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365 Ways to Love My Wife

365 Ways to Love My Wife


She, Angel, was the princess of the most wealthy family in the city. He, Sunny, was the prince of the most powerful family in the city. They were a perfect match, in every way. So they engaged. She had a best friend named Tina, Angel introduced Tina to Sunny. But Angel didn't know Tina and Sunny had actually been dating a long time ago behind her back. In order to get rid of Angel and cancel the engagement between the two families. Tina planned a frame, she drugged Angel in a masquerade ball and sent her to sleep with a stranger, set up the reporters to catch her cheating on the scene the next morning. The scandal caused the death of Angel's parents. Angel wanted to commit suicide, but she found herself pregnant...in the meantime, she learned the truth of her bestie and boyfriend's betrayal. She decided to revenge...
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There was a glimmer of light on the horizon. A red sun was eager to try to step out. Naughty leaps rushed out of the bondage and brightened the sky a little.

The morning light came in through the curtains and shone on the man and women sleeping in the big bed, lining out the charming room.

The man's eyelids moved, his eyes opened and he looked blankly at the ceiling. The weight of his arms lowerer his eyes. He looked at the woman who was in his arms. The woman was wearing a mask of beauty, her eyes closed and she slept soundly.

Memories of last night poured in like a flood. The annual masquerade ball is the biggest event in the city. Elites from all walks of life gathered together and reveled all night wearing masks, making countless lovers and several romantic affair.

William Clark has always had no love for such occasions, but last night he was so hospitable that he was brought over by his friends. The atmosphere was so romantic that he somehow, unexpectedly ...

His brow wrinkled up, resolutely pushed the woman in his arms away, got out of bed and dressed, his eyes rested on the white sheets, and a touch of blood like red plum in snow, gorgeous and impressive.

William Clark picked his eyebrows accidentally and drew a cheque from his wallet and put it on the pillow.

After taking two steps, William Clark turned and walked to the bed. His slender and powerful right hand reached over and landed on the mask. He paused for two seconds. His hand shrank back, his mouth was hooked and he smiled wryly.

Who cares who she is, what does it matter to him?

He quietly walked out, the room number 609 on the door of the three figures dim, sending out a faint smell.

Not long after he left, the woman on the bed turned over and the white sheet fell to the ground, revealing tender skin as white as a lamb, with green and purple marks on the skin, especially striking.

Her skin came into contact with the cold air, and tiny pimples started to appear. The woman's eyes were opened with a cry of melody. Where is this?

The pain of the body made Angel Wen frown slightly. Strange, is this a hotel? Tina's room?

Angel Wen only remembered that she had drunk a cocktail handed over by Tina ... the memory behind was vague ... she only remembered that it was very hot and she clung to the man tightly ...

Man? Her face changed greatly and she sat up fiercely, aching and sour all over, like being run over by a tank.

Angel Wen looked at her body and was dumbfounded. The shocking bruises spread all over every inch of skin, shocking.

Her face was completely pale and she couldn't believe it. Her lips trembled and tears rolled down her face. Oh my God, what's going on?

Last night she took the initiative to come to her fiance Sunny Ten for peace. The two had been at odds for more than half a month. She could not hold on any longer.

She really loves Sunny Ten!

The two were both children of celebrities in the city. They knew each other from an early age. They had been friends since childhood. They began to associate with each other in college. They were engaged in junior year and were waiting for her to hold a wedding after graduating from college.

Recently something happened. They were not happy. After a long cold war, she regretted it and came to the masquerade ball at the suggestion of her best friend.

Because the Teng family is the initiator and organizer of the masquerade party. As the only son of the Teng family, Sunny Ten will definitely attend!

Her head was blank and she was trembling all over. Even though she didn't understand, she knew what had happened last night.

No! No, no, no!

As soon as she turned to see the check, a million? This is ...

Such as a heavy hammer blow her head, her eyes were black and she was completely collapsed.

Her hands were trembling, she put on her clothes, took off the task and hold in hands, rushed out stumbling. She was completely disorganized. Her heart was fluttering and cold all over her body.

She was lost in her mind, wandering around in all directions without any direction. She turned several times before finding the elevator at the exit.

A group of reporters appeared from the place which was unknown and surrounded her with cameras. The magnesium lights flashed and filmed her mess.

The questions raised and came to her one by one dropped like bombs, "Miss Wen, I heard you checked in with someone last night. I don't know who the other person is?"

"Miss Wen, you have always been a good girl. The public image is perfect. I didn't expect you to be such a person."

"Miss Wen, you have a fiance, how can you do such a thing? Have you ever thought about Mr. Ten's feelings? "

"Mr. Ten is such an outstanding man, what else are you dissatisfied with?"

Some people directly scolded, "Skittish b*tch, the Wens's education is too poor."

"How many times have cheat on Mr. Ten? Is the feeling of cheating particularly exciting? "

Harsh word never stops. Like hundreds of sharp arrows pierced Angel Wen's heart with blood dripping. She shook her head desperately. "I didn't, I didn't."

Her clothes were disheveled, her hair was scattered, and her cheeks were still flushed with joy. She looked like she was fooling around all night in people's eye.

A female reporter rushed over and skillfully lifted Angel Wen's collar, revealing traces of stains or spots.

There was a boiling, all excited blood boiling, like playing chicken blood.

"You didn't cheat on Mr. Ten? What is this? "

The flashlight covered her face, Angel Wen was ashamed, covered her face and screamed in panic. "Don't take pictures, don't take pictures."