Hell in the company. The staff did not dare to breathe when they saw her. Now this b*stard dared to openly comment on her figure!

"Tyron Lu, you're fired!"

"Fired? No? I just gave you a few glimpses and was fired? Is there any justice?" Tyron Lu felt greatly wronged.

"Get out of here!" Eileen Wang was almost mad.

"Fine! Anyway, I am done with my looking." Tyron Lu whistled at Eileen Wang and turned around with a smile and walked away.

Tyron Lu worked as a driver in the Phoenix Group. Like the other five or six drivers, he was responsible for the transportation work of clients and goods.

Eileen Wang was staring at Tyron Lu's back when her phone suddenly rang.

"Hello, President, this is Eileen Wang. What? you want to use a car? Now? Okay!"

"Tyron Lu, you come back!", Eileen Wang hung up the phone, yelled to the one who already was in the doorway with a little hesitation.

"You order about me as you pleased, I say that is a bully from a high position!" Tyron Lu turned back and said.

Eileen Wang really wanted to rush forward and kill this b*stard.

"The President's driver is on a temporary leave, but she needs to use the car now. The other drivers are all off work. You do it!"

"No! I'm fired!" Tyron Lu shook his head immediately.

Eileen Wang took a deep breath and said, "I'll take back my expelling order now!"

"It's a big taboo for the company to change orders at will. You take orders like a child's play. Is it fare for the company?" Tyron Lu said very seriously.

Eileen Wang's eyes lit up.

"Are you going to do it or not?"

"OK!" Tyron Lu looked back at Eileen Wang's chest and grinned, "As long as you tell me, is your chest natural or artificial?"

"I'll kill you, you b*stard! Don't run, stop!" Eileen Wang swore for the first time in her life.

In front of the office building of Phoenix Group, Lily Su was on the verge of madness.

"Eileen Wang, why hasn't the car arrived yet? Tyron Lu? Give me his phone number, I'll find him myself!"

She planned to visit her customers. This was a large order worth more than 10 billion yuan.

The driver Eileen Wang arranged had not arrived yet. The phone couldn't get through. There were only fifteen minutes left from the appointed time with her client!

The Phoenix Group had a profit of hundreds of millions yuan each year. In the past two years, it was regarded as the most promising company in Sunny City.

What was even more fascinating was that Lily Su, the president who created the legend of Phoenix Group, had a good figure and a beautiful face.

She was called Icy Beauty,the most beautiful lady in Suny City,who had countless suitors.

She did not show any mercy to any pursuer and directly refused all of them.

This also made more people more desirable for her. They hoped to conquer this arrogant "phoenix" and win both wealth and beauty.

At this time, a violent roar suddenly came from the distance.

Amid the amazement of passers-by, more than 20 latest Ferrari cars rushed forward and stopped in a line not far from Lily Su.

Dozens of staff quickly got off the car, each holding a bunch of roses. In a moment, they formed a big heart-shaped pattern in front of Lily Su!

The heart formed by 99999 roses!

Among the crowd, a graceful man in a white suit walked out slowly and looked at Lily Su across the rose heart.

He made a smile that he thought was the most attractive, and slowly knelt down on one knee.

"Lily, meeting you is my life's fortune; falling in love with you is my life's happiness; missing you will be my life's regret! Now I have to tell you loudly: I love you! Lily, be my girlfriend, okay?"

A grand love confession!

All the women present screamed at the same time. If there was a man who was willing to do this for them, they will throw herself on him immediately and give him her body with honor!

"Oh my god, that's the only son of the chairman of the Dragon Group! Steven Zheng, one of the Four Great Rich Princesses Charming in the Sunny City!"

Someone recognized him, which immediately caused a cry of surprise.

The screams and exclamations around made Steven Zheng's smile more confident.

He didn't believe that any woman could refuse such romance, even if it was Lily Su, the so-called Icy Goddess.

This time, he was determined to win Lily Su!

At this moment, a Porsche Cayenne passed through the crowd and rushed over, directly crushing the 99999 roses.

With a very natural and unrestrained brake, the Cayenne directly stopped in front of Lily Su.

Tyron Lug jumped out of the car and explained while wiping his sweat, "I'm sorry, boss. After eating a meal, I took a pee and wasted some time. Am I late?"

The Cayenne came and went in a flash speed. When everyone regained consciousness, what they saw was only the crushed rose heart, and Steven Zheng, who was still kneeling on one knee and stunned.

Lily Su, who was sitting in the back row, wanted to laugh but could not. Her heart ached for holding up the laugh. What a pity to the crushed roses.

Looking at Tyron Lu who was driving while wiping his sweat, Lily Su's mouth curved unconsciously.

She was ready to forgive this guy for being late.

