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The way love hurts

The way love hurts



Isobel and ian have known each other for many years since second grade they are now seniors in colledge when isobel finds out she's pregnant ?!How will Ian take the news? He is finally having every he ever dreamed of ,graduating colledge and becoming a big shot lawyer .Will this news spoil his career and dreams?
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  Isobel is at the gynecologist office, aftter feeling sick for a couple of days.

  "Miss...Timdy ? you're 6 weeks pergnant "the doctor said in a calm voice . Isobel was left in a shock her eyes teared up and could not say a word " _"

  "Isobel......Isobel....Miss timdy" the doctor called her severly without any response, finally Isobel came to her senses and said in a panicked voice "can.. I....can i have an abortion" the doctor was dumbfounded and said "are you sure this is what you want i wont advise it" isobel got up from the chair and stared out of the window with tear settling in her eyes,she turned around and looked at the doctor with a slight smile and said "No.....i dont know maybe i do.....hah' she said this with tears falling down her cheek "maybe you should sleep on this results'' the doctor said to her in a friendly voice.


  Isobel walked back to the Silver university in a daze not thinking straight and bumbing into people on side walk "watch it dear" a whole man said with his freckle cheek beaming with a big smile, "sorry" isobel replied with a weary smile plastered on her face,the old man was very calm and asked politly "is everything "

  "Yeah" she said sadly to the old man .he looked at her xarefully and said "today is a wonderful day i am about to go see my daughtter have her first child,she's tried for so long and it finally time to meet him....." as he was about to continue his phone buzzed and he said excitedly "i have to go..take care"after tht his old body disappeared out off sight lost among pedestrians.Isobel thought alot about what the old guy said.And thought what if this was her only chance .


  Isobel walked in to the dorm room to find Ian fast asleep on her bed.She was happy to see him here and tell him the news but as she got closer the smell of alcohol was stronger and stonger she gently touched Ian who jumped up like a mad man and said"woah u look bad.what happen to you" he said in a harsh tone isobel was shock to see her sweet dominant Ian that never drank before like this.She asked in a clear voice "Ian whats wrong with u i have news" "i did get the big job so thats my problem and you are to always talkibg about future and sh*t like that" ian continued to babble on and on calling her heart wrenching names like a "dog" but she coulded hear with the thoughts and tears in her eyes so she blurted out "ian i'm pregnant" Ian looked at her with his dark black eyes and said in the must painful way "who is the father of that bastard whore" and he got up and staggered to the the door.


  3 years later

  "Izzy hurry up mommy is waiting on you honey"Isobel said to her beautiful long black hair, with two big pair of gorgeos, deep, black eyes with the cutest demple ever baby daughter."moma i cant find my shoes is it lost" Izzy said while staring at her mommy with a sad face no honey its rite hear lets go..