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Author:Kin LeRaven


The usual cliche, boy meets girl, falls in love, get married, but on another persons perspective as he watches their story and must decide their fate on the circumsntances presented. just a short story, if many people will like then the second part will be released later on. I hope people will like this how the story unfolds and explained.
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  The usual.Boy meets girl, falls in love, gets married.

  This is Carl#1, I call every guy Carl since my job prohibit me from having attachments, and naming people is where it starts,

  back to our story,

  Carl#1, is you average guy, 5 ft. 4, brown skin, medium built, athletic type, loves pizza, doing workouts,

  and playing chess...

  a nerdy athlete? good background,

  a bit on the good looking side, chiseled face, with a dimple on his left cheeks just above the ends of his lips, it is what makes him "cute",

  so they say.

  He meets Snow#1, i call every girls Snow,

  So Snow, is a beautiful lady, 5 ft. 2, slendy body, really sexy and hot,

  as he describes her,

  I do not feel the "Hot" even if I am a male, I have no "feelings" as you say it,

  job requirement,

  she has wavy hair, porcellain like skin,

  Her smile is something else, really unproportional to her head and face ratio but the abnormality is what makes her stand out,

  it is not that big or wide but bigger than usual,

  her dark brown eyes that are almost black really contrasts her bright white teeth when she smiles,

  described as glowing effect and "to die for" as they say.

  Carl enters KND, a non profit non government organization directed to help malnourish kids in rural areas.

  Here he first meets Snow, his heartbeat raises to 101 , a possible heart attack as he stares at Snow just standing there looking at him. They stare at each other as if they have already met before. Carl's beartbeat is now at 124, not good, maybe having a stroke,

  then a guy taps his back,

  "Her name is Snow, go talk to her" says the other guy,

  So he goes to her, as his heart rate is now down at 116,

  but as he approach her, her heartbeat raises to 87,

  what is going on? everyone's heartbeat is going high, is everyone having heat stroke?

  raises to 92

  now 95

  "Hi, Carl, they said your name is Snow?" He says with confidence,

  "Yes, nice to meet you, you often just approach a girl after asking around for her name?" she asked,

  They both laugh and their heartbeats drop to 83 and 85 respectively.

  They calm down after laughing, I will never understand people.