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The Romance of Miss General

The Romance of Miss General



[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] What? Unconvinced? You want to cause trouble? Someone! Close the door! She was the Great General of the West who swept across the northern border so that children would not dare to cry at night. He was the number one hedonist in the capital, Zhang Tai. She had to find a man to marry as soon as possible after her family forced her to marry. He had to find a wife to put on an act in a critical situation. From then on, she would be like a jade tree swaying in the wind, and he would be a rich and beautiful woman. She was in charge of being strong, but he was as beautiful as a flower. A certain man: My wife, great! You're a person who has transcended the heavens, give face to your husband and let him have a concubine or something of that sort … Woman: Do you want to die?
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It was April, when the peach blossoms were flying in the sky.

It was little raining and there were very few tourists in the Peach Blossom Garden near the capital city. The Peach Blossom Garden was filled with peach trees and the falling petals and the rain water had dyed the path towards the Peach Blossom Lake into a Yan Hong.

A tall girl dressed in silver armor was standing in a bamboo pavilion by the lake. Her long eyebrows that flew into her hair, her nose that was straight, and her pale lips that were tightly pursed revealed a trace of unswerving determination. Her long and narrow eyes were tainted with strong happiness and sweet anticipation. Her slender hands tightly gripped a set of note s. From time to time, she would lift them up to take a close look, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

She was Great General of the West Ling Shuang, who had just returned from a successful war. Ten years ago, Eldest Miss of a military family and the first Fang Family of the Book Incense School were engaged to each other.

It was just that the situation had changed suddenly. The northern Wuhuan had invaded the battlefield, causing both Duke of Ling and his eldest son to die, and his second son suffered from a strange disease. Ling Shuang, who had been a martial arts expert since he was young, had no choice but to represent his elder brother on the battlefield. This trip lasted for ten years, and ten years later, she returned victorious and married into the Fang Family.

The note in her hands was sent over by Fang Family Fang Heng, inviting her to meet at the Peach Blossom Garden.

A familiar footstep sound came out from the peach forest, causing Ling Shuang to immediately look over, her expression startled.

The person who came was not only the Fang Lang that she missed for ten years, but also her sister Ling Wan. Ling Wan was an orphan daughter that Ling Shuang's father, Duke of Ling, had picked up from the battlefield over a decade ago.

At this moment, the scene of the two of them walking over side by side caused Ling Shuang to frown slightly, and she unconsciously covered her heart. ~ Strangely, this morning, Ling Wan made her favorite thousand layer cake, after eating , she felt uncomfortable. However,she had an appointment with Fang Lang, she still hurried over to meet it.

"Ling Wan, why are you here?" Ling Shuang looked at the two people standing in front of her unexpectedly.

Fang Heng was dressed in a embroidered robe with thin bamboo patterns, looking extremely different from the green silk dress Ling Wan was wearing.

Ling Shuang's heart tensed up again.

"Elder Sis," Ling Wan's charming face carried a trace of malevolence, and when Ling Shuang saw this, her eyes widened with shock, "Elder Sis, Fang Lang and I fall in love with each other, I beg Elder Sis to grant our wish."

"What did you say?!" As if he was struck by lightning, Ling Shuang staggered back a few steps, and looked at Fang Heng in disbelief.

"Fang Heng, give me an explanation!" Ling Shuang only felt a tremendous pain coming from his chest.

A hint of panic flashed across Fang Heng's handsome face, and he immediately replied coldly. "Ling Shuang, I love Wan'er.

"Fang Heng! You. What did you say? " Ling Shuang's phoenix eyes were filled up with endless despair and despair. How was this possible? Ten years of missing between childhood and childhood for nothing more than this?

"Fang Lang!" "I'll talk to Elder Sis, go wait for me outside the peach forest," Ling Wan smiled at Fang Heng.

Fang Heng sighed, and started to leave.

"Fang Heng! Stop right there! " Ling Shuang shouted.

Fang Heng's body stiffened, yet he quickly turned around and left the peach forest. His own attitude was very clear, and words were useless.

Only the two Ling Family sisters were left in the bamboo pavilion.

"Ling Wan, are you worthy of me doing this? I treat you as my own sister! " Ling Shuang's voice trembled slightly as she raised her hand to slap her. However, Ling Wan easily caught her wrist.

As soon as Ling Shuang used all her strength, a sharp pain hit her, so that she would be unable to use any strength from her entire body, she stared at Ling Wan.

"Elder Sis, did you eat the thousand layer cake this morning?"

"You poisoned me?" Ling Shuang could not believe her eyes as she stared at her sister. When Ling Wan first entered the house, she was wearing no clothes, and her face was thin and yellow. She had treated her with sincerity, yet she had suffered such a betrayal. Ling Shuang felt sad, disappointed, and unwilling …

"Heh heh... Elder Sis, after all, I am just an adopted daughter of the Ling Family, and have lived in your shadow since I was young. I like the identity of Fang Family's Eldest Young Mistress. "

"You … Bitch! " The black blood at the corner of Ling Shuang's mouth flowed out, the pain seemed to have scorched her. She wanted to pounce over and tear that hypocritical face of Ling Wan's, but her body became colder and colder.

"Elder Sis, I've already calculated the time for my poison. Have you been waiting here for an hour? I know that the people from the Wuhuan have been trying to assassinate you recently, so no one would suspect me even if you died here. After all … The relationship between us is obvious, isn't it? Elder Sis? "

"Ling Wan, you will be punished!"

"No, I won't, and you. Since you've killed so many people, Fang Lang has already found someone to calculate it. The killing you've done in your life is too sinful, you'll never have a son again, and I … "She's already pregnant with Fang Lang's child."

"You …" Ling Shuang suddenly glared at Ling Wan's lower abdomen.

Ling Wan smiled slightly and said slowly, "Ling Shuang, let me tell you a piece of good news. Fang'er will send someone to bring me into the Fang Residence today. Old Madam Ling has already agreed to it. Although I cannot officially marry him, I believe that the position of Fang Family's Eldest Young Mistress will be mine sooner or later. Children are the most important thing! "

Ling Shuang's vision gradually turned black, the poison aura was attacking her heart.

Ling Wan's cold laughter resonated in her ears. "Elder Sis, just you wait! I will live a happy life for you! "

Ling Shuang vomited a mouthful of black blood.

The pain was akin to being slashed by countless sharp blades, causing one to wish they could die once more.

A touch of coolness caressed her forehead, and Ling Shuang slowly opened her eyes. What entered her eyes was a haggard little girl wiping her forehead with a thin veil of water.

Ling Shuang was shocked. Where was this?

Lin Shuang was one of the top agents in China, and because she was tracking down the National Treasure blood jade, she met those international thieves in the underground palace. After a fierce battle, they stole the National Treasure blood jade but they never thought it would fall into a trap tunnel in the underground palace.

However, why did she appear in this ancient looking room? She fiercely closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, the scene before her eyes was still as clear as ever. It did not seem like an illusion.

"Shuang Er," an old woman wearing a purple colored brocade gown suddenly came over and tightly held her hands while crying, "Shuang Er, you have been unconscious for three whole days! This scared Grandmother to death! You finally awake! Great! If it wasn't for Cha Zi and Yan Hong who went out to find you … Grandmother... She didn't know what to do. God bless me,! Wuhuan's thugs did not kill you! This is great! "

Lin Shuang was shocked. Such a clear sense of touch, such a clear picture, could it be …

She could not help but smile wryly, but her head started to hurt. She hugged her head with all her might as if there was something deep in her memory that was gradually floating up.