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Once Kiss, Forever Mate

Once Kiss, Forever Mate



Could you believe it? A wet dream with a handsome man took away Anna's first in reality! What's more, it turned out that man was a werewolf! Also her schoolmate. In that school, boys were fighting over her and she was pursued by two handsome werewolves. But one strange incident after another terrified her, she finally asked, "Why do I have to go to that school? Why am I surrounded by werewolves!" With all these doubts, she just wanted to run away! Until that day... She gazed at the moon, being told that she was not just a human girl. And there's her Mate in that school...
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  He sneaked inside the room and deeply inhaled the scent flooding his nostrils. It was sweet. He shifted into his human form and froze when he clearly heard the innocent moan of a woman. He looked around the darkness of the room and immediately found a girl sleeping soundly upon her bed.

  His wolf went wild and out of control inside him and only one thing led to another.


  Mine, he thought, looking intently at the beautiful woman who had her eyes closed, long dark hair scattering around her pillow, plump lips pouted, and skin looking so soft and flushed.

  His pupils dilated almost immediately, watching his mate. He took long strides and neared the beautiful creature. Nose crinkling and sniffing the air, he inhaled the sweet scent, earning satisfaction to himself.

  She was human, he realized instantly. He watched as she moaned once again as if deeply lost in her dream. She stirred and the thin shirt she wore slightly shifted upward almost in slow motion. The duvet covering half her body fell lower down her thighs, revealing the underwear she wore.

  He growled, his throat vibrating. The flushed skin of her stomach and thighs revealed before him had done such things to make his body heat up. Silently and carefully, he approached the bed and hovered above her, not caring that he was naked. The duvet ended up pooling underneath her body and he settled himself in between her slightly parted thighs. Arms on both sides of her head, he stared at her closed eyes and listened to her even breathing.

  Slowly, he leaned his head and lowered his lips upon hers. He kissed her. Lightly. Softly. Gently. He lingered his lips and then traced down the soft skin of her neck, leaving a trail of sweet wetness in his wake. He licked the side of her ear and then caressed his tongue down the crook of her neck.

  The corner of his lips twitched when he began to hear her heavy breathing. He smiled to himself. She could already feel the sparks flying and her body began to heat. He could smell it. Her sweet scent became sweeter that he could almost taste it.

  He maneuvered his lips towards her collar bone, tasting the sweetness of her skin as she moaned softly. The sound coming from the girl sent all his blood down his groin. He lifted his head slightly and looked at her to see that she still had her eyes closed.

  He looked down at her innocence and cursed silently. Her nïpples tightened and strained beneath her thin shirt. Growling, he lowered his head just above her chest and blew his warm breath directly above each pointed nïpple. All he needed was her sharp intake of breath as a permission before he was already latching his lips directly above her nïpples. Only her thin shirt served as the barrier between them.

  Hands touching everywhere, he trailed his lips down her stomach and he kissed the flushed skin revealed there. He felt her body shake from his kisses. Trailing lower, his lips found her crotch and he kissed the thin fabric of the front of her underwear as if teasing. Her scent became stronger and he knew just then she was already in heat.

  Pressing his nose upon her underwear, he inhaled her sweet scent deeply. He could not seem to help himself and all he wanted was to breathe her in. She smelled like home. In fact, she was home. It seemed she was everything he ever wanted and that was all that mattered.

  Home is where the heart is. Perhaps she had innocently stolen his heart the moment he captured her at first sight.

  Her thighs had slightly accepted his head as he kissed the inside of her thighs. She moaned, her hands slightly gripping the sheets. He crawled upward and caught her mouth in a passionate kiss. Slowly, her lips began to respond. Pleased with himself, he took the kiss deeper and that was when he already had the kiss under his control.

  He cupped her äss, bringing her closer. She moaned beneath his lips, feeling his erection bulging directly where she wanted it. Her hands gingerly touched his naked burning skin and caressed the well-defined muscles of his abdomen.

  He swallowed her soft moans. Breathless, he pulled back and kissed down her throat and the side of her neck. He lowered again down her crotch. In one second, he had ripped her underwear with his fangs and was already kissing her hot core.

  Her soft moans filled the silence of the dark room and her hands curled into the sheets in fists. He ate her. Licked her. Worshiped her. Soon, she was already writhing beneath him. Her soft cry echoed and then she was releasing the tension in her body.

  He was there licking after every last bit of her release. After that, he hovered above her and kissed her softly on the lips. With her eyes still closed, she barely responded and her heavy breathing turned even.

  He kissed the skin below her ear and softly whispered, "Mine."