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My Quarantine Girlfriend

My Quarantine Girlfriend

Author:Mooncake Sakura


2020 Era of Covid Pandemic when two people met virtual and fell in love unexpectedly. Will their romance continue after the pandemic? Is it possible they can fulfill their promise to each other? Will they survive the world of Crimes and Law? Will their Love Can Conquer the Pugilistic World? #Romance #mystery-thriller #investigation
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  It’s been 5 years since you have left me. Until now I don’t have any idea why you choose to leaved, we already made a promise back then how could you broke it in an instant? Are you mad of me? Do you really love me at first? You always say that we have our own choices but why did you choose to disappear all of the sudden. Why?

  Questions that keep bugging in my mind, every day I woke up there seems to be something missing piece inside me. I can’t actually tell what kind of pain is this, maybe it’s a pain for someone you lost or maybe this pain is for my anger towards on your unfulfilled promise. – Ayzack.

  Hey bro! what’s the matter? Are you okay?- Ace.

  Oh! It’s you Ace…

Force to smile

Nothing hahaha I only remembered something but it doesn’t matter.- Ayzack.

  Okay. I thought that you’re still thinking about her. Sorry Bro I didn’t mean it.”- Statement of Ace while defending himself. He knows that his best friend still can’t move on from his ex.

  Nah.. It’s not all about her. She’s not worth to think. I’m just thinking about the recent case that received by our unit.- Ayzack.

  Oh! The murder case of Trinidad family. Yeah it seems like there’s something strange to that case.- Ace

  Ayzack Villanueva was the chief of General Investigation Unit of Metropolitan Police District he was the ace of their unit, a graduate of Police Academy with a credible recognition and commendation from all chief of police. Right now their unit was facing a bubbling mysterious case regarding to the murder of the Trinidad the tycoon family in both business and political world this sensational case went up to the President’s office giving a pressure to the chief of Metropolitan Police to have a thorough investigation. Since he lost his beloved girl Elise Mendoza, he never go out with someone else. Ayzack was dedicated to his work as a Police Detective of MPD, after all he doesn’t want to have a connection from other girls besides he promised to his self that he will never fell in love again.

  While on his way home he saw a two old couple walking down on the street. He smiled on them and suddenly he remembered his past.

  He smirked saying this words “I will never fall in love again, never!”

  When the two old couple was gone on his sight he immediately step the clutch and his engine eagerly. At around 7:30 pm when he arrived to his home and he didn’t mind to eat a supper, he immediately went to the bathroom and takes his shower and after that he went to sleep.