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 The Rebirth Heiress Wants A Divorce

The Rebirth Heiress Wants A Divorce



After a heated confrontation with her husband and mistress, Brianna was pushed down to stairs. She thought she would die but when she woke up again, she realized that she traveled back two years ago, when it was not late for her to correct her path. The first thing she needed to do when she was reborn was divorce that scum. She saved from the darkest time but he lied to her and murdered her in the end. This time, she would not repeat the same mistakes anymore. She would bring the glory of her family back and make those people who betrayed her pay the price! However, in the process of climbing up to the peak of her career, she met a very intimidating and handsome man who kept on messing with her head through his bold attitude. Brianna doesn't want to be involved with another man again, for she has proven to herself that they will just drag her down, but her constant incidents with him are slowly breaking the wall she built to protect her heart. Brianna will surely choose her career over a man this time, but it’s possible to choose both, right? What if he hurt her too? No! She won’t risk it but… “You have to run away from me, Bree. Coz I’m done running away, I’ll chase you now.”
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Brianna’s POV

I drank my last shot and turned to my only friend Kate. She shot an eyebrow up after I grabbed my bag and looked at her, planning to leave. Annoyed, she glanced at her wristwatch.

“C’mon, Bree! It’s still early.”

I shook my head. “I need to go home. Cain is probably waiting for me.”

She laughed sarcastically. “He doesn’t even care about you. Why are you even staying in this shit marriage of yours?”

Her words stung me like a pin, even though I knew she didn't mean to do that. It’s been three years since I married Cain Hamilton, but he never showed his love to me. Kate saw it all.

Pressing down the sourness inside, I stared at her. “You know that, Kate. I just love him.”

She sighed and took my hands. "Is this really worth it, Bree?"

I could see the full worry in her eyes, I knew my marriage didn't have a good start. But in all these years, I had only ever loved Cain Hamilton.

Though he’s always cold to me, I agreed to marry him without hesitation when he was in the darkest part of his life.

Is this marriage really worth it? I don't know but I still hoped.

I forced a smile and hugged Kate. "I’m going now. Have fun.”

She sighed again as she hugged me back. “Go home safely.”

Riding my car, I drove back home silently, trying not to think about Kate's words. At least, my husband would still come back home. Our marriage was not without hope.

However, when I entered the house, I found two people standing on the staircase smiling at each other.

My heart instantly raced as I saw my husband smiling sweetly at a familiar woman standing before him.

Amber O’Connor, his ex and his first love.

They were oblivious to my presence as they have their own world.

“Well, I have a surprise for you…” She said and chuckled, making my husband chuckle too. His eyes were expressive, attentive, and happy, something I never see whenever he was looking at me.

Bitterness crept into my heart as I felt tears in the corner of my eyes. My hands started trembling.

No! No! I talked to Cain, my husband, a month ago. He said he’s not seeing his first love anymore but…what is this? What is she doing here? Did he lie to me again?

“I’m pregnant!”

My jaws dropped. P-Pregnant? He get another woman pregnant?

I saw how Cain’s eyes widened in fraction. I even saw how his shocked expression turned into happiness, which broke my heart into tiny pieces.

I remember what he said to me after we got married. He said he’s not ready to have children. That he’s still learning to be a good father. That he will tell me once he was ready, so I took pills, as requested by him. But now…seeing him so happy that he’s having a child with another woman is just so fcking absurd and stupid. He’s been lying to me!

“I’m so happy! Thank you! Thank you so much, babe!”

Tears rolled down my cheeks but I immediately wiped it and started walking towards them, climbing up the stairs. My shoes are creating heavy noises, drawing their attention.

I almost froze in shock and pain when Cain pulled Amber, hiding her behind him. He looked at me warily, as if I was a wicked witch who was trying to hurt his precious princess.

But I'm clearly his legal wife!

God! I can’t believe this. My anger intensified. I couldn’t control myself anymore.

I rushed to hit Cain with my handbag. “You fcking lied to me again, Cain! Y-You cheated on me! You said you two were over!”

He grabbed my hand as he gritted his teeth, staring at me coldly. “Stop the fcking drama, Brianna.”

