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In That Beautiful Summer

In That Beautiful Summer


“So this is the reason why you flirt with another man today? At the lounge of our wedding site?”
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In the wedding backcourt of the hotel,

Bard Lu walked into the dressing room, hearing a low voice from the wardrobe.

His face turned somber and walked over with a steady pace. "Swoosh-- " he opened the door of the wardrobe in the corner.

"Ah! -"

Cara Mi fell from it out of inertia, and the panic-stricken on her face was obvious.

"Ba, Bard..."

Bard Lu found she is naked

with a handsome man, so his eyes turned gloomy.

"Cara Mi, what did you do?"

The woman dragged her wedding dress back to press down her embarrassment of the caught sexual affair.

"Bard Lu, let's cancel our wedding."

"What's the reason?"

"I don't love you anymore."

"So you had sex with the other man of our wedding?"

"Yes -"

"Bang! - "

He gave a slap to Clara Mi without any mercy!

Cara Mi was stunned for a second and then was dragged by him from the ground in the next second,

"Why!"She felt his angry.

"Because I've been tied up with you for 13 years since I was a child. I'm tired that I couldn't get into a relationship with other men !"

"Get tired?"

Cara Mi clenched her fist, "Yes, Bard Lu, I'm tired! Ah-"

Before saying another word, she was directly pulled back on the cold table of the make-up room by his rough hands.

She was shocked, "Bard Lu, what are you doing?!"

He took her long and dragged wedding dress off, "Get tired? Maybe you want to play a new trick." He sneered and said, "What do you like to do now?"

"You are out of your mind!"

Cara Mi was finally panicked.

The man in the wardrobe was scared to disappear some time, and the dressing room was opened, seeming to welcome someone at any time.

"Bard Lu! Let me go!"

Bard Lu clasped her hands with one hand and pressed her whole upper body against the table, with the other hand rudely ripped her underpants off and parted her legs without mercy!

"I agree to break up after I'm tired of making sex with you!"

After saying that, he found the most slippery place and directly pushed his d*ck into!

Without lubrication, Cara Mi immediately got the veined pain.

He looked at her humiliated look with satire words,

"Didn't he make you high? Why are you so dry?"

"Bard Lu, get out of me!"

However, her cry of humiliation was met with rough treatment by him.

He pressed her shoulder and f**k her hard.

"Bard Lu! - Ah!"

Bottles on the makeup table was shaking violently, and there were two figures intertwine with each other in the mirror.

After a long-time torture,

Clara Mi finally knelt down on the ground with her legs soft, then he buckled on his belt indifferently.

"Cara Mi, you are going to pay for your stray with overwhelming sorrow one day."

After saying that, Bard Lu grabbed her hair and threw her down!

Carla M hit her head on the corner of the wardrobe behind her.

There seemed to be blood trickling out slowly, she felt a pain and closed her eyes. A medical examination report which she had just received from the hospital was in her mind.

Malignant tumors of the renal parenchymal urinary tubule epithelial system, namely, kidney cancer.

So she wanted to cancel the marriage.

Then she faked the stray with another man and invited Bard Lu's hatred, because she didn't want Bard Lu to marry her, who was dying.

. . . .

Bard Lu looked at the tired woman on the ground and said,

"Get out of the way!"

Cara Mi stood up dazzlingly,

packed the clothes and turned away.