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The Chronicles of Cael

The Chronicles of Cael



The thirst for vengeance. The flick of blood dropped into the heavy flames situated in the middle of the throne hall, illuminating the face of the unwavering warrior. The fire suddenly erupted into purple and vivid blue color moving in whirlwinds. The voice of the great one sounded in the room, fire commanding his every word. "Cael! The Dark Angel of disaster, second commander of the wire and the most greatest and ruthless warrior ever to be of existence. You're chosen to avenge and inflicts the exact retribution for the misfortune that befalled your brothers. Leave no stone unturned, destroy every single one of that specific generation. Go to the Mortal world, perform your duties with distinction and emerge victorious". A Golden Necklace of aesthetic appeal, a brilliant sparkling beauty which holds a diamond shaped pendant. It opens to reveal two spaces. The main hinge holds a miniature portrait of my great grandfather and the other hinge houses a picture of an Angel with white wispy feathery wings and two tiny emerald-like stones located at each side of the wing. A mere mortal will perceive it as a classic, romantic locket with a memory of a loved one but it holds more than anyone could ever fathom.
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  Wrong done and injustice inflicted is paid back in the same coin. No one has escaped justice of the universe. It's only a matter of time.

  By Anil Sinha.

  Dark/fallen/cursed Angels

  Seven millenniums ago......

  The holy one, creator of all the universe, lived with his Angels in Nirvana. The most beautiful, magnificent, extremely charming place ever to exist. It was made of adorably rare diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, red corals and all the precious stones that screamed immense wealth and luxury in the mortal world. It held literally no Value to Nirvana's.

  Angels were specially and specifically made to be of service to the Holy one, humanity and other planets as a whole. Lucifer was the leader of the Angels, the strongest and most powerful of them all.

  He was given powers and other splendours but Lucifer was overtaken by lust for more power, he gathered and convinced other power lust- driven Angels and asked for their succor and in return promised them eternal power and wealth in abundance. Unfortunately, they plotted to take over the Holy one's throne but were powerless in his presence.

  They were thus driven out of Nirvana, a place of pure pleasure, raw happiness and eternal bliss not before gifting them with a curse to carry on their shoulders for the rest of their sorry lives.

  * Lucifer- The king, the ruler of Hell.

  The Dark Angel of Demise.

  * Cael- Second in command to Lucifer, one of the greatest and ruthless warrior.

  The Dark Angel of disaster

  * Nasargiel - Third in command.

  The Dark Angel of Famine

  * Rogziel- Governs sexuality.

  The most charming and handsome of all the dark Angels

  The Dark Angel of Lust.

  * Oriel - The protector of the outskirts of Saturn.

  The Dark Angel of Temptation.

  * Araqiel- The advisor.

  The Dark Angel of unforgiveness/ veangance.

  * Verquaniel- The messenger, another ruthless warrior.

  The Dark Angel of Pain.

  * Barman - The wisest.

  The Dark Angel of Poverty.

  * Metatron- The trickster and smartest .

  The Dark Angel of Deception

  Praviul- The record and secret keeper.

  The Dark Angel of Corruption.

  * Eieal- The protector of the throne.

  The Dark Angel of Betrayal.

  * * * * * * *

  Lucifer and his crew, the other dark Angels were driven out of Nirvana with a fatal punishment and an irredeemable.

  Their curse was the switch of rather opposite of their given duties.

  Metatron the Angel of Sincerity was now the dark Angel of Deception.

  Barman the Angel of wealth was now the dark Angel of Poverty.

  They needed to embrace their new duties and curse to be able to survive, serving their sole purpose gives them strength and ignoring it drains their inner energy, shred and suffocate them to death.

  Again, the punishment was to accommodate the unclean spirit of torture inside their bodies to torment them on the twelfth hour of every new moon.

  They moved to every nook and cranny of planet earth but kept getting haunted by Aliens who wanted their power for their own gains and saw them as a threat to humanity.

  Lucifer made a decision, after all he was the cause of their mishap and their safety lied on his shoulders.

  He moved to planets after planets to find a peaceful, safe and harmless place for his people but it proved fruitless until he came across Saturn.

  The people of saturn had no leader, long time ago they rebelled against their creator and was then cursed with the unclean spirit of anguish similar to that of the dark Angels but theirs was to kill them. Many people could not survive the torture and that led to extinction, they were dieing one after the other.

  Lucifer made a bargain with the people of saturn. He'll provide them with a vessel to house their spirits on the twelfth hour of every new moon and also provide them the safety and comfortable life they've been yearning for in return they'll allow himself and his brothers to stay and rule over Saturn.

  Lucifer came back for his brothers but two of them refused to go with him.

  New moon; New month

  Aliens; Humans solely trained to eliminate any threat to humanity.