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My Luna

My Luna



Zavier Laven is the Alpha that is big, bad, strong, ruthless, and stereotypically merciless. His Blood Moon Pack fears him more than respects him, which Zavier gets confused with often. Then he goes to annual gathering for wolves like himself age eighteen to twenty-five. That's where he meets the beauty that is Nylarizza Vega, a Delta Of the Amber Sky Pack. A stubborn girl with a heart of a warrior. Though she wishes more for no mate at all, she did want a caring one where. She was younger, the complete opposite of Zavier. How will this turn out when they collide at a dreadful gathering and discover something new?
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  "Hey, did it hurt when you feel from heaven, 'cause you like the finest angel there is," he said sweetly, his words slurring slightly. I pulled my hand away from his reach and he leaned forward, his lips puckered. Nope, not my mate and not sober. I pushed him off the barstool, proceeding my success with a bite of a chocolate chip cookie.

  Suddenly I felt completely drained, and a solution was behind me. Coffee. Today was the day to fully fill up my coffee before going back to my father's house after this stupid celebration and I wasn't even allowed to have chocolate milk without asking first.

  "Nylarizza!" a female voice yelled from across the ballroom. I rolled my eyes and set down my coffee. Eliza, my best friend, could sometimes be the most annoying person in the world, but I live her anyway. "You said you wouldn't leave me to the appealing men!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me away from my sweets, taking me to the dance floor. "From now on, monitor me. I don't want to get caught up in their.... Most gorgeous.... Faces... Jawlines..." She started to drool and I laughed, snapping her out of the most dreamy trace she has probably ever experienced.

  Well, nevermind. Once when we were ten, she saw a thirteen year old boy crossing across the schoolyard with two girls flanking him. I guess she was a fan of blondes that completely acted like douches. "Look, I don't want you falling for anyone because I know I won't be chosen," I tease, grabbing her hands and swinging her around the dance floor.

  "Yeah right, you definitely won't get chosen," she snorted sarcastically. Suddenly her eyes, widened and she sniffed around the room, her eyes landing on a man sitting at a table, scanning the room as well. Their eyes locked and they walked briskly towards each other, hugging when they met. Eliza walked away with him and I was alone. Again.

  Her mate was tall, nearly the size of the Alpha of the Amber Sky Pack. Then I knew his name. James, a great soldier that was once in my class. He wasn't going to become a Beta, well, if I do leave then he will be, but it almost didn't matter to me. Sure the tank would be nice, but I had a feeling that it would've been too serious. Eliza is lucky to have him and stay inside the pack.

  I left back to my barstool, surprised when everything was still there. But right when I touched a second piece of fudge, gasps were spread across the room and I turned to look at what or who had entered. My nose caught the string scent of pine and oak wood, the scent of three packs in the territories. But one scent in particular scared me to the bone.


  Golden eyes stood out from the crowd, making my spine shiver and my wolf, Aria, howl with delight. Nylarizza! Go to him! Go to him!

  Shut up Aria! I will not abandon my treats for a second time today!

  A low growl enveloped the room, making my skin crawl and my lip tremble slightly. It was lower than all the growls that I have ever heard, making me instantly know who this feared man was: Alpha Laven of the Blood Moon Pack. Aria was howling and speaking gibberish throughout the whole experience and it was starting to annoy me greatly.  The whole crowd turned at her loud growl and cowered in fear. The golden eyes turned until they landed on me. I found Eliza and I found her buried in her mate's chest, her own chest heaving and her face red. Her mate was comforting her, but her tears wouldn't stop. They knew what was happening.

  The golden eyes locked with mine, my heart enchanted by the glow that they gave off. The eyes grew nearer, and I could finally see to whom they belonged. I was correct.

  Alpha Laven. The most feared man in history.

  My shoulders trembled as he approached, my piece of fudge still in hand. His face showed no signs of emotion and neither did his eyes, his golden eyes  hard and straight unlike all the other men in the room. His arms found themselves on either sides of me on the table, trapping me almost to his chest.

  "Mine." he growled from deep in his throat.

  "Yeah, mine," I said sarcastically back, picking up another piece of fudge and popping both in my mouth. "Definitely my fudge, mister." He stared at me, no emotion flickering in his eyes except for an occasional eye roll at my stubbornness.

  "I enjoy being in your presence more than anything else," he whispers, leaning in. The big-bad Alpha trying to please me, aww. "Amber Sky she-wolf."

  "I enjoy your presence about as much as I enjoy sleeping next to a trash can," I reply simply, narrowing my eyes. He didn't like that one bit. "And I have a name, you.... you... ass!"

  His eyes changed now, and not to anything pleasant. Anger raged war in his eyes, his hands tightening on the table so hard his knuches turned white. I took the time to examine as he did me. His brown hair was slightest golden at the top, complimenting his cough gorgeous cough golden eyes. His skin was slightly tan with a little bit of stubble on his face. His jawline was sharp, razor sharp. I have to say, every girl loves a sharp jawline.

  He growled his deep growl again, but this time I didn't tremble. I cocked an eyebrow, standing up to him. He narrowed his eyes even more and gasped my arm harshly, dragging me to the door. "If I see any of you looking at my mate, your limbs will personally be ripped from your body!" he roared, practically throwing me off the door and into his expensive Bugatti. I clung to the inside door handle, desperate to leave.