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Arranged Marriage Love Story

Arranged Marriage Love Story

Author:Alia renke


This Novel is based on a true love story of a married couple who got into this marriage that was arranged by there family members. This story tells us about how they got into this marriage and there journey in this marriage with full roller coaster of emotions. You will definitely fall in love with the Characters and can relate to the characters in some points of this story. This story is based on true Romance.
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  It's a bright morning, it's 9 o'clock now. Everyone in the house is busy with there work. Lisa is near a beautiful beach seeing sunrise, sitting silently on the shore. The sand is on her feet looking like a crystal that has it's full beauty. She is having a great time looking at the sunrise, feeling blessed to have this life that is peaceful. She is so calm & happy, but suddenly a voice comes " Lisa... Lisa...... Wake Up it's already 9 o'clock." And suddenly the beach is gone and coming back to reality, Lisa wakes up from her dream that was so beautiful and peaceful. Her mom told her that her marriage is fixed and she has to talk to the person to whom she is getting married. She


was so happy in her single life and suddenly everything is going to change. Lisa was a good daughter who never disobeyed her parents, that's why she was more nervous as she has to accept the decision that her parents has taken. Lisa was not so lucky in love so she decided to let her parents choose her life partner. She had certain heartbreaks that made her feel not enough confident about marriage and relationships. In her past relationships she faced deception from a person with whom she wanted to marry and she was so serious about that relationship. But unfortunately that relationship ended up becoming a disaster, that made her distrustful about relationships and love. So from that day she decided she will be single, and she was so happy in her life until that morning when she got to know about the arranged engagement that was planned by her parents. She was so nervous about this marriage proposal. Lisa was the fourth daughter of Mr. Abigail Smith and Mrs. Krystal Smith. She had two sisters and one brother, everyone was settled in there busy life. Lisa was a person who is very calm, has patience and have a good heart. She always thought about others feelings and emotions. She was an average student during her college and school days, but was very active in sports. She was enthusiastic & energetic for sports and dance. She also participated in karate, and was a black belt in karate.

  Lisa was now in a dilemma whether to talk to that person with whom her parents want her to marry, she was so confused. That day everyone was discussing about her marriage with that person. Although she knew him, but still she wasn't prepared to get married at 23. This engagement came to her like an unexpected surprise to her. She had plans to get married in her 30s and now everything was happening so fast that she wasn't even able to think about it clearly with a peaceful mind and make a decision that can be a life changing event for her.

  Lisa knew Austin as he was her elder sister's brother in law. Austin got divorced just last month & his family members were looking for a girl for him. Austin's ex wife tortured him alot so that's why they got divorced. She Austin's ex wife said several lies to him, cheated on him with other guy and even lied about her pregnancy in order to torcher Austin. He loved her alot, it was a love marriage. Austin found Nora

Austin's ex wife

through social media, they gradually became friends then they fell in love hence decided to marry. Nora was a brilliant person, she was very intelligent. She has a habit of winning in everything in her life, even during her schooling she was topper. She was a single child of her parents and that's why they loved her alot. Nora only thought about herself, she never cared about others and there feelings. This marriage came to an end with bitter memories that effected Austin emotionally. Now Austin's thoughts about marriage has changed. Before Austin was a jolly natured person, who would live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment in life with positivity. Now because of this Marriage he is just opposite of what he was before. He was looking for a partner just to get married and be his wife, but he will never love that girl with whom he will get married

Austin has decided

. In his previous marriage he tried almost everything to keep Nora happy but she was never happy, instead she tortured Austin alot. She was self obsessed person who only thought about her needs. After marriage she made Austin avoid his family totally whereas she was connected with her family. She restricted Austin to make female friends but she would do late night parties with her Male friends. She was definitely a negative personality. All this incidents made Austin a tough person for marriage and love or relationships. Still he was looking forward to getting married again because of his family members. Austin's family wanted him to settle down again and have a new start in his life that's why they were looking for a girl who could handle his anger and emotions. Although Austin had a rough marriage but he agreed to get married again. This decision was going to make a big difference in his life in future.

  Mr. Abigail Smith called Jane

Lisa's elder sister

and discussed about his thought of engaging Lisa and Austin. Jane was shocked and so her husband


too. Although Richard once asked Lisa about this, but Lisa denied so Richard didn't discuss about this topic again. Richard was happy to hear about this as he wanted his elder brother to be happy in his life and he knew that Lisa was a perfect choice for his brother Austin. Richard always wanted his brother to marry with Lisa, and now its actually going to happen. He was so excited about this engagement, he called Austin and discussed about this with him. As Austin already met Lisa several times he knew Lisa very well. Actually Austin really started to like Lisa when he saw her in a party. It was Jane's

Lisa's elder sister

baby shower. Austin saw Lisa and he liked her in that party. So when Richard

Austin's younger brother

told Austin about this, Austin agreed to the proposal.

  Austin was finally divorced, and everyone was looking for a girl for Austin and this was a best proposal for Austin. Today Austin got his official Divorce papers, and now his family was discussing about his marriage. So this marriage was going to happen for sure. Lisa's Father Mr. Smith knew that Austin was a good person and he will keep Lisa Happy always. Mr. Smith had faith on Austin that he is going to be a good husband in future, that's why he wanted Lisa to get married with Austin.

  Lisa knew that her parents will never take a bad decision for her as they love her alot and they will only think about her happiness. So this Marriage was about to get fixed but Mr. Smith asked Lisa about her opinion about this marriage, as he won't do anything against Lisa's decision. Lisa asked for some time to decide about this, she wanted to talk with Austin and than decide about this so she was waiting for the conversation to happen.

  Lisa was actually confused about this marriage. She had so many questions, whether to get married to Austin or not. Mr. Smith's first daughter Andrea

Lisa's elder sister

got to know about this and she called Lisa and asked her about her decision, seeing Lisa was so confused about this marriage Andrea convinced Lisa that Austin is a good person and you will be happy with him forever. Andrea knew Austin very well and convinced Lisa about This marriage proposal. Lisa got convinced and decided to make a decision about this marriage proposal, but before that she wanted to talk to Austin. The day went like this only, everyone was discussing about Lisa's marriage in the house with Austin.