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The Romance of Mr. Popular

The Romance of Mr. Popular



Gu Ruoxi was arranged to deliver a special medicine to a strange man. to treat his ". However, she not only provoked but also humiliated him! Unexpectedly, this man is the most powerful, the richest, yet the most domineering CEO! She tried to explain that she was framed by her colleagues for what she did, however, the CEO didn't blame her, but left her around to protect her. Be doted and promoted by the CEO, as an ordinary girl, she has reached the peak of her life in just a few months! But the only problem is that he is hard to get rid of. "Do you know you are very cheeky?" "Cheeky? I just know that I want you!"
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K city, the top floor of TE International Jewelry Group.

Office 1 on the top floor. That's it.

Huh?! Whose office is this? Why is there no sign on the door?

Gu Ruoxi, who was standing outside the office, looked around suspiciously. She thought about her mission here and could not help but frown.

Gu Ruoxi, you were just going to supervise a man to change his medicine, which wasn't a big deal.

Come on, you can do it.

Gu Ruoxi lowered her head to glance at the special medicine that was used to treat a particular part of body. She took a deep breath, held onto the doorknob, and gently opened the door.


After entering, she was stunned.

The office was large, grand, and luxurious. The floor was covered with an expensive carpet that was the color of champagne. The ceiling was carved with patterns of flowers and vines. A large, purple crystal lamp hung high up, adding mysteriousness and elegance to the office.

In the direction of the office's luxurious resting area, a handsome man wearing an expensive suit had his hands casually stuffed in his pocket. He stood in front of the luxurious French window with his back to Gu Ruoxi.

The man was very tall, about 1.9 meters in height. He wore an expensive suit that matched well with his handsome figure.

He stood there as if he were the ruler of the world. His entire body emitted a king's aura that made people feel intimidated.

Looking at the man, Gu Ruoxi was stunned. Then she said, "Hello, my name is Gu Ruoxi. I'm from the Medical Center."

"Get out!" The man's low, cold and charming voice that was mixed with anger suddenly sounded out, scaring Gu Ruoxi out of her wits.

A piece of anger appeared on her elegant and beautiful face, and she subconsciously replied, "Hey! Why are you so fierce? I came to deliver medicine for you. "

Hearing that, the man turned his head. His sharp and cold eyesight seemed to be aimed straight at Gu Ruoxi.

Seeing Gu Ruoxi's beautiful little face, he was slightly stunned, and a piece of astonishment flashed through his charming eyes.

But after a moment, he remembered that she said her name was Gu Ruoxi, and the surprise disappeared and was replaced with coldness and sharpness like before.

"What kind of medicine?" His voice was cold as he stared at Gu Ruoxi.

Gu Ruoxi saw his face clearly because he turned his head.

It was a face that could charm all human beings, and was as handsome as a god.

His handsome facial features were like a masterpiece, and were so perfect that seemed to be carved.

Wow! What a handsome man, did he just walk out of the painting?

Gu Ruoxi was shocked by his beauty.

As Gu Ruoxi stared at the man in a daze, the handsome man Long Yiyang's eyes grew slightly cold as he spoke in a domineering tone, "I'm asking you a question, can you not hear me?"

Uh! What a strong aura.

Hearing his overbearing and cold displeased voice, Gu Ruoxi abruptly regained her senses.

She raised her head and looked at Long Yiyang, and then frowned and replied, "I heard you."

Having said so, she thought of the unusual medicine she had brought, so she embarrassedly said, "It’s… umm…"

Wait a minute, he should know what medicine she came to deliver.

Isn't his private part hurt? Why does he pretend not to know?

Why did he act as if he didn't know what she was doing here?

Could it be that he was pretending because he was embarrassed?

Gu Ruoxi raised her head and looked at the gloomy face of the man who was unable to get close, then raised the medicinal paste in her hand and said with a red face, "Just this medicine."

Long Yiyang looked at the ointment in her hand with a sharp gaze. Because he was quite far away and could not see it clearly, he ordered with a cold and domineering tone, "Take it over."