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Author:Arabella Tomlinson


[Book 1] "I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn't something about you at all. It was just you." -Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Life for Hunter Stevens was anything but perfect. His father walked out on him, when he was only 6 years old. His mother became a workaholic and his brother took up the role as both mother and father to him. At the age of 16 he became a father to twin boys after a drunken night out with friends.He gets bullied left a right by his once best friend, turned bully, after he came out. They live in a four bedroom apartment, twenty minutes away from school. His mother works as a doctor at Phoenix Children's hospital. His brother has started a job at the local gym as a trainer. Life for him gets turned upside down when he meets the Levine siblings. One would think that everything will be normal with them around but what Hunter doesn't know is that they hide a secret, a big one that involves him. Logan Levine, had everything he ever wanted, yet he was missing something, though he didn't know just yet. His parents are happily married and have been for the past 30 years. He has an older brother and two younger siblings. He's a senior. He has the looks, the money, the popularity. His family moves from London, England, to Phoenix, Arizona due to his mother being transferred. Did I mention that he's a werewolf? He's the second to the alpha title after his brother, Lykan, steps down when Logan turns 18, which wasn't for another 4 months. What will happen when he starts school a day after arriving at Arizona and he scents his mate? What will he do when he sees a group of boys beating the boy? Will he help him or will he be just like everyone else and just watch? What about when he sees Hunter, battered and bruised at the end of the school day? Will he accept Hunter as his mate or will he reject him? Read and find out in This Is How It Goes
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The sunlight bleed into my room making me groan and turn on my back but no less than a second later did I hear my bedroom door open followed by footsteps walking in and the curtains being pulled open letting the sun in.

"Wake up kiddo" My older brother's voice said as he gently shook my shoulder

"Five more minutes Bri" I mumbled making him chuckle

"Sorry bud, but you gotta check on the twins and get them ready for daycare" he stated making me sigh and look at him through hazy eyes

"Can I just stay home today?" I asked and he gave me a sad look with a shake of the head

"Sorry, Hunt" He murmured kissing my forehead before getting up but not before adding

"You never know what could happen today kiddo" and left the room leaving me along to my thoughts.

'Nothing good ever happens to me' I thought to myself as I got out of bed and padded to my bathroom for a quick shower before washing my teeth and peeing. Once done with my morning routing, I walked back to my room, sighing for what felt like the hundredth time this morning, and changed quickly as I heard the twins whimpering through the baby monitor. After grabbing my backpack, I walked out of my room and walked across the hall to their nursery. It was a light blue colored wall with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the windows had brown and white patterned curtains that were pulled open to let the sun in. A dark blue dresser was between the cribs. Above sat their bottles, diapers, and a few baby lotions, creams and cologne.

There were picture frames with each twin on their respective side when they were a few days old, after their mother dropped them off at my front door. That story is for another day. a blue toy box sat in front of Kenny's crib and two rocking type couches were a few feet away a small table in between with a table lamp and a small pink flower base. The couches each had matching pillows that have zigzags on them and at their foot were two foot rests. I smiled when they stopped crying the moment I walked in. They each had a pacifier in their mouths and a teddy bear in hand. They looked up with tear stained cheeks and sniffles.

"Dada" they whimpered

"Shh, it's alright no need to cry" I cooed walking over to them and kissing their foreheads before quickly changing them. I put Kyle in an orange and green long sleeve shirt with jeans and his sketchers while Kenny was in a blue and gray long sleeve shirt, jeans and blue Converse. Once I had them ready, I picked their diaper bag just as Brian walked in

"Ready?" he asked making me nod and Kyle squealed upon seeing his uncle and waddled towards him with his hands up for him to pick him up, which he did with a chuckle, and placed him on his hip kissing his temple.

"Yeah, let's go, Miss Daisy must be waiting for them" I said picking Kenny up and putting him on my hip and grabbing their stuffed bears knowing full well that they will make a fuss if they didn't have them come nap time. Once we had everything and the twins, we walked out with me closing the door behind me. We walked down the hall and out the door to his 2009 Ford Escape and once we had the twins buckled in, we got in with Brian in the driver's side while I took the passenger side.

