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Addicted To You

Addicted To You



The same day she slept with a stranger (mistakenly), was also the same day her boyfriend cheated on her. Things got a lot worse when she found out she was pregnant. Six years later, when she returns with her son, Luna has no idea what awaits for her. ~ “Every inch of yours is mine, Moonshine” he spoke, his deep voice felt like a velvet touch on my skin. Aaron pulled me closer, his hot breath hitting my nose tip. He smirked noticing my flushed cheeks and parted lips. “You escaped six years ago” he continued, his lips brushing my cheeks as we danced slowly. “But this time, you won't get any chances to escape from me.” “How do you know?” I breathed, meeting his piercing gray eyes. My mind was in a mess that I couldn't come up with anything else. “Because the moment I set my eyes on you, Moonshine, I knew you are mine to keep” he said, without even flinching on his words. “Mine to love and mine to treasure.”
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— LUNA —


The two lines on the test kit showed that I was pregnant. I stared at the two red lines, unable to believe it. My fingers shook while I was holding the kit. “It can't be... ” I mumbled, already all the worst-case scenarios playing inside my head.

I threw it inside the trash can placed beside the sink and turned on the faucet. I need to calm down. Most of the time, these test results came out as false. However, I knew that the test being wrong in my case had less than a twenty percent chance. I had already done two tests and in both, it was confirmed I was pregnant.

A wave of nausea hit me again, making me gag. I had already emptied my stomach in the morning and I hadn't eaten anything since then. Nothing came out but the sick feeling wouldn't go away.

Turning off the faucet, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My face was a shade paler, my eyes seemed to have lost their shine and my cheeks were hollow. I looked disheveled. My eyes deterred towards the trash can where the test kit glared back at me.

Dread and horror had been hovering over me since this morning, and now that I knew what the results were, they itched on my skin. What was I going to do now? Most importantly, I didn't know who the baby's father was. I wouldn't have felt sickened by myself if I knew who I slept with.

Two weeks ago, a series of events turned my life upside down. That day would be the worst day of my life. Not only was I cheated upon, I mistakenly slept with someone else.

Tears burned in the back of my eyes. My stomach was in knots and the ghastly feeling intensified with every passing minute.

If only I knew that the one day which I thought would be the most special— turned out to be the ugliest— I wouldn't have gone there. Hell, if I knew drinking one bottle was enough to get me tipsy and lead me to sleep with someone else, I wouldn't have touched the bottle.



“Hey, it's Mike. Please leave your message” Mike's recorded voice blared again for the fourth time. I sulked, hundreds of questions swarming in my head. I had already called him for the fifth time but he wasn't answering my calls.

I left another text, hoping he would see all the twenty texts and would come over as soon as he could.

Turning off my phone, I gazed at the night view of Brooklyn through the floor-length window of the hotel room. The scene was so beautiful, and it would have been romantic if only Mike was here.

I checked the time again. Eight forty. Where was he? Nervousness and anticipation got the best in me as I paced back and forth around the room, butterflies dancing in my stomach. Maybe he was on his way so he didn't bother answering me. Maybe he got stuck in traffic. Maybe—

I let out a grumble and plopped on the king-size bed. Overthinking wouldn't provide me any sanity. My fingers sporadically brushed with the soft rose petals which I had scattered over the bed.

The sudden ping of my phone made me jump. I checked my phone in a hurry only to find Amelia's text. My shoulders sagged again.

Amelia – Sorry, love. I have been shifted to Entrance no. 4.

I didn't see Mike, though. Is he there with you?”

I texted, with a lot less enthusiasm than I had a few hours ago.

Me – No, he is not here yet. I don't know if he will come or not.

Amelia – That bastard! How dare he make you wait! Wait till I see him in the morning.

I smiled. My best friend knew how to lift one's mood. We texted for a while and then when she had to go to her work, I went back to overthinking again.


Nine fifty-two. It was fucking nine fifty-two and yet, Mike wasn't here. My worry and frustration turned into anger and sadness. I felt like I was being stood up. On our second anniversary night, I had planned to surprise Mike but this was the way I was rewarded.

I wouldn't have felt so upset if it was some other day. But today, it was our anniversary. This was special for both of us. I thought Mike would be as excited as I was about our second-anniversary celebration. Last year, he threw a big party, invited our friends and celebrated our first anniversary in the jolliest way. He had surprised me last year, and this time, I took the lead but look what my outcome turned out to be.

For five hours straight I have spent decorating this huge room all by myself. I looked around, the candles were already half burnt, the excitement buzzing inside the room all gone. Even the balloons seemed sad.

Fuck him. I gritted my teeth and unscrewing the champagne bottle, I chugged the content down my throat in one go. The chilled liquid was smooth but my throat burned a little. The more I drank, the more I felt hurt. Tears pricked at the back of my eyes as I reached to unscrew another champagne bottle. It would be such a waste if all this hard work goes to waste.

Holding the bottle in one hand, I stared at the cake on the coffee table. In bold letters, the words HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY, LOVE glared at me.

Grinding my teeth, I wiped off the inscription written with white chocolate and sucked it. This wasn't how I had been supposed to celebrate, but I was left with nothing. The faint jazz music played in the background. I rose from the couch and swayed my hips along with the rhythm. I let go of the frustration binding me, and danced like I was Lady Gaga.

I didn't know for how long I was dancing like a drunk horse when I heard a knock on the door. I halted, unsure if I heard it right or not. The sound came again, this time louder.

Mike? It has to be him. I knew he would come. The anger I felt started to dissipate and the ray of hope bloomed again.

I let out a barfly laugh, my legs wobbling as I tried to wipe my fingers as it was messy with chocolate. Once cleaned, I walked up to the door and unlocked it.