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My Perfect Match

My Perfect Match

Author:Mystic S


After her fathers disappearance, years later, Rory comes across a letter from her fathers old company. She decides to visit the company in name of searching for her father. The unexpected happens and she finds her self the director of a new series 'Love Skies'. In the process she begins to develop feelings for the main actor Jay Finely.
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  "Please let me reach on time...." Rory thinks as she dashes out of the house still wearing her shoes. As usual she was late for work. Unfortunately for her her boss had promised her that she would fire her if she were to arrive late.

  "I don't care if you live far from here, but if you come late again consider yourself fired!" She recalls the voice of her strict boss.

  Rory worked as a journalist in a not so big company. Although that was not her dream, she worked there because of her mother. Her mother wanted her to be a journalist.

  "Okay...I think I can make it to the bus stop!" Rory thinks again as she runs to across the road.

  Suddenly she sees a car heading towards her. She knew she was supposed to run but for some reason her legs refused to move.

  '"Am I really going to die here?" She could help but shut her eyes waiting for the impact of the car.

  The car abruptly stops nearly next to Rory.

  Allan Rayman looked at her. "Why was she still standing there!" Allan was surprised by the actions of this weird girl.

  "Um...Excuse me?" He says as he gets out of his car and stands in front of Rory.

  Slowly but carefully, Rory opens her eyes. She stares at the man in front of her.

  "You...!" Rory begins to say. She immediately recognize him.

  "I'm really sorry Sir!" She immediately says.

  "No need to be sorry. I see you are in a hurry. where are you going?" Allan asks her.

  "Oh! I'm sorry but I have to get to work!" Rory says as she begins to run but Allan hold her arm.

  "I'll take you there!" He says.

  "No need. It's just across the street. I'm sure I can make it on time." Rory says with a smile on her face.

  "I'll escort you. It's the least I can do for almost hitting you." Allan says and reluctantly Rory enters the car.

  Within minutes they arrive in front of the company building.

  "You can drop me off here." Rory says.

  "You work here?" Allan asks. He could help but feel sorry for her. She seemed to be a nice lady but works in a place that publishes gossip.

  Rory had already gotten out of the car and was standing outside.

  "Thank you sir. I will be sure to repay you if I get a chance!" She says as she waved. She watched as he drove away and the turned to the company.

  "He is such a nice man. No wonder he is a celebrity! I am so luck I bumped into him" She thinks as she walks towards the building.

  She is met at the door by her boss.

  She was crossing her arms and had a very intimidating look.

  "I..." Rory begins to say but is silenced by her boss.

  "No need to say any more. I have had enough of you and your silly excuses. Just turn and leave and I never want to see your face again." Her boss says and without any second to waste she turns and heads into the company leaving Rory standing.

  "Just great, I was given one chance and I blew it!" Rory mutters to herself as she throws her hands in despair.

  "Dad, I really miss you. If only you were here..." Devastated she begins walking back home. She decides to call her best friend Kim.

  "Hello? Rory?! Aren't you supposed to be at work?! Since when do you call at this time?"

  "Kim...If you are not busy can we meet?"

  "Sure, I'm on a break anyway. Let's meet up at the cafe opposite my work place." Kim says suggestively.

  "Yeah." Rory says and hangs up.

  "But at least you no longer work at that horrible place!" Kim says probably to encourage her best friend who seemed to be too dad to respond.

  It's not like she was sad she lost her job. In fact she was glad. The problem is that she was now jobless.

  She let out a long sigh.

  "Kim, I think I am going to head back home." Rory say as she gets up and gathers her stuff.

  After waving Kim goodbye she begins to walk back home.

  She arrives and finds an envelope on her door.

  "Huh?! Since when do we receive letters?!" She picks up the envelope and finds a letter and a plane ticket.

  She opens the letter which read :

  Dear Steve Hutton,

  I hope this letter finds you well. I would like to invite you back into the company. We now have two new actors and we are hoping you would once again be the director of our new series.

  The letter had the name Chester Coreman and the address of the company which is abroad.

  "Huh? This is weird. Dad has been missing for five years now. Why is this letter being sent to our address? Who is Chester? I wonder if dad used to work at his company.

  Perhaps he knows the whereabouts of my father!"