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Adiya Amir

Adiya Amir



"We can't continue to run away from our past, it continues to follow us wherever we go". ~**~ Adiya's gloomy life changed to shade when she was given a scholarship to the rich school, leaving her hometown to a state she never set her foot on. The gray part of her life was when she caught the eyes of the golden boy - Zaid who would do anything to make her his. And darker of it was, he never got rejected. He always gets what he wants by hook or crook. #project_stop_bully #say_no_to_abuse #project_stop_sucidal #project_love_yourself #project_females_are_unique #project_females_are_strong Warning ⚠ : This book contains violence, abuse, rape scenes, and suicide attempts. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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  My life had changed drastically from being a happy girl, bubble girl to sad, broken orphan girl.

  I was given a scholarship by Kwara state government because I did extraordinary in my BECE examination, I got A+ in all my subjects.

  I was given admission into the number one school in Nigeria; "The Royals School" -where only the riches attend.

  My luck!

  I was moving from my hometown Kwara to another state Lagos, where the school was located.

  I sat at the back seat of the danfo* beside the window side. I plugged my head out, feeling the Lagos cool breeze on the third mainland bridge*.

  Mo wa leko* !!!

  Lagos was a state of excellent according to the slogan, the sole income of Nigeria, the second most populated country in Nigeria. The former capital of Nigeria before it was moved to Abuja.

  I couldn't believe it that I would be in Lagos but if my parents were to be alive, I would have visited Lagos uncountable time.

  The danfo halted at Ikoyi, I got down from it with my backpack hung at my back as if my life depended on it.

  I walked through the pedestrian bridge, I couldn't cross the expressway because it was too dangerous for me and the wheels were moving too fast. I reached the other side and broad Maruwa* to the school vicinity. I showed the driver the slip which had the address in it.

  "Your moni be two-hundred naira*," the man said while I nodded my head and slumped on the seat.

  Some minutes past, we arrived at the school. The school was very big and beautiful. The school was screaming money.

  I walked to the gate and rung the bell. The gate was opened widely for me to enter. I took a peeked inside before I entering meekly. I was stopped by the security man.

  "Hey, hajia phere you dey go*," the man asked, I noticed the Hausa accent in his voice.

  "Mallam kai, me new here, I wan start school for here*" I replied while trying to mimic his accent.

  I showed him my slip, he collected it and looked at me before he went to the tel com to inform the head security. He returned my slip and motioned me to another Uber. Before the car could leave, he gave me a map that would help me around this gigantic school.

  I entered the hallway and saw a bunch of students talking, chatting endlessly but as I opened the door wider, the noise, chat, stopped. If a pin was dropped it would resonate.

  The students were looking at me from head to toe accessing me and judging my attire. I felt self-conscious.

  How would I fit in this school, I thought.

  The students started to whisper among themselves as if I was an Alien but some of their whisperings could be heard and I knew it was intentional for me to hear their thoughts on me.




  Look at her

  Is she the new cleaner?

  What's this garbage bin doing here?

  I walked forward nervously reaching the secretary desk, I submitted my acceptance slip to her.

  She looked at me with disgust "this is your schedule, your locker is at the end of the class" she handed me my schedule. "And make sure you don't cause any trouble or else you are gone and there's a slight possibility that you would be admitted into another school in Nigeria," she said harshly while I nodded and squirmed under her hard eyes.

  I was still searching around for my locker when I was stopped by a hand. I raised my head to look at the intruder but stopped when I saw my intruder was a hot specimen, a specially made being. His aura screamed dangerous to stay away from him, his tailored suit screamed "my daddy is rich" in a fangirl voice.

  Omo babaolowo*

  His tall frame was towering over my 5'2 ft as he held my chin gently making me looked at him in eyes. He lowered his head to my level that I could smell his expensive cologne with a fresh mint breath.

  Oh my goodness, I thought.

  "What's your name oyin*," he asked in his deep masculine velvety voice which made me froze. His handsomeness was something else but his voice was another thing.

  "hmm... I ..am Adiya Amir" I stuttered nervously.

  "Oh, what a beautiful name, it suits you" he complimented me, making my stomach fluttered.

  "Thanks" I replied meekly.

  He looked at me with emotions I couldn't decipher, like love, care, adore, delicate.

  Whatever maybe I was the one thinking that I mentally smacked myself.

  I shook my head, I must be dreaming, I inhaled.

  "I love you" he stated, looking me in eyes nervously.

  I stared at him dumbfounded," what did he mean?", I wondered.

  I adjusted my hood as I gulped nervously before staring at his handsome face.


  Dee stop!

  I took a breath shakily, I licked my lips while rubbing my hands together.

  "I'm very sorry, I can't retaliate your love" I responded meekly, trying to get away from him.

  His nervous love-sick expression changed quickly which surprised me.

  He hit his fist on the wall angrily as the sound resonated around the hallway.

  "How dare you filthy lowly-girl rejected me" he seethed out, breathing heavily as he continued to hit his fist on the wall.

  I was scared.

  "Do you know who I am?" He growled while pointing to himself.

  He walked closer to me, in a predatory way, "I will make you regret it, I will make you regret your first day in this state and school. I will make this school a living hell for you, you'll wish for death but it will never come" he yelled with determination as dark promises lingering in the air and walked away.

  He stopped abruptly and glared hard at me, "And gurly, I always get what I want " he voiced and his shadow faded away.

  What have I gotten myself into, oh God?.


  Rough translations

  Danfo* = bus

  Mo wa leko* = I'm in Lagos

  Maruwa* = tricycle

  Your moni be two hundred naira*= your charges is #200

  Hey hajia phere you dey go*

pidgin English

= where are you going?


it means teacher in Hausa but its use to address Hausas in western Nigeria

kai, me new here, I wan start school for here*= mallam, I'm going nowhere, I just got my admission into this school.

  Onidoti* =dirty fellow

  Eranko* = animal

  Omo babaolowo*= rich man's son


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