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One Fated Night

One Fated Night

Author:Mr. Rams


Aria Wilson agrees to her step- sister offers to have a one night stand with an old man interchange for large amounts. It will be use for his brother’s operation. What they don’t know is the man she had sex with is turned out to be Jake Thomson! The most powerful man in Golden City, a multi-billionaire. Her step- sister Ayah, pretended that she is the one he was with that night so she is the on who gained wealth. Aria got pregnant and walked away but after five years she came back and her children…
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Aria Wilson opened her eyes. It was already three o'clock in the morning. The room was dark and cold. The man next to her was still asleep, he unable to see her appearance at all and so she was.

But as long as she thought that he had fucked her five times that night, Aria’s face was immediately blushed.

“How could his physical strength be so good? Is he really that old?”

The room was too dark to see the man's appearance.

Aria endured the pain in her body. It was so sore. She gritted her teeth and came out of the presidential suite but suddenly a figure stopped her.

"Aria, how's it going, is everything done?"

It was her half-sister, Ayah Wilson.

"Hmm." Aria nodded.

"What hmm? Tell me are you sure he didn't see your face?" Ayah asked with some unease.

“Yes, I’m sure. The room was dark all night.” Aria replied.


After all, this man is Mr. Rod Samson, the chief judge of this fashion competition, an old man who is almost fifty years old.

Mr. Samson made an offer that as long as Ayah agreed for a one night stand, the champion of the competition would be none other than her.

However, Ayah didn’t want to have sex with Mr. Samson so she asks Aria to help her. It's a coincidence that Aria was needed a large sum of money, Ayah Offer one million to make a deal with Aria.

"Did you bring the money?" Aria asks, thinking only of his brother who was still in the hospital waiting for money for his surgery.

Ayah bit her lower lip, wrote a check with a million in it then handed it to Aria. “Hopefully, your beloved brother will be alright. Thanks for the help."

Aria took a look at the check after taking it. She didn't bother to continue to talk to her and just turned away.

A tears roll down on Aria’s beautiful face. If it weren't for her brother's urgent surgery, she wouldn't have been able to sell her body!

After Aria leave the suites, Ayah walks into the room, took off her clothes, climbed on the bed and lay down next to the man.

When it was almost dawn, Ayah pretended to push the man next to him, and said in a sniffing voice, "You are so bad mister… My body is so sore!”

In the darkness, the man opened his eyes suddenly. His brain was still a little groggy after the hangover but he vaguely remembered fucking hard a woman, she was very sweet-smelling, delicate and virgin?

The man completely awaken when he remember the night. He turned to a woman next to him and said, "I'm Sorry, I'm so drunk. I'll be responsible for you. Don’t worry."

The low, mellow voice is particularly pleasant in the quiet room.

"H-Huh?" Ayah whisper.

Wait? Why he is not sounded like an old man?

Why is smell is so alluring and fresh? Like a young man.

Ayah sat up hurriedly and immediately pressed the lamp on the head of the bed.

Only to see the man was young and handsome!

It wasn't Mr. Rod Samson!

In a moment of shock, Ayah also recognized the man's face.

He turned out to be Jake Thomson!

The most powerful man in Golden City, A CEO, a Multi-Billionaire.

"I'll give you everything you want." At the moment when Ayah was still on shock, Jake had already gotten up and after changing her clothes in the dressing room, he came out of the dress neatly then handed her a gold-plated business card, "There is my phone number and address on it. Call me anytime."

Ayah grabbed the sheet to cover her nakedness and took the business card in a daze.

Still no words coming from Ayah.

Jake had already stepped away.

Looking at the business card in her hand, Ayah was very excited, she didn't expect Aria's luck to be so good, and she actually slept with Jake Thomson by mistake.

But her luck was better, because Jake Thomson misidentified her!

Not to mention a competition champion, that is, the future Golden City will be hers!

"yes! Jackpot!" Ayah scream happily.


In the hospital.

The light on the operating room door was finally turned off after nearly four hours.

Aria saw the doctor leaving the operating room, “Doctor, how is Ariel? Is he in good condition?

"The operation was successful, he just need time to recover don’t worry." The doctor replied.

"Really? Thank you so much doctor!"

Hearing this, Aria's tears falls down again. Her efforts were not in useless. As long as she could save her brother, she could do anything.

Even she needed to sold herself and her virginity.

To be continued