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The Billionaire's Contract Marriage

The Billionaire's Contract Marriage



“Uh, sir, maybe it’s better for you to get dressed first?” Amy said. “No need, Ms. Brooke. I’m more comfortable this way.” Samuel smiled, pulling Amy’s hand so her position was closer to him. “Besides, I won’t need the towel for much longer.” Amy frowned to hear that. “What do you mean?” “Please, Ms. Brooke, ah, maybe I should call you Amy instead. After this, we will be more intimate. It will be awkward to call each other by our last name. Agree?” *** Amy Brooke (twenty years old), the eldest daughter of Brooke's family, has everything all women want: youth, beauty, wealth, and a great family. However, she will lose all in an event and changes her life immensely. Samuel Hoffner (thirty five years old), a billionaire, has everything all men want: great looks, wealth, popularity, and power. However, he is an anti-commitment guy. When they will meet each other and tie in a marriage contract, what will happen later? Can Amy make Samuel fall in love with her? Will their marriage survive or will it be only a short-term arrangement?
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Jacob Jefferson kneeled on one knee while his hand holding a little box, then he opened the box. It was a diamond ring inside the box. Amy Brooke gasped as she didn’t expect Jacob to propose to her tonight.

“We have been together for a short time. Maybe three months is too fast, but I have met no woman that I feel more suitable to be my wife than you.”

Amy put her hand to cover her mouth as she was too surprised. Since Jacob was hot and cold consecutively, she even suspected Jacob might want to end their relationship tonight. But who would have guessed that Jacob proposed to her?

“I ….”

Then the people in the restaurant, who sat near the young couples, shouted, “Accept him! Accept him! Accept him!”

Amy bit her lower lip. Then she whispered, “Jacob, please have a seat.”

“Will you accept my proposal?” Jacob’s eyes pleaded with her.

“Let’s talk first. Then I’ll give you my answer.”

That was when Samuel Hoffner saw what happened. Samuel was a famous billionaire who owned so many hotel networks and restaurants, including the restaurant where Amy and Jacob were currently there. He was there with his date, Cecilia Smith.

“Do you see them?” Samuel moved his chin over Amy and Jacob.

“Yes, the man proposes to his girlfriend. Isn’t it romantic?”

“Ha! Romantic? What if the girl rejects him?”

Cecilia shook her head. “I don’t think she will do that. But, wait! I think I know them. The man is Jacob Jefferson, the heir to The House of Glam, while the woman is Amy Brooke, the first daughter of Peter Brooke. Peter Brooke is a genius at creating jewelry. Do you know Jewelry Palace?”

Samuel nodded as he had just bought a blue diamond necklace Cecilia loved in the Jewelry Palace. He even met with Peter Brooke, the designer of the necklace and the jewelry store owner.

He squinted his eyes and shook his head slightly. “See? The girl will reject him. She is too young to get married.”

“Who said? I think Amy is twenty. She can marry now. Can you imagine if they get married? The fashion world will have a big party!”

What Cecilia said was correct as The House of Glam and Jewelry Palace were two famous places for all fashionistas. As Cecilia was a model, she knew exactly who’s who in the industry.

Samuel glanced at Amy and Jacob again. Then, he saw how Amy bit her lower lip and bent her head. He made up his mind and threw his napkin. “Let’s go there. I think the girl needs to be rescued.”

“What will you do? They are lovers! You will disturb them.”

“Let’s walk there just to ensure that she’s okay.”

Cecilia had no choice other than to follow Samuel. She grabbed Samuel’s hand, so she wouldn’t be left behind. Then she walked beside him with chin lifted high. Many restaurant visitors glanced toward them in awe. Samuel smiled and nodded at some of them as he recognized some of the restaurant’s regular customers.

Before he could walk further, a tall man towered in front of him. “Samuel Hoffner?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“Jason Doherty.”

Samuel frowned for a second and shook his head. “Sorry, but never heard of the name.”

“Maybe you won’t remember any of your victims’ names. But you should remember Cassiopeia Village.”

Samuel stared at Jason. “Sure. I bought them last week. All papers have been managed by my lawyers.”

“Your men have tricked us!” Jason clenched his fist. “We lost our inheritance land for centuries because of your sly scheme.”

“Really?” Samuel raised his eyebrow. It was ridiculous since he had never forced anyone to sell their land. It’s a pure business!

Eavesdropping on what Samuel and Jason said, the restaurant’s visitors talked about it. That was when two bodyguards came.

“Any problem, boss?”

Samuel only moved his chin a little. “Please escort this man out of the restaurant. He makes our customers uncomfortable.”

Both guards immediately grabbed Jason’s arm. “Sir, please don’t humiliate yourself. Otherwise, you will find yourself in jail soon.”

“Are you threatening me?! Your boss is the one who you should send to jail. He took our land!”

But both guards pulled Jason’s hands and escorted him to the door. Their huge bodies made Jason unable to escape.

Jason kept screaming and kicking. “Let me go! You won’t get away so easily! I’ll get revenge! Samuel Hoffner, wait and see!”

Samuel only smiled, as receiving threats was a casual occasion for him. Nevertheless, he glanced around and smiled at the customers in the restaurant.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s only a man who wants to blackmail me in public.” Deliberately Samuel shrugged. “I should protect myself.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Hoffner! We are witnesses to how the man threatened you!” A man sitting at the following table shouted.

Samuel nodded and offered his hand to the man. “Thank you, Mr. ….?”

“Bernard. Bernard Brown. Just call me Bernard.”

“Then please call me Samuel too. Thank you for your support, Bernard.” Both men shook hands and smiled at each other. “Can I have your business card, Bernard? Maybe I want to make a business or two with you.”

Bernard immediately reached out his wallet and handed over a card to Samuel. “It will be a great honor and pleasure.”

Samuel inserted the card into his pocket, smiled, and nodded. Then he raised his hand. A server immediately approached him. He bent his body forward.

“Yes, Mr. Hoffner?”

“Please know that I treat Mr. Bernard. So, no charge for his table, please.”

The server bowed again. “Understand, sir.”

Bernard smiled and nodded. “Wow, it’s a big surprise. I know that what I read is wrong.”

“Oh? What do you read?”

Bernard scratched his back neck, unsure to tell Samuel. “Uh, you know. Don’t be mad since I only read about it.”

“Sure, sure. I won’t be mad.”

“Uh, they said that you’re as cold as ice in Alaska and as mean as voracious shark.” Bernard shook his head. “I think they are all wrong.”

Samuel only smiled. “It depends on who they are. But let’s meet a week from now. Enjoy your dinner, Bernard.”

“Thank you, Samuel.”

Samuel nodded. When Samuel was about to walk back to his table, the breaking glass sound suddenly filled the room.