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Love You to the Bones

Love You to the Bones


Short Copywriting: Lily couldn't stop others from hurting her unborn child. Just because she is the daughter of a nanny, and she fell in love with the young master who is beyond her reach. When she felt his tenderness, she could even abandon her dignity as long as she could stay with him. But what she didn't expect was that the man she loved deeply asked her to donate a kidney for saving his ex-girlfriend while she had pregnant for eight months! "You’d better leave after the operation." He said coldly. "Why? I love you so deeply, but why do you want me and our child dead?"
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"No! I don't want it! I don't want surgery! "

A woman with a bulged tummy was kneeling at the door of the hospital operating room. Her hair was untidy and she looked sad.

The woman in front of her stooped slightly, reaching out and twisting her chin. "You don't have to do it, but do you think you have the right to refuse?"

"Nolan Jiang, I'm eight months pregnant, if the operation is done now, the child will die!"

Lily Yu grabbed Nolan Jiang's bottom of trouser-legs and tears rolled down her cheeks. "Wait two more months, please... After the baby is born, I will donate my kidney to Winnie Mo as soon as possible! Nolan Jiang, I'm begging you. Otherwise, I'll die, and so will the baby... "

Nolan Jiang pressed his lips together and looked cold. He glanced at the bodyguards who standing at the end of the corridor, with his eyes were cold with awe. "You pushed Winnie downstairs, causing her to lie unconscious in hospital," he said. "You need to trade your life for her."

Lily Yu, as pale as a sheet, shook her head desperately: "No, I didn't push Winnie Mo, it was her..."

"Shut up!" Nolan Jiang, who nearly crumbles at the appearance of Lily Yu, tried his best to ignore the heartache and reluctance, turning all the tenderness into a sword in his mouth.

"Lily Yu, why are you so vicious and so mean now? In order to be the madam of the Jiangs, you really do whatever it takes! Tell you now, even if this bastard is mine, I can't marry you! So, you don't want to take advantage of your child. How could I possibly let you, a mean woman, give birth for me? You don't deserve it! "

"I don't deserve it, yes, I don't deserve it..." Lily Yu muttered and sat paralyzed on the floor.

She knew she didn't deserve it.

When she knew she was pregnant, she hid in her rented apartment for eight months and was afraid to leave the house. She didn't even go for a checkup. She knew she wasn't good enough for Nolan Jiang, so she kept the pregnancy a secret. She was afraid that he would force her to abort.

Unexpectedly, even with so much caution, she still felt into the trap of Winnie Mo. And now she was brought to the hospital and was about to lose her baby...... Suddenly, Lily Yu burst out laughing and her face full of tears.

She stopped kneeling and stood up, staring at Nolan Jiang: "I knew I wasn't good enough for you, and I never thought I could marry you. But the baby's yours, really yours... There is no other man, no adulterer. I only have you all the way! Nolan Jiang, the baby is innocent, if you must use my child's life to trade for Winnie Mo's, so be it... When I go to hell, I will curse you and Winnie Mo for life! "

As she spoke, she bowed her head, stroked her tummy, and whispered, "Baby, daddy doesn't need us, mum takes you out of this world..."

Looking at her, Nolan Jiang was confused, as if his heart had been pinched in a hand.

He came forward to wipe away the falling tears for Lily Yu, but she looked like a frightened rabbit. Lily Yu took a step back and said, "Don't touch me!"

But the bodyguards think she was going to run because of her actions, two black men of them rushed over from the end of the corridor and held her arm together to against her action. What they said was also inhuman and frightening: "If you want to run, we'll lock you out and tie you to the operating table!"

"Loose me!" Lily Yu screamed.

Two bodyguards held her badly, and absolutely still.

Her back was strained, the whole body bowed down and her tummy was under great pressure. She tried to struggle, but it didn't work. Her face grew paler and paler, and beads of sweat oozing from her forehead. If not the last shred of dignity, Lily Yu felt that she almost paralyzed on the ground.

"Let her go." The voice of Nolan Jiang was heavy.

"Master Jiang, if she runs away, we'll be sorry for lady Mo."

Nolan Jiang gave them a cold glance and his sharp eyes as if a knife had been cut into the bodyguards' body. The bodyguards shuddered at and let go.

Lily Yu got free, stretched out a hand to protect her abdomen, and bit her lips hard. She stared at Nolan Jiang, lips opened and closed, but finally did not say anything.

When she stood up instead of going into the operating room, the bodyguards reached out and tried to take her.

Upon seeing so, Nolan Jiang stepped forward and pinched her wrist.

"Get out!" Nolan Jiang's hand was thrown away by Lily Yu, and she opened her mouth with scorn. "I won't run away. You sent me to hell, Nolan Jiang. I will remember that, and I will never forget it for the rest of my life! "

With that, she shuffled slowly toward the operating room. Her back looked so decisive. To her, this corridor which is less than five meters long seemed to be a path to hell.