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My Sweet Sweet Wife

My Sweet Sweet Wife


William Mo, the young master and the successor of Mos Group, was famous in Shengzhou city. There was a rumor that he had no interest in women. His characteristics of being stone-hearted, ruthless and scheming made him a horrible legend among his business rivals. However, when he got married, William Mo became a loving husband, which made everyone shocked. He was willing to show his love to his newly-wed wife Winnie Luo. Anyone who dared try to hurt Winnie Luo would be "exterminated" mercilessly by William Mo. It seemed Winnie Luo would lead a happy life ever after. But some people suspected William Mo's love for Winnie Luo was not sincere, and it wouldn't take long for them to divorce. A recent interview about William Mo might break the suspicion. "Mr. Mo, what is the proudest thing of your life?" said the host. "Making Winnie Luo become the hostess of my house is my honor," said William Mo calmly. "We have heard that your position at home is super low. Will you consider to change the situation?" said the host. "I enjoy it. It's none of your business," said William Mo. "Even when she had affair with someone others?" asked the host curiously. "WTF? Now, you wait. I'm going home and teach her a lesson." William Mo's face darkened instantly.
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"Oh, no ..."

"Let me go ..."

Winnie Luo tried her best, but she still couldn't push the man who dragged her.

She was thrown into a big bed without gentleness, and then she smelled an unpleasant smell of sweat.

"Baby, don't worry, I would treat you gently, hey hey ..."

Winnie Luo grabbed the vase on the bedside table and threw it on the man's head.

However, she missed it.

"Bitch, dare to hit me!" The man was angry.

"I tell you, today you can't escape it! Even if you break throat shout, no one can save you! "

"You'd better obey me and thus you would suffer less!"

"No ..."

She was afraid and could not help struggling, but her strength was getting weaker and weaker.

There seems to be a fire running around her body, burning and devouring her sanity, trying to pull her into a bottomless abyss.

What's wrong with her?

However, with one more drink at the coming-age-ceremony, how did it become like this?

Just when she was on the verge of despair, there was a huge sound of kicking the door, accompanied by a painful cry, and the stress on her suddenly disappeared.


"Who are you? Dare to disturb me!"


Another cry.

"Give him a hard hit!" The domineering and cold voice is like a king's order to frighten people.

Winnie Luo did not know what had happened because her consciousness had been destroyed and blurred.

She was wrapped by a large coat and then strong arms.

A clear smell exclusively to the man flowed into the nasal cavity, with noble cologne taste and light tobacco taste, which was very pleasant when mixed together.

She clutched the man's skirt. The inexplicable sense of security finally let her relax and her consciousness was completely lost.

The man looked at the woman. She was rubbing in his arms like a furry little pet. The little hot hand slowly climbed up his muscular chest,making him feel tight.

"Little thing, be careful."

The cool voice sounded in her ears, as if the sound of a cello, deep, mellow, sexy and pleasant.

"I ..."

"I feel so hot, so uncomfortable ..."

She wanted to open her eyes to see who saved her. But only a handsome angular face and black eyes like midnight could be seen in the hazy sight.

"Hot ... can you save me?"

Her broken voice, charm and tantalizing.

The man did not answer her, just holding her and strode away.

Winnie Luo did not know where she had been taken and her memory floated intermittently.

She can't stand the hot, so her cherry red lip was slightly open, groping, and finally on the man's pinched thin lips.

His lip ...

Cold and soft.

It seems like the spring, bubbling and flowing into Winnie Luo's hot and dry body along the lip they cling to.

"Well ..."

She let out a low voice.

She ogled him. And she still had a little delicate face which is childlike. At this moment, her cheeks were red, like poppies in full bloom, with deadly charm.

"My little one, you should pay for your naughty!" The man dodged her lips and her voice was unusually heavy.

She was a little bit angry.

"Brother, James, I want to eat ..."

As soon as the word came out, it was obvious that the air around him became more colder.

She couldn't help shuddering, her hot body pressed closer to the man's cold arms.

"Very comfortable..."

She wrapped herself around the man's strong body, and her little hands swam around his strong muscles.

At last, the man was unable to control himself, and his whole body tightened even harder.

But this little one actually regarded him as another man!

Looking down at the little one who tore his shirt, his handsome face was hideous, and the dark eyes was filled with layers of hot waves that could not be suppressed.

He glanced at the clock in the luxurious room, the hour hand pointing to 12 o'clock at midnight.

"My little one, you are eighteen years old."

The man rolled over, overwhelming Winnie Luo on the big soft bed, and the domineering kiss came strongly ...

Once again the man's pleasant voice appeared in her ear.

"Remember, your man's name is William Mo."

"Ah ..."

William Mo did not let Winnie Luo off until it was misty and bright.

She sank into a weak sleep.

He turned over, took a bath and put on his clothes.

Sam Rong's voice came from outside the door.

"William, what about that punk?"

William Mo's eyes immediately became cold like swords, and his deep eyes were full of murderous look.

"Throw him into the mountains to feed the wolves."

Dare to touch his woman, this absolutely be seek dead!


William Mo looked back at the little woman who was asleep in bed.

Her petite body was deeply trapped in the dark blue quilt, and her delicate skin was covered with a layer of light pink after joy, which was more charming and lovely and aroused people's pity.

William Mo lowered his head and dropped a gentle kiss on her smooth forehead.

"My little one, waiting for me to come back."