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To Be Reborn As A General

To Be Reborn As A General



She's the CEO of the deadliest assassin's company and also renowned as the Empress and Demoness and an expert of getting people to unite making an invincible group.Due to an unknown disease she died at her sleep unknowingly,she woke up and found herself on another body. "Where the hell I am ?!"she looks around and saw a full body bronze mirror she shriek "AHHH! " Ah?!"she froze and touch her face "Hmmmmm....I am so handsome (•✓•)"Wuxia was stunned upon seeing a beautiful face infront of a bronze mirror and she looked herself up and down yet...... She noticed something wrong... Huh?heh? "A block of bandages? (•∆•)" #Heyyyo! Readers(^^) I am Eccho(^^) nice to meet you! I hope you will like this story of mine if you are interested o read this hehehehehe
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  2 horses galloping wild with two riders on top fighting with their metal whip and spear.One is wearing Dark blue uniform armour and one is wearing a black uniform armour.As the two people continued to exchange blows loud noises of people can be heard shouting their bets as well mockery and contempt.

  The Dark blue armoured guy is looking arrogantly and mockingly spouting colourful phrases towards the black armoured guy who is silent and struggling to handle his spear not only because he can't fight well but also his energy was almost depleted from numerous blockings.

  They've stopped the chase and the other guy begins to insult the exhausted person Infront of him.

  "Just gave up and resign to your position! Your now just a trash, a useless soldier you can't be fitted to fight for the kingdom!" The blue armoured guy said with disdain as he whips his metal whip into the ground creating a thick land scar

  The surrounding crowds laugh as they look at him with mockery in their eyes.

  "Just shut up!" the black armoured guy said with an undying rage,fear,anger,and helplessness on his beautiful obsadian eyes

  The blue armoured guy got angry, he whips the other's horse making the horse to shriek l, frightened as well hurt from the whip the horse becomes unstable as it moves roughly and wildy.

  A loud "thud" is heard making everyone shut up as the black armoured man was thrown away from his horse and crash so badly on the Rocky side of the road.

  The Blue armoured guy is a copper rank general,Bao che,he was shock at the sudden accident but he recovers so quickly and snort.

  "Pei! He's really weak! I hope he learns his lesson "he said arrogantly and left without helping the other guy who is not moving

  After Bao che left the other people also dispersed without caring believing on their minds that it was not their responsibility to help the other guy.

  Even some hesitates as they looked back and forth but still they've chose to ignore the bleeding person ignoring the guilt.

  Who is that other guy?why no one is helping him?

  Because he's the renowned Bronze rank General and also a trash with a weak Yinyang,Rong Shufen.He is the eldest son of one of the longest families in the Empire.


  Is it him?

  No, because the current person who is dressed in a men's clothes and a face that is not fitted face of a boy is actually a GIRL.

  The bloody girl who is left behind in the wide ground is none other that the sister, Rou Hua Heng.


Yinyang -term for the power/strength,yin is the white power,yang is the black power, Yinyang is a rare power thAt is both white and black power

  Rong Hua can't move his body due to the pain on her bloody battered body.He glared hate fully to the direction where Bao Chen left and swears "I, Rong Hua Heng ,will not die! I will put all my strength to pull another soul to avenge me and my family's suffering and torment! They will suffer more even Yama can't save!" He drew his last breath as his eyes closed.

  Thank you for reading! I just started to make my own version of Chinese Novel although this version is not the same as the other's stories ^^