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After Divorce,She Became A Billionaire

After Divorce,She Became A Billionaire



Before the divorce, he abandoned her and thought she is loose woman. "Here's the divorce papers, sign and GET OUT!" After the divorce, he suddenly found that the uneducated, hooking ex-wife became beautiful and sassy! The suitors are even more incessant. Major General: "Lydia is my future wife, whoever dares to touch her, I will chop him!" Golden Lawyer: "Lydia is my law!" Top Idol: "If Lydia gives the word, I'll be at your service, no matter what!" The Ex-husband: "Honey, I'm wrong!"
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The Barrie Family

The woman in front of the mirror was wearing a white nightgown, knee-length, revealing a pair of white arms and slender legs.

Her long black hair was a reflection of her pale face, and her small, delicate face had lost the sparkle of her eyes at her age.

This was the third year, two months and seven days of her marriage to Harold.

For three years, for more than a thousand days and nights, she just waiting for the occasional visit from her husband Harold in this cold villa.

Thinking of this, the woman suddenly smiled to herself.

How ridiculous!

The maid approached her with a black suit, a hint of coldness and disdain in her gaze.

"Lydia, the gentleman will be back soon, so why don't you get changed and greet him?"

Here, no one think of her as hostess, not even the maid.

Lydia is like a superfluous human being and they are deeply disgusted by her.

Holding out her hand and picking up the long black dress, she dressed up like a delicate and noble little princess and sat dutifully on the sofa waiting for the man to come.

And then, take her to - divorce!

Yes, their marriage is coming to a halt today.

The reason for everything is that woman is back.

Lydia took a look at herself in the mirror and suddenly a charming smile blossomed, as it was her last day as his wife.

She took her lipstick out of her bag and tinted her lips even redder in front of her mobile phone.

Outside the door, a dull, regular footstep came, each step like a step on the tip of her heart.

Despite the fact that he had been here only a handful of times in the past three years, Lydia could tell at first sight that it was him!


The glass door was slammed open from the outside, and the late autumn breeze carried a flurry of dead leaves that fell next to the man's shiny shoes.

The next moment, it was trampled by him.

Looking upwards, there is a pair of long, slender legs, wearing black suit trousers, which enhance the man's figure.

He has a face that is seductive, with lean, defined features and dark eyes that are as deep as a cold pond, and he is looking at himself with a hint of anger. The gaze was cold, like the snow in winter.

It didn't matter, she was used to him looking at her like that and smiled blandly.

"Lydia, what are you doing dawdling around? We agreed to go to the Civil Registry at 10am for a divorce!"

The man stepped forward and cupped her delicate chin with his large hand, applying extreme pressure.


A tears soon ooze from her eyes, but the stubborn Lydia did not want to show her weakness in front of this man.

Even if she had to gnash her silver teeth, she would still have to smile.

"I'm waiting for you, aren't I? Let's go." The tone was relaxed as if they were just going to see the symphony play.

The black Lamborghini was parked at the door and Woodrow, the assistant, was standing by the car with a stern look on his face.

When he saw the two figures approaching, he opened the car door respectfully.

"Civil Registry"

The man commanded in a cold voice.

The woman's lips blossomed into two sweet and unusual dimples, as if she was not the one to be divorced today ......

Lydia deliberately sat to the left of Harold, the closest distance to his heart. Even if the man doesn't have a heart at all.

The car started slowly and the atmosphere in the car was depressed to freezing point, silent as a pool of stagnant water.

Harold was staring out of the car window as if he could not wait to get to the Civil Service.


Suddenly, the tyres hit the ground with an ear-splitting sound and Lydia's body leaned uncontrollably towards him as the brakes were applied.

The man avoided her figure for the first time, allowing her to hit the door handle.


The sound is huge. A bruise on her forehead soon.

"Hiss," she couldn't help but make a sound that seemed to really hurt.

Harold doesn't know how, but his heart hurts at the sight of a scar on her beautiful white forehead.

Harold shrugged off the thought for a second... he had no sympathy for such a filthy, despicable woman!

“What's going on!”He questioned

"Sor ...... sorry Sir, someone just crossed the road." Woodrow explained in a frightened and incoherent voice.

