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Reborn Wife Is So Sweet

Reborn Wife Is So Sweet


On her day of engagement, Su Yihan ran away with her "true love" Mo Wenyao. She imagined a happy life for herself ever after, but she died in a rancid cell and her body was dumped in a trash can. If she could relive her life, she would never choose Mo Wenyao over Feng Jiunian. After all, Feng Jiunian was the one who truly cared about her. On the day of engagement, Feng Jiunian found his fiancee had run away with a notorious man. Why did his fiancee have such bad taste? However, as long as she was happy, Feng Jiunian could convince himself not to bother her. But, why did he find her dead body in a trash can? That's how Mo Wenyao cherished her? If he could return to the past, he would never let Mo Wenyao take her...
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"Su Yihan!"

The voice of fury sounded in her ear.

Warm water filled her nasal cavity with a strong sense of suffocation spread through her limbs and bones.

Su Yihan slowly opened her eyes. In a daze, she vaguely saw a familiar figure. However, the intense pain from her neck instantly woke her up, recognizing the man releasing a swift and fierce aura.

He was Feng Jiunian.

Only then did she realize that she was pressed in the bathtub by Feng Jiunian.

As long as he held on for a few more seconds...

She would drown here.

The lack of oxygen in her chest made her uncomfortable. When she opened her mouth to breathe, a large amount of water poured into her throat and choked her face, making her blush.

When he saw her like this, a bit of sympathy flashed past Feng Jiunian's eyes, and he loosened the strength in his hands. Su Yihan instantly emerged from the water surface, taking large gulps of breath and coughing.

"Even if you die today, I won't let you escape!"

Feng Jiunian's voice was emotionless as ice-cold, making Su Yihan feel she was being unsympathetic.

Tears mixed with water slowly flowed down from Su Yihan's face.

She remembered that she had died in a cell filled with the stench of decay. Moreover, her corpse had been thrown into the trash can, and no one cared about it.

But now she was reborn and almost drowned in the bathtub?

In an instant, she remembered the day she got engaged with Feng Jiunian ten years ago. It just so happened that she had an appointment to elope with Mo Wenyao. As soon as she reached the airport, Feng Jiunian found her and took her directly back to Feng Residence.

At that time, Feng Jiunian was also as frustrated as he was today.

The familiar scenes re-enacted...

Was she reborn?

"Did you hear that?"

Feng Jiunian saw that she was stubborn and unwilling to speak, so his little patience left got exhausted.

His face darkened. Then, he pressed Su Yihan's head into the bathtub again, staring at her with fierce eyes.

He couldn't wait to keep staring at her.

In her previous life, Feng Jiunian loved her so much. He would imprison her and break all her wings rather than allow her to leave him.

Therefore, his deep love made her feel depressed and suffocated.

Her fear of Feng Jiunian was integrated into her bones.

In addition, she had totally crossed Feng Jiunian's boundary this time. Su Yihan believed that he could strangle her to death if he wanted!

She struggled desperately, and the water in the bathtub splashed. Without Feng Jiunian's notice, it hit his body and completely soaked his clothes.

However, Su Yihan still wanted to struggle before she died.

She grabbed Feng Jiunian's hand and cried out in a muffled voice with red eyes.

"Jiunian, it hurts!"

Hearing these three words, Feng Jiunian was stunned. Most of the anger on his face reduced, and his hands unconsciously loosened.

Su Yihan immediately sat up and kept coughing.

She finally let out a sigh of relief after the desperate struggle. It seemed that Feng Jiunian really cared about the appellation.

The first time since they met at ten years old, Feng Jiunian loved it when she intimately addressed him as "Jiunian". It seemed that with this appellation, he could fulfil her needs, including unreasonable requests she made.

However, the elders of the Su and Feng families arranged a marriage for the two of them without Su Yihan's consent. At that time, Su Yihan was fond of her senior at school, Mo Wenyao. As she felt disgusted with the arranged marriage, she displayed hated toward Feng Jiunian. As a result, she never called him with the appellation again.

Feng Jiunian's gaze never moved from her face for a single moment. No one knew what he was thinking about with a deep expression on his face.

Su Yihan's desire for survival was strong. When she felt slightly better, she quickly turned around and grabbed Feng Jiunian's hand. Incomparably resolute, she said with incredible determination, "I will never escape again!"

In her previous life, she mistaken perceived her cousin, Qi Yun'er as her closest person. After listening to Qi Yun'er's misleading words, Su Yihan kept misunderstood Feng Jiunian. Eventually, the conflict between them increased to the point where they threatened each other with their lives..

But in the end, Feng Jiunian did not hesitate to die with the intention save her. He used to be fastidious. But he kept calling Su Yihan's name when he was dying, covered in blood,

At that moment, she realized how wrong she was!

Unfortunately, the two of them had already reached the point of separation.

Now that she could redo it, she was willing to atone for all the mistakes she did in the past.

"Don't cry!"

Feng Jiunian awkwardly wiped away the tears on her face with his hands.

He looked very cautious as if he was facing some rare treasure.

At the same time, the alarm system of Feng Residence suddenly turned on.

The bathroom door was knocked open and a man barged in.

When he saw Su Yihan in drench, he shouted, "Yihan, is Feng Jiunian going to bully you?"


When Su Yihan saw the person who entered, she was so scared that her heart began to beat faster.

It was Mo Wenyao, the man she had longed for in her past life.

How did he get in?

In her previous life, when Mo Wenyao changed his flight ticket and left when he failed to wait for her!

Feng Jiunian, who had calmed down a little, experienced a state of fury again. He glanced at Mo Wenyao with sharp eyes.

After involving in the business field for many years, Feng Jiunian had already built the majesty and momentum of a superior. With just a glance, he frightened Mo Wenyao, who stood at the door until he did not dare to move.

However, when Mo Wenyao thought of his purpose for coming here, he braced himself and quickly blocked in front of Su Yihan.

"Even if I fight for my life, I won't let you hurt Yihan!"

When Su Yihan heard these words, she felt a mouthful of blood stuck in her throat. At that moment, she was awkward, neither coughing nor swallowing it.

She didn't need Mo Wenyao to save her at all!

It was obvious that she almost coaxed Feng Jiunian. But Mo Wenyao's presence was adding fuel to the fire!

Su Yihan subconsciously wanted to push Mo Wenyao away. However, in Feng Jiunian's sight, her move was more like she was taking the initiative to approach Mo Wenyao and dependent on him.

As a result, the anger on Feng Jiunian's face became even more intense. He couldn't wait to destroy the arrogant man in front of him.

"Is this what you swore?"

"No, no, no... it's not like that. I sincerely want to stay here!"

Su Yihan incoherently explained and subconsciously took a few steps back. She intended to stay a bit further away from Feng Jiunian.

"Yihan, don't be afraid of him!" Mo Wenyao shouted as if he was trying to boost his courage.

Although he was terrified in his heart, he still pretended to be a brave man!

Feng Jiunian smiled sarcastically as he effortlessly threw Mo Wenyao aside.

When Su Yihan took two steps back, she accidentally slipped onto the ground.

She was so scared that her legs went limp, knowing she could not run away.

So she began complaining that it was not easy for her to be reborn. Would she die again in less than half an hour?

Wasn't it too short for her reborn life?