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The Ceo's Secretary

The Ceo's Secretary

Author:Anne ngozi


"Tell me... your...name so...that I will...have a name to...call you" I said between each Strokes "Not knowing...your name... makes it more fun" he replied as he grind harder into me. Lexi Tyler got a post of Secretaryship in one of the biggest companies in the city without an interview after having a one night stand with a stranger who couldn't even share his name with her and when she realized that the man she had a one stand with was also the billionaire the whole city have been talking about, she almost freaked out because the world she knew was about to end and she was about to start a new life with her cocky, rich boss
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  I checked how deep asleep the nameless guy by my side was before quietly getting out of bed to use the restroom. I checked the time which was on 1:45 and tip toed to the restroom in order not to wake him up.

  "alexi you're something else" I murmured to myself while checking myself in the mirror and touched my lips to see how swollen they really were. The nameless guy really did a pretty good job on them.

  I adjusted my underwear and left the restroom for the bedroom with the hope that the nameless guy would still be asleep

  "OH MY..." I said shockingly and covered my mouth with my right hand

  "He shocked you right?" The nameless guy asked while smirking "He always does. I call him the startler. You've met him but I've not introduced him to you formally" he continued while stroking his big eight inches cock.

  I took a good look at the rod in front of me and did a double take before looking between my legs to think about how something as big as that could have fitted inside

  "I guess this is your first time of seeing something so huuuuge" he added with that self assured smirk still splattered on his face

  "Of course not" I replied while trying to pressed my thighs together in order to hide how drenched I really was between them

  "I doubt that answer baby girl because your action just shows how bad you're at lying" he said

  Truthfully, I was really good at lying but how did he expect me to be able to play that role well when I was looking at the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

  "Enough of you standing by the door. I think you should come to bed if you are done staring at me" he said taking me back to reality "or the startler" he added before increasing the speed on his cock.

  Our first round had been extremely fast to the extent that we were hardly out of our clothes and was extremely hot to the extent that I will still be having a replay of it for the next twenty years.

  I slowly walked to the bed in order not to loss my balance and knelt down by his side to take in everything I could because there might not be a second chance.

  He continued stroking and I couldn't believe myself when I opened my mouth and said "can I touch it?"

  "With maximum pleasure" he replied and handed it to me "I'm suspecting this is your first time of holding something like this?" He asked

  I dodged the question and started stroking him instead. I put my hand at the base and slowly moved it to the tip. I did it few more times before lowering my head and licking his tip with my tongue which startled him and got me rewarded with a well pronounced 'fuck' which made me deepened the contract.

  I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put it down on his cock as far I could go while still stroking him. This was a very good opportunity for me to perform my fantasies and I wasn't going to waste one single second of it.

  I gagged as he rammed into the back of my throat continuously and continued to swallow his precum as it was dripping down my throat.

  He pulled me down more on his cock with his two hands and forced his thick cock down my throat more

  "Yeah... Baby girl... You are almost there. Take it in more... Do you like it?... Do you like the startler?... Good j..."

  He increased his speed and pulled me down faster on his cock until I felt his hot cum as it ran straight down my throat.

  He released his hold instantly and gasped for air as if he was fighting for dear life and I used the opportunity to clean the rest of the cum that was glittering on his cock.

  I made a good show of swallowing it and stylishly watched him as he watched me with satisfaction written boldly on his face

  "Holy shit, that was incredible"

  I ignored his compliment and focused all my attention on his cock instead. He traced my eyes and instantly realized what I wanted

  "Bad girl, you want it right? Don't worry, it going to be yours in a few minutes" he said before pushing me down on the bed. "But I've got some business to deal with before the startler can prove himself again" he added.

  I felt his warm breath between my thighs immediately he stopped speaking and knew exactly what was about to happen as he raised my legs up in order to create some space for himself. He layed down on his stomach and adjusted my position before burying his mouth and tongue inside of me.

  My eyes instantly rolled back to my skull as he used his mouth to suck on my clit. He put his hands underneath my underwear and went directly for my right boob. I moaned as his tongue pushed far into my vaginal while his hand was squeezing and pinching my nipple in absolute ecstasy.

  "This is heaven" I thought and used my left hand to pushed him deeper as if I wasn't getting enough of him.

  He stopped to lick my inner thighs softly, kissing from thigh to thigh, his warm breath hovering over my wet juicy pussy, which was waiting eagerly for his hot wet tongue.

  He came back to my hungry wet pussy and kissed it all around until I couldn't hold the moan that had been threatening me anymore and used his tongue to separate my pussy lips apart and licked it up and down, right and left, round and round until I was nothing but rubber. I trembled and locked my kneels around his head and started thrusting my pussy more onto his face. My moans were becoming more intensed now and I knew I had only few seconds left before I climaxed.