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The Broken Luna's  Redemption

The Broken Luna's Redemption

Author:Cynthia Chris


"You are my mate? " Allen asked. "Ye... Yes," I nodded. "No, thanks… I don't want you," His words pierced my heart like a sharply silver blade. "How can the Moon Goddess mate me with a weak thing like you, you don't have a wolf, remember?" He snarled. I’m Aria, I do not have a wolf. I was treated like a curse and a plague when my mother died because of me. The only thing that kept me going was the hope of finding my mate. But my world crumbled when I found I was mated to the future Alpha King, my worst enemy, Allen. He rejected me without a second thought, but I can not accept his rejection without a wolf. I was broken and decided to end my life, but the attempts of ending my life only started my journey of discovering myself! Years have passed, and I become strong and gorgeous, it is time for me to return to revenge on everyone that contributed to my pain! When I accept my first mate’s rejection formally, I feel a strange pull toward the golden eye Lycan Prince...
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Aria's POV

"What a pathetic and ugly thing you are?"

"How long would you continue to be a jerk?"

"You are better to die than to live… you are nothing but occupying space in this Pack,"

"I blamed your mother for putting her life to save you, a such worthless being…"



My name is Aria Scott, I was the most reviled creature in the Pack. My fatal flaw? I was born without the ability to shift into a wolf.

My mother died defending me from rogue attackers, a tragedy that marked the beginning of my lifelong suffering.

The Pack never let me forget my weakness, punishing me for it every chance they got. I was the scapegoat for their frustrations, relegated to menial chores and cleaning duty as their punching bag.

I have always tried to fit into the type of girl that they want but it has been one hell of a thing, especially when I am living under the same roof with my mother's sister, Susan.

Living in the same house with aunt Susan was like torture, like being trapped in burning flames.

I was treated like a curse, like a plague.

My presence was met with animosity, particularly from Allen, the future Alpha, and his crew. 

I am scared of them and always find a way to avoid them though I have always had this thing called a crush on him he is nothing but a rascal, a cold-hearted creature. The air that I breathe disgusts him to the core.

It's clear that he loves someone else, Amber, the daughter of the Beta. One thing is for sure if there is something that I am proud of is knowing how to buckle up my emotions.

The only thing that has kept my head on the hook and always has me focused is just the joy of my eighteenth birthday which is tomorrow.

Though I might have passed the age that we do find our wolves, I have this feeling that tomorrow is going to be hilarious because a lot of people are going to find their mates but I am scared because of my buzzard. 

The absence of my wolf gives me concern and tomorrow is the day that wolf finds their mate, the day they will find their other half.

I have heard different stories about the mate bond, on how one was enabled to know their other half, their fated mate. 

And how the mate bond is like a force that pulls one towards their fated mate, that they could be able to smell and detect that this person is theirs.

A glue that could hold all of your pieces together, the person that could love you no matter the circumstances. 

But so bad I don't think that I would be able to know what it feels like, what a mate bond feels like. 

Sighing I tilted my neck to the other side and that's when I heard a rustling sound from behind, at first I thought that it was my head playing tricks on me till I heard her sickening voice.

"Well! Well. Guess who we have here?" She said in a sing-song voice, the minors laughed causing me to roll my eyes at them in my head.

Turning around I was meant with Amber, Allen's girlfriend, the girl that I hated most on this planet. 

Anyway, the feeling was mutual because she never resists picking on me at any slightest opportunity that she gets. 

Slowly getting off the bench, I mentally prepare myself for all the beating and insults that I did receive from them.

"What a bitch?!" She scoffed when standing elegantly in a red lacy gown and boots that barely had her butt covered with her lips stretched out in mockery. 

"Uhm…" I gulped hard and tried to take a step away from them but I was pulled back forcefully by one of her minors, Jessy.

"Huh," she furrowed her brow with a dangerous smirk playing at the bottom of her lips. I trembled under her hateful gaze with my heart pondering heavily within me.

"Where do you think that you are going, bitch!" She snapped and with a quivering lip I was able to force out the word, "Please….."

"Not when I haven't had fun with my little doll," she nods towards the water. 

My eyes widened as I followed the direction of her eye.

"No! No!" I clamored as her minors, they grabbed me and tossed me into the water, luckily I wasn't that bad at swimming.

I sank and forced myself up while gasping for air.

Lifting my head, I heard their laughter and how it was echoing throughout the whole place. 

They were so sure enjoying the show, how I was struggling to swim myself out of the water. 

I pathetically stared at them with pain and anger, I felt worthless as I couldn't do anything.

But unfortunately, I heard my aunt's voice beside us.

"What is going on here?" My aunt asked.

"Nothing, just trying to teach this pathetic fool, her place…" Amber uttered sarcastically, earning a small laugh from her minors.

I glared at them but I couldn't say much. Aunt Susan disgustingly glanced at me causing me to shrink back deeper inside the water with my head lowered.

"Sorry, just pardon that dirty smug,"

"Fine though, it is so sad that the fun will end so quickly but I will let her go today," she said with a hurtful expression.

I know that she is just acting up.

"Thanks," Susan muttered with a smile.

"See you soon, plaything," Amber stomps out of the place together with her minors. 

I released a breath of relief but unlucky me I was in for another hell.

"What a pathetic ugly thing you are?" Susan cursed.

"I am… sorry, aunt,"

"How long would you continue to be a jerk?" She lashed out at me.

"Sorry for disappointing you, aunt, but I couldn't fight back," I mumbled with my head cast down.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed to face her.

"Disappoint me!" She repeated.

"No! I blamed your mother for putting her life to save you worthless being… you made me lose my only sister that I have on earth because of your cursed life," my heart pangs at each word that she says.

"How could you fight back when you are just a waste of space,"

"You are better to die than to live… you are nothing but occupying space in this pack," she continued going on as her every word breaks me.

This was the exact woman that always made sure that I never lacked anything when my mother was still alive.

But after her demise, she turned me into a punching bag. Caring less about me, she starved me and treated me like trash.

She maltreated me and tossed me around like I wasn't enough, the same applies to her husband and daughter Jessy, Amber's minor.

Entering that house always has my heart at race and panicking.

"I am… so sorry, aunt," a sob escaped from my lips. I begged her non-stop.

"I don't know why I took it upon myself to have you under my roof because you are nothing but a thorn in the flesh," she spits.

"You know what? Go inside the room, clean the whole house, wash the plates both the neat and the dirty ones… wash the whole clothes and iron them, did I make myself clear?" She snapped at me viciously.

"Please... That is too much," 

"I don't care! Go in there and do what I told you before I return. And you are going to make the dinner and serve it at the right time,"

"Aunt, please… I beg of you, please," My eyes teared up.

"It is none of my business and that's final," That was her last word before she stomped out of the place. 

However, when I am done with the housework, my whole body aches due to too many loads of work. 

Now I still have to prepare dinner and serve it before they return. 

This has been a daily encounter since my mother's demise but still, I never seem to get used to that.