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Can't Let It Go

Can't Let It Go


Being just an illegitimate daughter, Mia was forced by her father to marry a man nine years older than her for her family business. Her husband Alfred was of noble birth, destined to be surrounded by upper-class people under the spotlight. Life after marriage was dull like water. They lived under the same roof as strangers. He seemed never to care about her. However, anyone who wanted to hurt her would fall into disrepute and reap what he had sowed. He even refused his father’s order to divorce by announcing Mia was his wife. His ardent love for her, however, had attracted others' hatred. Seeing the insurmountable gap between them, Mia was backed to the corner. "We can still be friends even after we get divorced!" He hugged her tightly and said, "How can I be a friend with the woman who I fell in love at first sight!"
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At 5 p.m., Mia Qiao took a taxi to Qiao's mansion at No. 8, Yunjin road. As soon as she entered the gate, she saw a red Porsche parked in the yard, with a ribbon on the front of it. It must be a 20th birthday gift for the little princess of Qiao Family. Thinking of the news that Qiao Family had an economic crisis before, she could not help sneering.

Entering the house, several domestic servants are busy inside and outside, preparing for Ann Qiao's birthday dinner. Seeing Mia coming up, Mrs.Zhang, who was a servant, hurried to welcome her and said with a smile, "Miss, you are back!"

Mia nodded and looked around before asking, "Where are my father and Aunt Jessie?"

Auntie Zhang didn't say anything but pointed to the second floor. Mia frowned and found that there was a noise upstairs.

As she walked up the stairs, the noise became clearer. The door of Ann's room was half-closed, and Mia looked inside through the gap...

"I don't care. You are lying to me. You said that Mr. Xi is a 30 years old man with a beer belly and a bald head. I saw him today, but he is not!"

Ann cried desperately. She recalled that at the 80th anniversary of the school this morning, the president of Hengtai Corp., as a special guest, came to the stage to make a speech. She couldn't believe that the man was what her parents said.

The man was tall, handsome and charming. Most importantly, he would become the successor of the Xi Family, and he would have hundreds of millions of family property.

"Why do you want to marry Mia to him? Why not me? She is just an illegitimate daughter..." Ann looked at her parents, and her face was full of unwillingness.

"You silly child, we're doing this for your own good!" Jessie Fu sat next to her daughter and wiped her tears.

"How can you do this for my good? In your eyes, I'm not even as good as that illegitimate daughter!" Ann pushed his mother away angrily. Jessie staggered and almost fell.

"Enough?" Seeing his daughter throwing a tantrum, Andrew Qiao could no longer bear it and shouted, "You are too young to understand everything. Shouldn't we plan for you?"

Ann was about to refute, but Jessie stopped her. "Ann, don't make trouble. I'm not afraid to tell you that the marriage between the Qiao Family and the Xi Family won't last long!"

Andrew looked at Ann, who was confused, and said slowly, "Although our two families have a marriage contract, now the Xis have already high above our station. Mia won't have a good life after she gets married. Moreover, Mr. Xi is very shrewd. He won't be easily pinned down by anyone. He promised to marry, but refused to make it public, just to be respectful to his father and not to disobey him. But his old father..."

Speaking of this, Andrew couldn't help but sigh. "I have already inquired from the private doctor of the Xi Family that his father can live for another two years at most. At that time, Mr. Xi will kick our Qiao Family away easily!"

Hearing this, Ann was stunned and gasped. "Dad, do you mean..."

Andrew shook his head and continued to say, "You are still young. There are some things that you can't see through. I don't blame you. Remember, never tell anyone else what I've told you, or it will do no good to our family!"

He didn't forget that it was Xi's financial support that helped him solve his previous economic crisis.

"Yes, my dear, be considerate. In the future, we will definitely find you a young talent with a good appearance and a strong family background, which is better than being a deserted woman of Xi Family!" Jessie quickly echoed. Her baby daughter must be married with dignity, how can she live a nameless life?

Mia stood outside the door and felt completely disappointed. Although she could bear the bully and oppress of the Qiao's mother and daughter over the years, when she heard about her biological father's scheme against her, the last fantasy she had about this family was shattered into pieces.