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The Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna

The Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna

Author:Lulu Bells


With his height towering over her, he took gentle strands around her like a predator caging in his prey. “I'm sorry,” Ashley mumbled from her confused and troubled mind. “What are you sorry for,” He asked as he kept circling her. She was naive and innocent and that mere fact about her drove him insane, drove his wolf crazy. But how can he be so fascinated by someone who is not his mate he pondered. “What's your name?” he asked her in his hoarse voice. “Ashley, she replied calmly not daring to lift her face to meet his. “Sorry does not cut it, Ashley, you have seen me naked and it's only fair that I see you too,” he said, subconsciously running his hand through his wet hair after suddenly realizing what he had just said. ****************************************************************** With just a few months to his banishment, Alexander strikes a deal with a wolfless slave girl, to become his mate, so he can claim his right to the throne. Her name is Ashley, but everyone calls her "the weak wolfless luna", except her Alexander. What kinds of challenges they will have? Will he has his throne successfully? Will she be a qualified luna?
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Dead bodies of friends and foes littered the woods, as he marched steadily and gracefully into the enemy territory fully armed with a sword draped in blood.

Bloody sweats rolled by his perfect canvas face and body. The earth beneath him shook at every step he took. At that moment he knew he was no longer in control of himself, something else had taken over. Something so strong, capable of consuming him if caution is not taken.

As he moved closer to the enemy pack, he could hear the voices of women wailing, children weeping, and men who were once considered to be the best among their peers gnashing their teeth in antagonizing pain.

They dared him.

They dared to test him, and how insane he can get. He was going to leave behind a long-lasting memory so that the survivors would have bedtime stories to tell their children unborn.

He was going to make sure he turned the very earth that they stood on to red, with the blood of their men else his name wouldn't be Alexander Xavier, first son and only heir to the Bad Moon pack.

Becoming the Alpha for Alexander was his major priority but he was not too concerned about what he needed to do to become one. The pack has a law that no alpha can ascend the throne unless he already has a mate.

Alexander's father was so sure his son was going to get a mate on his eighteenth year birthday. After all, he was the strongest alpha male the pack had to offer. Moreover, The moon goddess had blessed him with a look that can only be bestowed on a god.

He was tall, handsome, and masculine.

His father also wanted the honor of passing the crown to his only son just as his father did him. His heart was more than broken when his son could not find his mate on his eighteenth year birthday and a few months later, the old king died. leaving vacant the most important seat of all the werewolf kingdoms, for his younger brother to take care of, till Alexander can find a mate.

Alexander had been given a four years grace period to find his mate or forever be banished from the pack.

It's been over three years since that decree has been made, Alexander was yet to find his mate. But what he lacked in companionship, he gained in strength and stamina.

He was good with his sword, better with his fist, and a nightmare in his wolf nature.

A warrior charged toward him with all his might, attempting to hit him with the sword in his hand. He ducked and with a swift of his sword emptied the warrior's Tommy as his intestines rushed out of the tiny space that they once had as home.

Another man charged toward him in anger, running with all his might but unfortunately, he missed his chance as a swipe from Alex's sword sent his head flying from the rest of his body.

Just then, Alexander heard a gasp behind him. He turned to see a warrior with an arrow, piercing through his heart, coughing out blood before crumbling to the ground.

As the warrior falls, Alexandra's eyes came in contact with Jessica, the best archer in the entire kingdom, and a best friend of his.

Many had believed that they were made to be the power couple, even though Alex had never thought of Jessica that way.

He had never thought of any woman that way. All he wanted just wanted with any female was just a bit of wild rough sex and after that, he was done with them.

He believed keeping a woman would weaken him as his enemies would find an easy way to get to him. Jessica marched towards him armed with her bow and arrow, firing shots at the enemies round about them. She soon got close to him and smirked at his admiring look.

“Are you going to continually stare at me or are you going to kill these motherfuckers, so we can get the fuck out of here,” she asked teasingly.

“You are late,” he said as a little smile played around his side lips.

“just so I remind you, you never invited me alpha, so how can you say I'm late”

“We will continue this discussion later,” he said, as he turns his eyes to the little cell which held the reason they were there in the first place.