"You let me know if those idiots bother you again, alright?" He questioned 20 minutes later, after we dropped the boys at day care. I sighed nodding my head knowing that I wasn't going t do as he says.

"I mean it Hunter, I don't want to find you in the boy's bathroom again beaten half to death with your head in the toilet" He said making me flinch as he recounted the last time that I was bullied so bad that I was out for two weeks. I had a broken arm from when Matt, one of my bullies, held it behind me in a tight grip making me cry out in pain while his buddies laughed and kicked me in the stomach and dunked my head in the toilet flushing it until I was limp. They just left me there for my brother to find me hours later when school let out.

"Hunter" he said

"I know" I muttered getting out of the car, head down ignoring the sneers and comments throw at me. High School sucks.


"Melissa did you hear we have four new students?" I heard Lana, the twins mother and my one night drunken stand, said to her friend making the blond squeal and gush about how attractive the brothers were and how pretty the sister. I could hear the guys commenting about topping her and befriending the brothers. I rolled my eyes and ignored their chatting. I sighed making, Molly give me a soft smile to which I returned.

"How are the boys?" She asked

"They're good, they'll be two in two weeks, it's crazy to think about how much time has passed since she left them at my door." I said looking at Lana making Molly shake her head

"I still can't believe she's that heartless" she muttered

"It is what it is Molls" I said just as the door opened and in walked on the most handsome guys I have ever seen. He was about Brian's height maybe an inch or two taller, with washboard abs that can be seen through his tight black V-neck that showed a few tattoos. His hair was a light brown and had that I-just-got-out-of-bed-look and baggy jeans that he finished off with white Chucks. He made all the girls look at him with hunger in their eyes making me and Molly roll our eyes as they pulled their shirts down and hiked up their skirts up.

"Such sluts" Molly muttered under breath making me hold in a giggle

"Very much so" I agreed

"May I ask who you are and why you interrupted my class?" Mr. Richards, our English teacher, questioned

"Sorry, I'm Logan Levine, I'm your new student" the stranger named Logan said in a British accent making the girls swoon.

"Ah of course, Mr. Levine why don't you introduce yourself and then take a sit by Mr. Stevens" he said making my eyes widen and the other students to shoot daggers at me and death glares. I gulped and looked at Molly when she put a reassuring hand on my knee.

"Well, name's Logan, I'm from London, England, I'm one of five children. My mum was transferred here from England two days ago. That's about it" he said shrugging and then looked at Mr.Richards who nodded and then looked up to me

"Hunter please raise your hand so Mr.Levine knows who you are" he said and I did what he asked holding my hand up in the air and not even a minute later, the chair beside, on my left, was pulled back and an intoxicating scent filled my nose. It was a strong scent of rainwater and woods.

"Hi" a voice said beside me making me look over at the new student to see him giving me warm smile as he held his hand out

"Hi"I squeaked making him smile

"Name's Logan," he said

"I know, I heard" I replied making me face palm

"Of course, so your name's Hunter, cool name" he said and I nodded

"Thanks, I guess" I replied looking back to the front as the teacher continued to babble on about Macbeth making the rest of the class yawn. Some chatted away with their friends while others were on their phones texting. I sighed and laid my head on my folded arms. I knew that once the bell rang to dismiss class, that I would be pulled into an empty hall or room to get my ass beat to a point of unconsciousness.


I groaned as I laid on the dirty floor while Matt and his buddies punched and kicked me. Blood was already pooling around me from my busted lip and broken nose. I heard an audible pop making me scream in pain. My shoulder being popped out of its socket by Chris, Matt's friend and my once best friend, as he held it at an angle.

"Please stop" I cried but it only made them laugh and continue their assault only to stop when the door to the locker room was thrown open. I looked over and saw Logan. His eyes looked wild and his jaw was clenched making a vein pop.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" he all but growled making the guys stiffen and back away

"No-nothing dude" Matt stuttered

"The hell you weren't" Logan hissed as he held Matt up by the collar making him struggle

"Dude put me down" he huffed

"Touch him again and this won't be the only you will be worried about" Logan threatened

"Put him down Logan" a new voice said and in the doorway stood a boy and girl about two and three years younger than him. The boy wore a black checked button up shirt that he had opened showing his batman shirt along with gray baggy pants and black Nike's. His hair was a little darker than Logan's and was up in a Mohawk type style and the girl wore a white flowy top that she matched with black shorts and white flats, her hair was down in waves that was pushed back to show of her stunning features.