"Watch the road." He did not blame Woodrow too much

It was only when the man's cold voice sounded that Woodrow breathed a sigh of relief.

Lydia sat up with her hand over her head, her eyes bright as she looked at the man sitting upright and cool.

Even if it hurts more, she keeps smiling all the time.

Harold looked at her smile and felt extremely uncomfortable.

What is that smile?

Self-deprecation, disdain and a touch of inexplicable sadness, her pale face with a bruise on the chin and forehead, undoubtedly called for pity.

Once again, the absurd thought came to him.

It's all because this woman is such a good actress, otherwise she wouldn't have made Grandpa like her so much and to forced him to marry her.

He must not be confused.


A few moments later, they arrived the Civil Service.

"Lydia, is ...... um, You've only been married a year!" The staff was a bit shocked

"Yes, what's the problem?"Lydia reply

"Why did you divorce?" Yes, the first year of marriage is often the sweetest time. It's hard not to wonder what's going on.

Harold frowned fiercely and twisted his eyebrows, "Don't ask too much, just do the paperwork, I don't have time for an interview here!"

Hiss ......

This man is handsome, but he has a bad temper and is aloof, which makes him hard to get along with.

"Excuse me, sir. It's our job. I need to keep this lady safe."

She looking at the bruises on Lydia's chin and forehead,and asked seriously, "Did he beat or abused you, if so ...... we can help you with that!"

If this is true, the police need to be called. Her hand was already on the alarm on the desk, ready to be pressed.


Lydia was slightly stunned that Harold had never laid a hand on her in the past three years, even though he hated her. He would only vent his frustration in bed, tormenting her hard.

Other than that, there is only cold violence between them.

The woman smiled abruptly, reached out and touched her head, shaking her head, "No. The wound was caused by an accidental fall just now, it has nothing to do with him."

"Eh ...... ok, ok. Do you two have any children then?" The staff still looked disbelieving, as if they were judging whether she was afraid to tell the truth. But she took the opportunity to measure the beautiful woman in front of her, except for the wound on her head indeed there are no scars. Then she to continue to ask questions.


Both replied in unison, crisp and sharp.

Lydia smiled bitterly. He had planned all this long ago, so he wouldn't remain anything inside every time he had sex, so where would the baby come from?

And she, too, did not care to bind him with children. Whenever she was urged by his grandfather to have a baby, she used the excuse that she was "her body is not well" to get by.

No children would have been less of a problem, and the staffer went on to the last question, "So, Did you hire a lawyer to discuss the division of property?"

"My lawyer will handle that. Give her three ......"

Before the last word "billion" could be uttered, Lydia cut him off.

"I don't need anything!"


Lydia smiled at his puzzled gaze like a siren, her eyes narrowed into little crescent moons.

"What are you playing again? Didn't you marry me for the money?"

At the time, her father Mr. Swift was asking for a hundred million dollars, and there was no bigger aim in the city than Barrie family.

The insult in his words was like a cold blade plunging into her heart, dripping with blood.

Lydia looked down, her thick lashes hiding the watery glow in her eyes.

"I said, I don't need anything!" Lydia said firmly


Not long after. The divorce certificate is in hand, one for each of them.

Lydia fondles the divorce certificate in her hand, her nose slightly sore, having been married to him for only three years, but her secret love for him is much more than that.

Harold got his hands on it, turned around and threw the divorce papers into the bin at the door.

Whether married or divorced, it was as if his marriage to her was a blot on his life that he did not want to remember.

"Woodrow, let's go." Harold commanded with a cold, handsome face.

What about Mrs.Lydia?

Woodrow was hesitant to give Lydia a lift when Harold opened his stern eyes and looked at him.

"What are you still waiting for?"

"Woodrow, go ahead and leave me alone, someone will be here soon to pick me up."

Lydia suddenly said.

Harold gave her a look out of the corner of his eye and a surge of anger shot through him.

They are divorced, and she's no longer eligible to ride in his car, dirty!

Lydia stood by the roadside, looking at the distant black luxury car, and smiled slowly.


Another beautiful parabola slides down.

The two divorce papers lay quietly in the dustbin, unremembered.