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After Rebirth, She Became Three Children's Stepmother

After Rebirth, She Became Three Children's Stepmother


"After Shen Miaoyan, the peerless female agent, was reborn, she actually time-traveled into the vicious stepmother of three rebellious babies?" Big Treasure said, "If you hit my younger brother, I'll bite you to death!" "You bully my sister. I'll beat you to death!" Little Nannan, who didn't know how to talk, shouted, "Howl, howl, howl!" Shen Miaoyan, who had three babies in total, was speechless. The sins that the original owner had suffered had allowed her to slowly clear her name!
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"Wu wu wu, I won't go with you!"

"Don't touch my brother and sister! Let them go!"

"My mother is dead, but you are not related to us, so you have no right to sell us! This is our home, and we are also from the Yang Family. You can't drive us out!"

It's so noisy.

Shen Miaoyan had a severe headache. She opened her eyes uncomfortably, only to find that it was dark in front of her. Before she could think about what was going on, a raging memory came into her mind.

She was a special agent. When she was on a mission, she sacrificed herself and was reborn to an 18-year-old girl with the same name as her.

But this girl was young, but her reputation was very bad, and her character was not very good. Her family sold her to Old Yang, who was in Yang's Village. The original owner became the stepmother of the three children overnight.

It was fine, but the problem was that on the day of their marriage, Old Yang had escaped from the wedding!

And he would never come back.

The original owner suddenly became a joke in the whole Yang Family Village.

Her heart was gradually twisted. She often beat children and was bullied outside. When she came back, she also wanted to vent her anger on the children. This time, she planned to leave these three people behind and elope with the villagers on the street.

As a result, they were almost discovered halfway. The two of them hid under the water. The original owner felt guilty and stepped on nothing. He fell into the water and drowned in the river.

Only after reading all the information did Shen Miaoyan have time to look at her current situation.

She found it hard to move, as if she was constrained by something.

A coffin?

She struggled to touch it with her fingers.

Hmm, when I touch it, it seems to be...

The straw mat.

"The original owner was too miserable. After he died, he was swept away by a bunch of grass?"

As Shen Miaoyan was sighing with emotion, she heard crying again. "Wuwu, don't hit my big brother! Don't bully my little sister! I'll go with you. You can sell me. Please let them go!"

"I won't allow you to sell my second brother! Kill me if you want to touch my brother and sister!"

Shen Miaoyan: "!!!"

How could she forget that the original owner still had three babies!

Judging from the noise, it seemed that someone wanted to take the three babies away and sell them when they saw that their original owner was dead.

He was utterly devoid of conscience!

Shen Miaoyan rolled and the straw mat unfolded. The sudden movement startled the villagers who were pulling the three children. "A corpse!"

"It's haunted!"

Shen Miaoyan stood up with the support of the straw mat. She frowned discontentedly and scolded, "I'm going to blow up your grandson! I'm going to kick your grandpa's leg! All of you, quiet down! You're making me a headache!"

Everyone was scared out of their wits after being scolded by her.

Someone came to his senses and asked, "You're not dead?"

When Shen Miaoyan remembered that this group of people almost sold her three babies, she became angry. "Even if you die, I won't die."

As she spoke, she walked over and wrapped her arms around the three milk balls. Then she looked at the villagers and said, "With me here, I'll fight to the death with anyone who dares to sell my children!"

Seeing this, the villagers sneered with disdain.

"You got it, didn't you? It's not you who beat and scolded children every day. It's so cold here and there. Why didn't you say that you wanted to protect them when you threw such a big baby into the mountains and didn't ask?"

"Now that we are going to take her away, you are in a hurry. I think you have found a business opportunity after hearing us talk about selling the baby. Are you going to sell the baby yourself? You are such a vicious old woman!"

"It's good that you've woken up. Let's go. You're a whore who abandoned her child and eloped with a wild man. You don't deserve to stay in our Yang's Village! As for these three children, they are the children of Old Yang. If they are born in the Yang's Village, they will be the souls of the Yang's Village. We have the final say on how to deal with them."

As soon as she finished speaking, some villagers came to pull her away, and some of them planned to take the child away.

Seeing this, Shen Miaoyan quickly picked up a stone on the ground and smashed it on the head of the villager who was fighting with her for the child!