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Tired of love

Tired of love

Author:Afiya zabi ahmad


It is a story of a girl and her two loves . Not everytime the second chance gives us life , not every person is so lucky to have love in their life. She loose her childhood love and totally heartbroken, at that moment farhaan came into her life as a hope-light in darkness....................
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When you know that you are destined to loose some-one however you don't want to loose them , probably that is true love. He doesn't know that whom he sat up as his life is she, who wants to be his life's biggest mistake

wants or wanted

nowadays she is a little confused. She is now setting him up in her dreams , which dreams she never wanted to see. That dreams are slowly becoming the shine of her eyes. But she is very confused and a little scared of these feelings because she hated love since a very long period of five years, when her love Haaris cheated on her. In these five years she never thought of love or marriage and no one also wanted to go in deep in her life. She was a very sweet , gentle and soft-hearted girl a long time ago....but now she is an arrogant , proud and cold-hearted lady. But someone wants to discover that sweet innocent girl in her arrogance , who is lost in her grieves. This is Farhaan who came in Zoya's life very little time ago but he saw the innocence in her eyes which no one can.

It's mid of night, a few seconds ago Farhaan was on call. Now Zoya is thinking about Farhaan's sweet , gentle ,mature and full of life talks and pondering in his thoughts and gauging his intenstions . She feels now the life is like a closed lift which is suddenly stopped and she find nothing in this but darkness and stuffiness. "Love" in which word she had been so much trust a long time ago , that word "love" snatched so many gentle words from her lips, now she only hates that "love" , 'only hate'. She didn't know herself when and how she developed this hatred for love, until Farhaan didn't came in her life. Before she met Farhaan she hadn't much time to think about love and hatred or she didn't wanted to think or feel these things or topics , nonetheless she lost all her feelings from her heart now she became a 'cold-hearted lady.' She had nothing in her life except the darkness of her loneliness and she also acclimatized of this. Her name has the meanings of love and life but sadly now she is unaware of these feelings. Zoya had been habituated of this darkness of her life during these 5 years. She is afraid of light of new hope. She had no place for Farhaan in her heart but , he covertly made it , the reason of the light in her eyes instead of sleepiness is the shining love of Farhaan in her dark nights. The love which was absorbed in her soul slinkly .

It is 12 O'clock of midninght , her room's every window is now open .....those windows never got open in day time . There was a full moon in sky with her companion

the star which is always close to the moon

but in this dark night Zoya was still alone , watching the moon with sleepless eyes she got in a flashback........." Hey... I'm seeing the moon now , are you also watching this moon ? " "Heyyy.....I am walking in this moonlight which you love more than me ." " No Haaris .....it is not like that , I love you , that's why I love this moon . You know why ? because it is a habit of all lovers to watch the moon and imagine their love . " Ahhhaa..... so it is like that . I didn't know . " Because you don't love me. Is it right na... ? " " Hey my Miss Lakhani it is not like that . I am just not a filmy like you , but if love this moon and now have explained me I'm also liking this moon. "

" Hey princess see the lovely wind is flowing here is it also flowing in your side ? "

"Ah....no still not but ..... slowly slowly leaves are moving now like the wind is travelling from your side to my side ."

The wind is flowing the same in this night and that moon is also here Zoya is still watching her , but the love is missing now , only the pain and distenstion is there .

" Why Haaris ? why you have done this to me ? I was not only your love I was your freind also . You teared me down inside my soul . "

This line was Zoya's heart which rarely gets open after these 5 years she emotionally remembring those days just because Farhaan is now scratching about her past to just go to root of her heart to know why she is so cold . He began to melt her heart but she was not allowing him to know that . Because still now Farhaan didn't tell her about his feelings for her but inside deep down she somehow knows that but still convincing her selfthat she is not that girl . Because it was not just 'Love ' who has snatched her feelings , emotions and her true softer self .