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Vanilla Chocolate

Vanilla Chocolate



Left by both of her parents since she was a kid and live in her aunt's house with her evil cousin makes Adele grow up as a silent yet independent. One day, with her last money, she brought her favourite ice cream and saw Dyrell who was brokenhearted at the edge of the road on a rainy day. Adele who has been through many bitterness in life know what he feels and gives her ice cream to Dyrell and give him a piece of words to cheer him up and left. Adele action makes her life change forever. After three years, Dyrell becomes the CEO of an ice cream company and searching for Adele who gives him the strength to move forward. In the end, they complete each other as vanilla and chocolate.
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  I am sitting on the stairs. Waiting for my mother to come to pick me up. The other kids will get picked up by both of their parents. I saw their happy face when they got picked up. I wanted to get picked up by both of my parents too but…I don't have a father. I don't even know who is my father.

  I have asked my mother about my father but…when I asked her, she will be saddened. Since that time, I never dare to ask about him again. I believe that I will be happy even without a father. But… almost every day, I will be the talk of others.

  "Look, the girl is always the one that gets picked last." Someone said.

  "Yeah. And it's her mother who is picking her every day. Don't she have a father?"

  "I heard from someone that her father left her mother before she was born."

  And…all that I could do every time they say that is just silence and let the words hit my ears and my heart. My tears are dropping down to my cheeks. I can't tell how much does my heart hurt when every single of their word entered my ears. Sometimes I will be thinking of ending my life but…every time that idea comes out, someone will come.

  "Adele, I'm here." A warm voice stopped me from crying.

  I looked up and saw someone that always taught me how to be a strong-hearted person. The kids that talked about me run away when she comes. Yes, it is my mother. She is the only person that will give me the strength to keep alive in this cruel world. Everything of her makes me envy her so much. She is my role model. I want to have a strong heart as she is. Her bright smile makes me feels warm.

  "Mom…" I said and hugged her waist tightly as I missed her so much. Every time I got bullied or sad, the only person that will be at my side is my mother...and she is the only person that I want to see the most in this time. When I am with her, I feel that all my burden is gone instantly.

  Mom smiled and caressed my head softly. Her warm hands make me feel calm and forget about what happened for a while.

  "My good girl Adele Did they hurt you? Are you okay?"

  I smiled. As long as my mother is by my side, I will be okay.

  "Hm" I answered with a hum and smiled,

  She smiled back.

  "Let's go." Mum held my hand and we walked to her part-time job's place.

  I feel sorry for her. She will do three jobs a day to make a living for us but…the paid is low so she can only get 800 dollars in a month. After 5 minutes, we arrived at the restaurant that she works in. This is her second job in a day. She still has to do another job after this. I glanced at my mother's face and saw a tired face. Her eyes are swollen due to lack of sleep.

  "There you are, Nora! Quick come here and wash the dishes." One of the workers said.


  Mum squatted in front of me. "Adele mummy is going to work, so wait for me here okay?"