“Drama?” I frowned at him while tears rolled down my face. “You’re calling this drama? Oh, fck you, Cain. You and your bitch!”

“Don’t you dare talk to Amber like that, Brianna. You are just my wife on paper!”

Wife on paper…

“That's not how you told me last time, Cain. How could you do this to me?”

His forehead creased. “I can do whatever I fcking want, Brianna. You don’t have a say in this or I’ll divorce you. You got it?”

Divorce? Just after I had brought his company a new investment today, he dared to file for divorce. What did he think I was?

I broke free of his hand and slapped him hard. “You bastard.”

“Brianna, please don’t hurt Cain. It's my fault but we really love each other. ”

I turned my sharp eyes at Amber. “Shut up, bitch!”


Cain suddenly caught my neck, making it hard to breathe.

I shifted my gaze back to Cain. “So what? Are you really going to divorce me? Huh?”

He clenched his jaws. “Don’t try me.”

I laughed sarcastically. “You can’t do that, Cain. You can’t even leave me.”

He laughed without humor and a devilish smirk curved in his lips.“You’re wrong. I can do this, Brianna. I never loved you."

My lips trembled as tears continued streaming down my face. It hurt me a lot to hear him say that.

"I didn’t even try. I just used you and you are so fcking stupid and gullible to believe me.”

“I don’t need you anymore, Brianna. Watch me leave you painfully.” He finished as he pushed me away, with only disgust in his eyes.

My heart completely sank. My tears stopped as anger filled my heart. I finally realized all the past three years were only a lie. I was so stupid for believing him.

Kate was right. It was not worthwhile hoping and staying in this trashy marriage.

Slowly, I wiped my tears as I stood straight. “So—you're really determined to divorce.”

"Yes." His voice was decisive, without a trace of reluctance. I couldn't help but smile sarcastically.

"Well, then I'll contact my lawyer to prepare it as well as the disinvestment."

Nearly at once, he glared at me. "What do you mean by disinvestment?"

I sneered. "Why should I support your company after the divorce?"

“Please don't do that, Brianna! Without that money, it will ruin Cain's business—”

“Oh shut the fck up you, dirty bitch!”


I ignored Cain and fixed my sharp gaze on Amber. She’s about to cry and I know that she’s just pretending. She’s a two-faced bitch and she’s only showing her evil side to me.

“I-I just want to—” She sobbed pitifully but I had no interest in watching her show.

“I don’t need your damn explanation or reason."

I almost clapped when Amber broke into tears with her hands covering her face. But anger soon captured me again when I noticed the jewel ring on her finger.

That was mine! My wedding souvenir from my grandfather. He had it specially made by a famous jewelry designer the year I was born, and there is only one in the world. How dare this bitch take it as hers?!

"You shameless thief!"

I yelled at her as I approached her, wanting to take my ring back. I can't let such a bitch tarnish my late grandfather. The one who loved me most and I failed him.


Before I could touch that bitch, Cain had dragged my arms and given me a real hard slap that made me trip and roll down the stairs, painfully.

I heard Amber screaming and then felt so dizzy and my vision was now blurry. I was lying on the cold tile, helpless and immovable.

I couldn’t even move a finger. My vision is becoming dark as I felt something wet at the back of my head.

My head hurt and my body turned cold. I really hoped anyone could help me or hug me. I tried to look for Cain but at the corner of my eye, I only caught him still hugging Amber in his arms, soothing his frightened lover gently and not giving me any glance.

At that moment, I finally realized how blind I was. Cain never loved me or even cared about me. He didn't even bother to hide this. My heart was broken into millions of pieces.

Before darkness completely consumed me, I seemed to see the worried face of my parents and grandpa. Remorse filled my heart as tears rolled down.

'Grandpa, I'm sorry. I was wrong. Dead wrong.'

I shouldn't have disobeyed your advice and insisted on marrying this shameless liar.

I shouldn't have almost emptied our family property, only for feeding his vain desires.

I shouldn't have given up being your proud heiress, to become a slave to this greedy devil.

I regret it. I regret marrying him.

If I could have a choice again, I would never repeat the same path.

I would never give this scum any chance to fool me.

I would definitely take all my pride back!

But do I still have a chance?