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Alpha Jake

Alpha Jake



Liberty had her life mapped out with her partner Harris until his mating ceremony turns her world upside down. Empty and betrayed she must find it within herself to accept the new pack that offered her refuge in even though they are are the coldest pack known to her kind. Knowing that the old alpha of the pack killed her mother she can't see past it when she meets the new Alpha. She can feel the secrets that they hold but will she realise that the secrets are about her? Will she live to the destiny that the moon goddess has carved out for her?
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“So Harris is choosing his mate tonight,” my best friend, Millie asked.

I couldn’t help but giggle at enthusiasm, “Yes, Millie! I’m so excited. But I still have some nervous.” Looking at her excitedly, I patted my chest like I was soothing a baby, trying to calm myself down.

"Just relax, I'm sure you'll be the happiest one tonight." Millie grabbed my arms to comfort me.

"But what if I'm not his mate? You know how much I love Harris. I can't imagine I'm not the right one for him!" I looked at Millie with an uneasy face.

“No, you needn’t worry about it! You are be definitely his future Luna! ” I didn't know why she was so sure; maybe she's just trying to give me some relief.

“Liberty, remember though, I love you forever there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, sisters until the end,” she said with a sparkle in her eye.

I saw a flicker of emotion flash across her face but it was gone so quickly that I didn’t realise what it meant.

After my mother passed away when I was 13 years old, the most important persons in my life were my dad and my grandmother Mary. But then I met Harris and Millie, they treated me so well and they meant a lot to me, I think God really blessed me.

I looked at Millie and felt so lucky to have such a good friend. Surrounded by love, I am very satisfied with my life right now.


Millie's eyes sparkled in the moonlight and a dazzling smile crossed her face that I could sense that she was unsure. I grabbed her arm and looped it around mine, patting it with my hand.

“This is where it all begins”, I said, smiling back at her.

The music already deafening us as we approached and the entire pack waited outside for our Alpha to address us. We stopped in awe as Luna Jenkins walked out of the door, smiling at us all. She was so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she glided elegantly through the pack.

Alpha Jenkins walked the pack as we all parted ways for him. I watched him knowing even though I dated his son for 3 years he never liked me. I don’t know why. But it’s Okay for me if only Harris like me. I wondered if that look on his face was despair that I would be his son’s mate.

As he stood he watched us all and waved his hands, “Tonight my pack we will celebrate as our son Harris finds his mate among you all”, he said as we all relaxed and watched. His smile not quite reaching his eyes but his words sent goosebumps over my skin.

Harris walked through next and my stomach clenched excited by seeing my man facing us all. Mille gripped my hand tight and stroked it with her thumb, “It's okay”, she whispered. I thought she just wanted me not to be so nervous.

I would never understand what happened next, how I missed it in a blink of an eye Harris was storming through the crowd towards us. His wolf pushing forward and a shiver ran up my spine and excitement coarse my veins.

He charged like an animal that was possessed and I was ready for him. I stood and opened my arms to welcome him to me. His eyes met mine, but there was something in them I'd never seen before. And the glimmer of recognition flashed in his eyes but then his eyes darted from me and rested upon Mille!

She looked face down to the ground and hadn’t realised Harris knelt beside her. And when she did, she was shocked.

"We talked about this before, Harris. you need to choose Liberty! W-Why you do this now?"

"I'm sorry, I just can't resist my desire for you, I really can't help myself!" Harris moaned in pain.

I watched in horror as my boyfriend cupped my best friend's face and raised it to him. Their eyes met and sparkled to one another.

I just realised that Millie was already 18 last month, so she already knew Harris was her mate?

“Mate”, Harris said and Millie's eyes sparkled and she went to speak as I screamed out “NO!!!”

Harris growl rumbled through him so loud that the pack members stood back, My eyes glistened with the hurt and betrayal I felt inside.

Millie wanted to reach out to me to explain it all.

I couldn’t help but step back as she stood the hunger he felt for her was evident in her eyes. How did I not see it before, all those times being together and around each other. I didn’t question her closeness with him because she was my best friend.

“Liberty”, She spoke softly to me. "I didn't expect this, I never want to hurt you!"

I could feel all the eyes of the pack burn into us as Millie stepped towards me, “I’m sorry Liberty”, she spoke.

She was elegant and graceful and in that moment everything I was not. I shook my head as tears rolled down my cheek, “You could have said,” I spat.

“I tried. But every time I want to say it, I'm afraid of hurting you. I know how you love Harris. I'm afraid I'm going to lose you! I...I told him to choose you as his mate! But I didn’t expect that he didn't do that...” She said and touched my hand.

I pulled my hand from her, I shook my head in disbelief. “Really? If you tell me the truth, I will accept fate. Because you and him are so important in my life! But see what have you done! I'm hurting even more now. Do you really think lying to me with Harris, making me think that I am his mate would make me happy? ! I'm not a love beggar or something, waiting for you to give me handouts! So why don't you stop being so pretentious here! Your bitch!”

“Liberty, stop! Don't put those harsh words on her!” Harris stepped to Millie's side. As if I was the one who should leave at his mating ritual.

"You think I'm too harsh on her huh? What about me? Aren’t you two being too harsh on me?! My dream was to be your MATE, but now it’s just like a joke! Turns out I've been occupying my best friend's mate! Ha! Now you're defending her to me, shouting to me like I am just nobody. We've been dating for three years Harris! Suddenly you're acting like it means nothing to you?!" I screamed hysterically at him.

There is a guilty flashed in his eyes, “I can’t resist my fate from the Moon Godness. Just let us accept it, Liberty! Stop being irrational!”

His words stabbed me like a sharp knife and I felt my world collapse. I didn't understand why this man was so cruel to me. I... I didn't even know if he ever really loved me or not? In the end, I was the only one dreaming of spending the rest of my life with him.

Millie's eyes reflected her fear and panic as she tried to explain to me again, I could see her face was pale, looked precariously fragile.

But when I saw Harris take her hand, once again, anger took over my sanity. I raised my hand to hit Miller but Harris stopped me by grabbing my hand. I looked into his eyes, and there was no trace of love or guilty, only full of anger. He squeezed my arm so hard that it seemed that he want to crush my bones.

Without giving me time to react, a heavy slap fell on my face. I looked at Harris in disbelief.

He took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry, Liberty, I just want you to calm down! Miller is the mate that Moon goddess arranged for me. Like it or not, we can only accept that. Please. Watch me finish this mate ritual in silence or leave!"

"What?!" Did he just hit me? I can feel how burning pain on my face! I came to my senses, anger swept through my head. I immediately raised my hand and taking the full force of my hatred I had for Harris in that one strike. How dare he!

I was so angry that I didn't notice Luna coming over and trying to stop me from hurting her son. When I realized that my slap was about to land on her face instead of Harris's, I couldn't take it back.

I saw her stagger back and the gasps from all around still rang in my ears. I didn’t know how to react!

Oh shit! what have I done.