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Pardon Sir Goons

Pardon Sir Goons

Author:Jenang Gula


A man who is very arrogant and has a dark side in all corners of his life, meets a young girl who can make him want to get out of the black world. Imagining the girl in danger he wouldn't be willing to, but what if the young girl was so afraid of the man she thought could kill her at any moment, he could even breathe if the thug lord wanted to.
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The music was deafening. A girl who was uncomfortable with all of this was intent on getting out of the place and to get some fresh air so that the tightness in her chest turned calmer.

Solving herself to enjoy hers anxiety after the man she loved turned out to be making love very hot in his lover's apartment. Earlier she had wanted to surprise his return from out of town, but things ended as unpleasant as they are today.

Sitting under a banyan tree that has a lounge chair under it while greeting the night breeze stroking its long hair.

"My goodness, Sir ... I will pay for everything after three days from now Sir, I promise."

The girl immediately searched for the source of the sound because everything seemed to make her curious about what was happening.

"I'm really tired of hearing that sentence, and now I've been keeping you quiet for too long." said the well-built and sexy man if only he wasn't angry right now.

"My goodness, Sir ... I will keep it if you give me one more chance."

"Hahahahahahaha. You are very funny."

"I mean it, Sir. Forgive me and give me another chance. "

"You're too old and it's time to retire now."

"I will give it all to you, Sir."

“Hahahahaaha. Just keep everything for your useless son. "

"Sir, I ---"


"Aaa? !!"

"Who is that?"

The girl's body trembled. She immediately retreated slowly and intended to leave the place.


Somehow the girl crashed into a trash can nearby because she was too hasty.

"There, Sir."

"Finish her!"

The girl immediately ran into the club she had been to with her friend and looked for her friend among the crowd of the sea of people who were swaying to the stomping music.

"Come on. We have to go home right now." she pulled her friend's arm to follow her out of there.

“Come on… I'm not coming home before morning. It's my birthday and I don't want to miss it. Let's have fun now. " she danced her friend's hand so she wanted to join in the dance like her.

"Are you crazy?" shouted the girl.

"You're the crazy one. Don't think too much of your lover who has hurt you, let's just enjoy tonight, Wulan. " said a girl who didn't want to stop rocking even though her body was swaying a little now.

The girl named Wulan who was very alert at this time immediately found out that there were several people dressed all in black who were entering the club, "Damn!" Wulan immediately left her friend named Sekar and sat casually mingling with other visitors after finding out that these people were heading to the dance floor.

When a person in black was almost approaching her, Wulan immediately grabbed the empty drink glass in front of her and placed it in front of her face to cover it. Her body trembled and she was terrified at the moment. Wulan prayed in her heart that the person wouldn't recognize her.

Wulan glanced carefully and saw that the person who had been staying next to the entrance was moving his hand as if signaling the people in black to get out of the place.

Wulan breathed a sigh of relief after the crowd was no longer in the club. Approaching hers friend back and dragging her to take her home, because the most comfortable place for Wulan is only in hers house.

After dropping Sekar off at hers house, Wulan immediately accelerated her vehicle and parked it neatly in her yard after arriving. Entered the house and immediately hid in hers room.

"We've found her, Sir."

[Good job. Keep watching, don't let her escape or even escape. I wouldn't like it when I heard that.]

"Ready, Sir."

[Don't let her get hurt because I'll punish her myself.]

"Ready, Mr. Bagaskara."


"I like the way you work." a man named Bagaskara immediately cut off his phone with the person who made his smile grow on the other side. "Gimo, send another one to watch over our men. I want to enjoy this game. "

"Ready, Sir." answered Gimo, the private secretary who also doubles as the right hand man of Bagaskara, his master. After the man's parents died a few years ago and helped make him, he also lost his father who had served with this family first.

Bagaskara sucked on the cigar between his index and middle finger, flung the smoke in the air casually, and nodded his head to the left once as the driver behind the wheel of his car continued to watch him from the rearview mirror above.

The driver, who seemed to understand, immediately drove the car he was carrying to the big house in the middle of Malang.

The tropical climate in Indonesia makes the residents not need too much excessive cooling because it is quite cool here, especially between Mount Kawi and Mount Arjuna, making the residents in this area also comfortable because of its coolness.

After the car arrived at the yard of the large house where there was a statue of Loro Blonyo, which was large enough to welcome all the guests who came to the house, Gimo immediately opened the car door for Bagaskara and invited him outside to immediately enter the house to rest, because it was almost time this morning.

“Tomorrow morning we will surprise the girl. Remind me if I forget it. " Bagaskara's orders.

"Ready, Sir." answered Gimo. There was nothing he could do if Bagaskara had wanted, how bad would it be, Gimo would still do that if Bagaskara asked him to.

Instead of going straight to his room, Bagaskara instead headed to a room that had three beautiful and sexy women he used to warm his bed. They are quite clean and reliable, every month they also undergo routine health checks and also birth control injections. A Bagaskara does not want to have a small baby who drool and compost at any time, it is very disgusting according to him.

When Bagaskara has chosen who will accompany him tonight, Bagaskara immediately takes him to a special room because he does not want his private bed to be dirty if he gets the scent of his prostitutes.

"Good night, Sir. I'll take off your coat first. " said the prostitute he had chosen.

Bagaskara just nodded and accepted all the special treatment from that woman.

Tok. Tok. Tok.

Bagaskara immediately turned to the door that had just been knocked from outside, and immediately stood up to scold anyone who dared to disturb him at a time like this. He would finish off anyone who was behind that door if the news it brought was not important at all.

"Come back to your place." said Bagaskara to his comforting woman, her desire vanished by the impudent beat.

The woman immediately stood up and returned to her place.


Bagaskara looked at Gimo who was standing in front of him now, and stared at him with a gaze as sharp as a sword capable of drawing straight into Gimo's heart.

"Sorry, Sir ... there was a man who came to the girl and forcibly dragged her out of hers house."