"What would father say if he found out you got into a fight the first day of school?" The girl said making Logan release Matt, who ran out the room like Lucifer's hell hounds were on his trail with his buddies in tow.

"Nothing because neither of you will tell him" Logan responded walking over to me and helping me up

"You alright?" he questioned with furrowed brows

"Yeah" I nodded wincing as my arm hurt from being pulled out of its socket.

"Do they do this all the time?" the boy asked

"Every day" I sighed just as Brian and Jason walked in, both looking peeved.

"I'm going to kill those son's a bitches" He hissed looking me over form head to toe making me hiss when he touched my sore arm.

"Sorry kiddo" he murmured

"So am I" I whispered so only he could hear as he pulled me into his arms

"C'mon, let's get your arm checked and cleaned up so I can take you home" Brian said as he pulled me out of the room but not before thanking Logan for helping me.

"Thanks for saving my brother. Have you gotten to him a few minutes later I would be sitting outside a hospital room while doctors hooked him up to an IV and heart monitor"

"Did what any sane person should" Logan shrugged but I could see anger in his eyes at the thought of me being at the hospital

"Tell that to those assholes" Jason said as he pointed to the onlookers who were laughing and whispering among themselves

"They are morons. They wouldn't be laughing or talking about you like that if they had siblings that are being bullied" the girl said

"Like I said, it is what it is" I mumbled shrugging only to wince when pain shot through my shoulder

"It's not OK, Hunter. You should tell a teacher or the principal about this" Logan said as we entered the nurse's office and having her quickly look me over before popping my shoulder back into it's socket making me scream.

"Sorry love" Miss Alexis said handing me an ice pack

"It's alright"


"How long has it been going on for?" Rachel, who I finally found out her name, asked at lunch. Lane, Logan and her were invited to sit with the jocks and cheerleaders but they declined to sit with me and my friends. Why, was beyond me.

"Since I was 13?" I said but it came out more as a question then an answer

"Why? If you don't mind me asking" Lane said

"For being gay" I replied shrugging before going back to eating my pasta and my friends looked at the Levine siblings ready to defend me if they said or did anything that would hurt me. My brother soon came over with Hannah, his girlfriend of 3 years, and sat beside Liam with Hannah sitting on his left.

"That's the dumbmest reason to bully someone" Rachel said

"That's how the kids here are like" Molly said as she took a bit from her Cesar salad

"I see that" was Rachel's reply

"Arseholes, the bunch of them" Logan muttered

"You can say that again" Brian agreed with a nod. The rest of school went by like a blur, everyone giving me dirty looks when none of my friends were around while others just whispered about me to their friends. Laughing and pointing fingers at me as they said 'The Levine siblings are probably just being nice to him because they feel sorry. But once they learn that he's a fag they be grossed out and leave him' I sighed walking out of the school to the car where Brian was waiting for me

"Ready?" he asked once I got in, I nodded as I put my seat belt on. Today was one hell of day that much I can tell you. I never thought that I, the gay boy, would be saved by a new student that goes by the name of Logan Levine. But could it be true that they were just pretending to be my friends only to turn their backs on me just like Chris had done? I can't get attached to them in fear of getting hurt in the end. Once we got the twins and we were at home, I quickly gave them a bath before showering. Once that was done, I fed them their cereal before starting on my homework.

"Time for night night" I said walking into their nursery with each on my hip, head on my shoulder yawning. It was a little after 8, which was their bedtime

"Wead Dada" Kyle mumbled after putting in his crib after Kenny, I smiled with a nod kissing their forehead before pulling out Winnie the Pooh out from the little shelf. I pulled a chair over and sat down before reading the book. This was my life, and nothing can change that. They were my world and my first priority. Just like they have been since they were two days old.