The cell was protected by over thirty men who had various weapons, and with his men still far behind in the battle, he has the choice to either attack to wait till his men arrive.

“Go, I will cover you,” Jessica said to him, and that was all the reassurance he needed. The only person he trusted most in the world aside from himself would be Jessica.

He took steady Strides towards the warriors, who immediately attacked him, but he was steady and he tackled each man one at a time.

Jessica looked at her best friend and admired how strong and courageous he was, but knew that if she didn't step in sooner or later, Alexander would be badly injured or killed.

She watches the fight before her with a broken heart as a million thoughts flew through her mind. But a whimpering sound from Alex was all she needed to start firing her arrows at the warriors.

As soon as Alex got a breathing space, he was back on his feet, swinging the sword in his hand in all directions, till every man who was once standing was lying dead on the floor.

He looked around to see if Jessica was still there but soon discovers that she was gone. He runs to the cells and cuts open the chains as a little girl, not more than eight years old ran out to hug him in a tight embrace.

“I knew you will come for me,” she said in her tiny little innocent voice.

The little girl's name is purity, she is the daughter of Derrick and she is Alexander's favorite niece.

“I will always come to get wherever you may be sweetheart,” he said placing tiny feathering kisses on her cheeks.

“You are my hero,” she said, bursting with happiness.

“Come, it's time to take you home,” he said, lifting the child on one arm, and arming himself with his sword on the other hand.


Back in the bad moon pack, everyone went about their daily activities. It was getting close to the evening, as a Van carrying newly bought slaves and foodstuff drove into view.

The van stops, and the slaves were ordered to come down. The slave all looked scared as this would be their first time there. But, they have heard stories of the bad moon pack. Terrifying stories.

There has been little hush talk among themselves while being driven here, the deal of surviving the first day in the pack was to be found useful, else it means immediate death for anyone that is not picked.

But noticeably among the slave was a young girl, not more than nineteen years old. She was petite and looked so fragile, that anyone would think she would drop dead soon from her tiny structure.

“Welcome to your new home, I know you have all been brought from various packs but here you must try to live as one, you will be assigned different positions and places to work, you must never be found wanting in any way, is that clear?” a man dressed in a warriors outfit said.

“Yes sir” they all answered.

Soon the head of various units came to pick the people they wanted to work with, the farmers came and took those that said they could work in the pack farmlands.

The kitchen head came and took those that could cook with her and same with the cleaners, they took theirs too.

By the time they were done, only one girl remained standing, nobody wanted anything to do with her because she was too skinny and weak to be useful to any of them.

Her heart was pounding faster by the minutes, she knew the implication of not being picked, she has been told severally. The repercussion is too dreadful to think about as she tries to fight the hot tears that were threatening to drop from her eyes.

“You come here,” the soldier said with his hand placed on his sword, she moved as if the wind ordered her steps, she was a few steps from the soldier when he drew his sword.

That same minute, a voice roared from behind her,

“Stop!" the voice ordered, and the soldier returned his sword to his formal position.

A man came to address the warrior in rage, the mere sight of him sent shivers down her spine. He was huge and intimidating,

“I thought I said there should be no more killing of slaves, irrespective of whatever the case may be,” the man who just saved her life said to the warrior.

She couldn't exactly map out exactly what he looked like, but from his bloody shoes and legs, she could tell that he was a very dangerous man.

“I'm sorry Alpha, but I was acting on your uncle's instruction,” the warrior said.

“Where is he?”

“In the Packhouse”

"Leave her alone," Alexandra said to the warrior as he walked towards the Packhouse, not for once sparing the girl whose life he just save a glance.

she sighed relief as she stood there alone, unsure of when next to her last breath would be drawn. Just then, she heard another set of footsteps heading towards her but she was too scared to see who it was.

“I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting my dear, please come let's go, we have lots of patients waiting for us to attend to,” a friendly female voice said.

She lifted her head to see a smiling elderly woman and for the first time in her nineteen years of living, she felt a bit of comfort.

What's your name,” the elderly woman asked as she led the way to the pack health clinic.

“Ashley” she mumbled under her breath.