But then, she found that she had made a huge mistake.

"Boss, what makes you laugh so happily? Tell me and let me share your happiness." Tyron Lu grinned at the rearview mirror. He looked at Lily Su's face for a few seconds. She was really a stunner.

"Nothing special, concentrate on driving!" Lily Su regained her indifference and said blandly.

"Haha! Well, I've gotten a joke, wanna hear it?" Tyron Lu said with great interest.

Lily Su was speechless. Looking at his cheerful look, she was not hardhearted enough to refuse. "Go ahead."

"But, but my joke is a little bit dirty. Do you mind?" Tyron Lu looked like a little awkward.

Lily Su, who was in the back row, was speechless again. "Then skip the dirty part."

"Good! Then I'll start! skip, skip, skip, finish!"


"Why don't I tell you a more funny one?" Tyron Lu said with joy.

"Do your job well! drive the car to Chrystal Club within ten minutes,!" Lily Su said coldly. It would be terrible if others knew that she was listening to a driver's dirty jokes.

"Ten minutes? Are you sure? It's okay for my strong body, but I'm afraid that you can't stand it!" Tyron Lu scratched his head and said.

"What are you talking about?!" Lily Su said coldly. This driver was too absurd. How dare he be so rude in front of her!

"Boss, don't do me wrong. I did not refer to what you are thinking! About that thing, I can hold on for at least an hour!" Tyron Lu explained seriously.


Lily Su overturned all her previous good impression of this guy. She suppressed her anger and said, "In ten minutes. If you can arrive, your salary will be doubled. If you can't, no need for you to come to work anymore!"

She deliberately made things difficult for Tyron Lu as a warning to his ill behavior. It would take at least half an hour to get from here to Chrystal Club, even if there was no traffic jam on the way.

"Whoosh! Bang!"

As soon as she finished speaking,Tyron Lu stepped the gas pedal to the bottom.

The Cayenne rushed out like a rocket. Lily Su, who was unprepared, banged her head against the seat behind her and bounced back. She had a good suffering of crashes.

Then, the Cayenne ran on the street of Sunny City at the fastest speed, stopping, shaking tail, surpassing, and even making a 180 degrees drift at a crossroad.

Lily Su covered her mouth and got off the car. She ran to the trash can next to her and began to vomit.

"Nine and a half minutes! Boss, don't I have a good driving skill? Don't forget to raise my salary!" Tyron Lu asked for reward, unaware of his danger.

Thinking that the client was waiting, Lily Su decided to endure first. She would fire this guy directly tomorrow!

He must be fired!

While thinking, she walked to the door of the Chrystal Club.

"Boss, wait a minute!"

Tyron Lu ran after her again. "Your hair is in a mess, your clothes are dirty, and your bra is crooked! Hey, boss, do you want me to tidy it up for you? Don't go so fast, wait for me!"

The exquisite courtyard of Chrystal Club was decorated like a palace.

"Chad Zhang? Why are you here?"

After pushing the door and entering, Lily Su recognized the man sitting on the sofa at a glance.

He was in his twenties, handsome, and his eyes were full of arrogance.

Like Steven Zheng, Chad Zhang, one of the Four Great Rich Princess Charming, was the eldest son of the president of Tennix Group, whose family background was as strong as Steven Zheng's.

He was also one of Lily Su's pursuers.

Chad Zhang was a typical playboy. It was said that his hobby was to play with women, especially student girls.

He spent a lot of money on seducing women and kicked them away after playing. Last year, there was a female student who was pregnant and threw herself off the building.

"Lily, here you are! Sit down!" Glancing at Lily Su, Chad Zhang swallowed hard and laughed.

"Where is President Wang of the Charlex Group?" Lily Su frowned and asked. She made an appointment with him to negotiate about an agent export project worthy ten billion yuan.

"Haha, Mr. Wang has something to do for the time being, but he has told me that I will take full charge of this business," Chad Zhang said with a smile.

"Then I won't do this business!" Lily Su turned around to leave.

Chad Zhang, who was sitting on the sofa, smiled and said, "Lily, we need to separate feelings from business. It's a big order of ten billion yuan. Don't be emotional! Come and sit down. We only talk about business and don't talk about feelings today."

"Chad Zhang, if you dare to play tricks, don't blame me for being angry with you!" Lily Su hesitated for a moment and finally sat down on the sofa.

She really needed this order, for Phoenix Group and for herself.

"I won't, promise I won't! Come on, let's have a toast before we talk about business. I wish our cooperation can be successful! By the way, I got it from Chateau Mouton-Rothschild in France. This bottle costs a hundred thousand dollars!"

Chad Zhang smiled and opened a bottle of delicate red wine in front of him.