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My sweet romance

My sweet romance



"Stop it! Stop it!" Celine Liam voiced out with tears in her eyes. "You don't even know your words hurt, go away! I don't ever want to see your face, to hell with everything and one last thing, my father is not a crazy man, I hate you the most out of everyone. You're such an asshole. Goodbye then I don't want to be your assistant anymore." Celine Liam hated this man so much. Why was the world so cruel to her? Why can't the pain ever end? And the only person who believed in her was causing her so much pain. When will she find comfort and love.
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  "Welcome daddy"

  A fat 8 year old girl sat on the dinning table eating hot spicy noodles, with her eye glasses on her eyes as she cleans her running nose with the back of her hands. She smiles joyfully as she head her daddy come in.

  "Oh my beautiful princess." Dropping down the food stuff he bought on the table Anthony Liam embrace his daughter.

  Celine looked through the bag that was just dropped on the table as she asked with excitement on her face. "What did you get here."

  "Well it's a little food stuff for dinner this evening." Anthony told her as he brought them out. Celine frowned as she looked at her father. Knowing fully well why she frowned Anthony chuckled. "Don't worry I bought you the donuts you request."

  "Can I have them now?" Celine asked with smile now on her face.

  "Yes, why not." Anthony smiled, who can refuse this cute face staring at him with beautiful smiles. He hands the donut to her as she accepted them joyfully.

  "Wow! It looks delicious. Thank you daddy, you're the best." Celine said and immediately opened the donuts.

  Anthony watched his daughter eat joyfully. "Even if i'm not wealthy but I'll make sure you have whatever you need. You're so beautiful, eat and be healthy okay." He gently touched he cheek.

  "Yes dad I'll eat and he very healthy." She shoved the donut into her mouth. "Daddy?"

  "Yes." Anthony looked at her.

  "My clothes are no more comfortable on me." She looked at him with her blue eyes that shines like a star.

  "Not to worry okay, I'd buy you new ones." He pat her hair.

  "Okay daddy. Have some noodles." She offered.

  "I'll eat later, let me drop this this off in the cupboard, I wish we have a fridge it would be perseved better." Anthony sighed as he turn.

  Celine looked at her father's worried face, she hate seeing him this way, she knew her father was not rich and had to go through a lot to provide for them, she felt sorry for humans couldn't help but say out loud to her father. "Dad don't worry I'll provide everything you need." Anthony looked at his daughter who continue. "I'll make sure there is fridge in our house someday."

  "So thoughtful of you, bug i don't want my pretty damsel to stress herself." Anthony couldn't hold his smile, this little treasure had just lifted his spirit with this word, he looked at her and and thought how lucky he was to have such a child in his life.

  "I know" Celine smiled and continue her meal.

  Anthony left as Celine looked up at him and breathe out, she brought out a hand bill given to her and smiled as she read it, then said to herself. "I have to help daddy." She puts it back into her pocket and continue eating.