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Alpha's Housekeeper

Alpha's Housekeeper



After saving her from a fatal accident, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face close to his and licked her bleeding lips, "You knew I love babies and desire to have them. Yet, you dared to keep the news from me and leave my house with my baby in your womb. Aurora Collins, you'll be punished for the crime." He combined their lips in a toe-curling kiss, leaving her numb. ~~~ Damien Hunter was a billionaire alpha, who was rising in the business world. Aurora Collins— Aura for him, was his ever so impressive human housekeeper. She did everything as per his expectations and met his needs — except... His desires. Wanna read more? Hop in the story with us.
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Chapter 1


Alpha's mansion,

“The ivory vase should go in the drawing room, it should contain lavender flowers. The metal vase with tulips below Alpha's portrait in the drawing room, and the azure urn vase on the table by the side of his bedroom door with black roses.

The golden woman sculpture at the staircase side. The paintings bought in auctions should be hung in the drawing-room…. And, hmm, everything looks fine." Aurora put a right tick at the last pointer in the checklist she was holding as she examined the mansion carefully with her tired eyes.

"So, it's all done, right?" One of the servants who was helping her set the huge abode as per the Alpha's demands asked her, to which she nodded in agreement, and they shared a victorious smile.

Well, they have all been working tirelessly for seven days as their Alpha, Damien Hunter, would be arriving in three days. Everything has to be ready by then.

Aurora had been busy throughout the day and working without any break, yet the white knee length dress she wore made her look gorgeous, though it was slightly dirty from the hem. It was hugging her body perfectly and her messy hair that became messy due to non stop work suited her attire. Her coworkers grinned at her softly as they admired her wary smile.

Her hair was kohl-black and it flowed over her shoulders. She had honey sweet lips. They were lilac soft. Her eyebrows were slender and eyelashes velvety and thick. She had sea-nymph ears and a dainty nose. Aurora was loved for her bubbly outlook and warm smile that she always wore. With an hourglass figure, and rapture blue eyes, she made everyone's heart flutter whenever they set their gazes on her.

"The menu for the party looks fine. Not to forget the wine list!" She directed to the senior chef who was also standing beside her with other servants.

The chefs were from Korea from Alpha Chriswoo's pack, Xiao. They were called for this grand party Alpha Damien was organising for celebrating his success. Although he is a heartthrob bachelor, he is the CEO of 'Hunter Enterprises' a billion dollar company that he built on his own, from a young age. And just a few days ago, Alpha signed a mind blowing deal which is said to be bringing the Alpha's company with millions of dollars of profit that has never been earned till now.

"Yes, Ms. Collins, it is taken care of. The wine is coming from the alpha's favorite supplier. Rest assured." Her reverie was broken by the senior chef.

Having come back to the present, she passed them a grin of a thousand volts, expressing her excitement toward their hard work and said, "Glad to hear that. I think we are free to go back to our chambers and catch some breath of relief! Let's meet at the dining table then." They greeted each other with wise smiles and warm pats on the back and other informal ways of expressing their exhaustion and left for their particular chambers in the servants quarter while Aurora wended her way to her room.

She was given a comfy nice room which was close to Alpha Damein's.

She had just opened the door of her room when she suddenly remembered her last encounter with Alpha Damien before he was leaving for Paris.

Working as a housekeeper for the ever so desired, 28 years old Damien Hunter, the alpha of Black Spear Pack, one of the most powerful packs in the world, for the past 3 years has been a pride for her until a month ago— when she made the awful mistake of giving herself to him!

Aah... She should never have!!!

A month ago when Alpha Damien had come back from Geneva from a business trip, he had looked tired and weary.

The day was finely bright and Aurora was helping him in his bedroom.

"I am ready to leave her, Aura. It's over now as I am honestly done with her. She always wants to get physical with me and envies any woman I encounter. Her insecurities are the cause behind this decision of mine." Alpha Damien had shared with her about his girlfriend who he was in live-in-relationship with for several weeks.

