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The Rebirth of Seventh Princess

The Rebirth of Seventh Princess



She, a talented female medical examiner, had become a bullying good-for-nothing princess as soon as she teleported? Trash? Heh, the people of the world think of her as trash, but she just had to awaken one in a million powerful star power! Not only did he wield a divine tool, his cultivation was soaring like a hurricane. He had even activated his one and only talent in alchemy. In this critical moment, he even had the help of a powerful and mysterious expert. He said that from now on, the heavens and earth can do whatever they want to her! But later on, she found out that all of this was just because she was of great use to him! However, when she turned to leave, he forcefully proposed! Happiness came too suddenly. She was gorgeous … He had fainted!
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In the evening, at the outskirts of Misty Forest, a delicate girl was looking all around the dense forest with an incomparably bedraggled expression.

As the night coming, the road ahead became more and more blurry. Yue Feng Qing was already unable to find the way back, her pale white face was filled with fearness, and she screamed: "Cousin Zhiping! Little Sister Yu! "Where are you both?"

The night wind whistled, and there was nothing responding but the rustling of the leaves.

The fear in her heart coupled with the difficulty of the jungle had caused her to lose her focus. Her legs tightened as she fell heavily onto the ground.

After struggling to get up, she continued to walk in an unknown direction, screaming as she walked, hoping to attract her companions' attention.

However, not far behind her, Ling Zhi Ping and Ling Yu watched indifferently as she walked deeper into the dangerous grounds of Misty Forest, but did not want to give a hand at all.

On the contrary, a trace of ruthlessness flashed past Ling Zhi Ping's eyes, and he scolded sternly: "Trash! Now, let's see how you can survive from the depths of Misty Forest! "

"Second Brother, isn't it a bit too cruel for us to do this?"

At the side, Ling Yu's charming face revealed a hint of hesitation, as if she couldn't bear it anymore.

After Ling Zhi Ping heard this, he turned to glare at her and scolded, "Third sister, it's too late for you to say all this now. If we go and save this trash right now, it will be hard to guarantee that she won't blame us in front of Grandfather. At that time, do you think with Grandfather's preference for her, he will let us off easily? "

Hearing Ling Zhi Ping's words, the hesitation on Ling Yu's face disappeared in a flash, and when she looked at Yue Feng Qing's back, her small face immediately revealed a look of jealousy, as she coldly snorted: "I really don't understand why grandfather treats her so well. She's obviously a piece of trash, and even her father kicked her out of the palace.

"Forget it, it's already getting late. Let's hurry back home so that no one will suspect us!"

Ling Zhi Ping muttered, and together with Ling Yu, he quickly left the Misty Forest's perimeter.

The surrounding forest became denser and denser. Even the light of the sun and moon was completely covered, making it so dark that anyone couldn't see their own fingers in the darkness.

The dazed Yue Feng Qing walked for an unknown amount of time, until she could no longer muster any strength. Her entire body was limp, as she leaned against the trunk of an ancient tree, breathing heavily.

Suddenly, the fragrance of fresh fruit wafted into her nose.

The hunger in her stomach caused her to be completely helpless against the fragrance of the fruit. Almost without hesitation, she reached out her hand to pluck the unknown fruit and wolfed it down.

It was as if a clear spring had swept over his parched throat, instantly making her feel extremely comfortable.

However, a few seconds later, her entire face becomed not well.

A wave of cold yin aura rushed from her abdomen all the way to her abdomen, quickly destroying her body. In just a few minutes, she discovered that her body was completely immobilized and even her consciousness seemed to have been imprisoned.

She tried with all her might to open her mouth and cry for help, but all she could do was let out an unpleasant "Ah Ah!" sound. Not long after, her entire body stiffened as she lost all her strength and fell heavily onto the ground …

A moment later, the figure on the ground suddenly moved. Following which, a pair of pitch—black, cold eyes abruptly opened in the darkness.

Yue Feng Qing frowned, she tried to digest the string of foreign memories in her mind and sat up from the ground, moving her joints, she raised her head and looked around.

The moon was like a silver plate adorned with stars.

The ring of the ancient tree was filled with mist.

The environment here gave off an extremely strange feeling, and what was even stranger was that large amount of memories that did not belong to her that had just rushed into her mind.

From that memory, she could vaguely decipher some information.

An hour ago, she was reborn!

However, as a talented female forensic doctor who was unrivaled in the field of anatomy and medicine, she was reborn into a trash—a useless girl.

The original owner of the body was just like her, also called Yue Feng Qing. She was a Seventh Princess of the Wudang Continent.

Just now, when she died at a time similar to the original owner's, her soul was attracted by the original owner's strong call.

The original owner had asked her to avenge her mother no matter how it will be difficult.

And back then, as the Empress, Ling Xinlan was harmed by the Imperial Consort Hua, who was in control of the harem.

If she wanted to take revenge for the original owner's mother, she would have to bring down the Imperial Consort Hua, but this body was a piece of trash, even though she had the identity of a princess, she was unable to go against the powerful Imperial Consort Hua!

This was truly a headache!

After organizing her thoughts, Yue Feng Qing stood up and quickly left the Misty Forest according to the route that she had taken in the previous owner's memories to return to the Ling Family.