His mate died two months after they met. She had some serious illness that got the better of her. From what Aura have heard, Alpha Damien loved her more than his own life and her death left him heartbroken and heartless at the same time. It had happened when he was twenty years old and after that he never took a serious interest in any other woman.

"I am thinking of sending her an imported diamond bracelet as a consolation gift. Do you think that'll convince her to leave me, Aura??" He had asked her when she was busy helping him with his coat.

Honestly she had wanted to dance like crazy as she was happy with this news. She's always had a crush on Alpha Damien but his long list of girlfriends and unnamed relationships held her back. Also the fact that she was just an orphan housekeeper at his house.

But that day she was amused since Alpha was going to break his not-so-beautiful relationship with his girlfriend, Ginny Williams.

She was on cloud nine!!!

"Umm I feel like she would definitely understand you and would accept the breakup, Alpha." She replied to him.

He narrowed his eyes, looked suspiciously at her and asked, "Why do you think so? And what makes you think that Ginny is a nice woman who would easily let her alpha lover go? That Alpha lover who is gaining more and more popularity day by day in business land, also because of whom she can grow even famous in the modelling industry."

Ginny was a model. She was not famous until she caught alpha's eyes, and after they came out as a couple, her popularity in the industry increased and everyone started recognizing her. Now every second company wanted to work with Ginny Williams. It has happened only because of alpha. One can see the consequences of leaving alpha would not only bring her a downfall but also a controversial end in the glamour world.

"I think so because there's no way a faulty relationship will survive when one of the two partners is not happy with it. It will gradually demolish." Aura had reasoned, he still smiled unconvinced.

So to convince him, she added, "If that doesn't sound appealing then should I say that you're an alpha and nobody can disagree with your orders! Eventually Ms. Williams will have to take it as well."

"Perhaps you're right, Aura." He'd said with a grin and smirked at her, intending to say that she had learnt quite a lot about him in these three years.

That's kind of true, she knew everything about him. From what he likes to his dislikes— She knew them all, given that she worked more like his personal assistant than the Housekeeper of his house in the beginning days of her job.

She was busy buttoning his coat whereas he kept on smirking. Aurora felt her cheeks going all red as he was staring continuously at her and she found it next to impossible to breathe as the atmosphere was getting all hot— Just like him!

Once she was done, she had quickly turned around to get him his cell phone when she realised that he held her wrist and the next thing he did was pull her with a force that she crashed with his well built chest. He slid his right hand under her waist and pulled her hell close to him, that her chest was a clear view to his lusty eyes.

He looked at Aurora's curves as her breaths were fast and unevenly deep. Her chest was going up and down in a rhythm making him smile at the look of it. His touch was a torture too as it was affecting her badly.

She had lowered her gaze as she was feeling uncomfortable with his fixed eyes on her, and kept her hands resting on his chest.

Sensing her uneasiness, he closed his eyes and joined their foreheads together whilst inhaling Aurora's scent slowly yet sexily!

They kept standing in that position for a long time. Neither of them spoke as they were busy feeling each other as much as they could. This was not the first time that they were sharing such a position yet it was rare. Hence, they stood there silently in each other's arms. She believed she was not the only one yearning for his attention!

"Be honest with me, Aura," He broke the silence by calling her by the nickname Aura. No one used to call her Aura except for her parents. And after their Demise, It is only Alpha Damien who addresses her with the nickname.

"Never have you ever felt anything for me?, I mean, it's... It's been three years since you're here with me living under the same roof and you've always seen me with infinite girls. I have always been the centre of attention... And girls just go crazy in my presence. No matter where we are, they just want me. "

He had taken a pause, his eyes still closed, "Despite all these, don't you feel anything toward me— like anything? You know me like nobody knows. Even better than my parents. So, don't you ever feel like being with Me?" He had asked, making her skin freeze.